Spiritual Journey Journal – Driveabout 2002

Driveabout bookIn 2002 I went on a spiritual journey.  

I gave away everything I owned with the exception of my car, my camping gear, my clothes and a few spiritual items and I set out on the road, not knowing where I would end up or when I was coming back.  Before it was over, it would take me 14,000 miles and over 6 months on the road staying mostly with people I had met along the way.  

It is difficult to say when my spiritual journey started and so it’s hard to say how long it was.  Was it in September when my house mate announced he was getting married in December and I realized that I would need to find a new home by the beginning of the year?  Or in February, when after an exhaustive search, no home was forthcoming so I put my stuff in storage and started staying a different night with one of my students?  Or in early July when I realized that the journey I would be taking mid-July would last longer than I had expected and so I quit my job and called my friends to  plan a day to give away my belongings so that I wouldn’t have to pay to store them?  Or a few days later when I read in Lame Deer Seeker of Visions that the first step in an apprentice shaman’s vision quest is to give away everything s/he owns?  Or was it when I actually did the giveaway?  Or when I left on the trip?  Who is to say?  I traced the story on my livejournal account at the time and now, starting on July 1, on the 11th anniversary of that journey, I’ll be republishing that journal and sharing it with you.

Follow The Journey – 11 Years Later – And See What It Meant

I was told by a tarot reader at the time that I wouldn’t know the full import of this spiritual journey for 10 years.  Now I am looking back to see what it was.  You’ll get to read not only the journal as it was written at the time, but also what those pieces have come to mean for me 11 years later.  Plus – you’ll also get to see the never-before-published private journal entries that I made at the time.  I didn’t feel comfortable sharing these items at the time of the journey, but I’m going to share them with you now.  See what happens inside the head of a spiritual pilgrim and follow the journey of faith.

Look For The Photo

Because these journal entries will not be the only blog posts I’m doing during this time, I’ve decided to keep a consistent photo on the journal blogs so that you can immediately tell which ones belong to the spiritual journey.  The photo on this page will be the same photo on each page of the journal as it comes out.  It is the photo of a pilgrim’s passport that was gifted to me by one of my hosts on the journey.  I will make every effort to link from each journal entry forward to the next and back to the previous one, but because I have to do this by hand, please be patient with me and make a note in the comments to remind me if I forget.  Also, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the journey and whether following the journey now impacts you the way that it did me back then.  If you want to be certain that you don’t miss a single entry, subscribe to my blog using a reader – the  address is http://www.KelleSparta.com/feed or using the RSS link at the top of this page on the right.

Current-Day Journey

Synchronistically, as I was about to publish this, a friend of mine, Robyn Mellish, wrote to me that she was heading out on her own spiritual journey.  She wasn’t sure how she would get there or what she would find, she only knew that she HAD to go.  I encouraged her to set up a website with the details of her journey as well as a place where people could donate to help her.  The thing that I found with all of the people who put me up along my spiritual journey was that I took a piece of each of them on the road with me.  They each got to share in the energy of being a pilgrim and this is how it will be for those who donate for her journey as well.  If you’ve always wanted to chuck it all and head out for places unknown, but you know that you will never be able to do it for yourself, I encourage you to support Robyn in her journey and allow her to walk the road for you that you cannot walk for yourself.  It is transformative for all involved.

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