Spirit Doctor Training

What does it take to be a Transformational Shaman?

A Transformational Shaman is someone who uses psychology, energy, intuition, insight, ritual, healing, voice, and other tools to bring about change in their clients. The work carries with it great power for change and requires dedication to the path to stay on it (you have to practice what you preach or you lose much of your power in the process).

It requires, for yourself and your clients:

  • Passion for personal growth
  • Willingness and desire to dive deep into the shadow places
  • Connection to spirit to provide guidance
  • Willingness to be uncomfortable and not know what comes next all the time
  • Willingness to stay in your body rather than constantly leaving it for spirit
  • A solid inner inner container to hold what you are given
  • The ability to create a judgment-free zone

You have to learn:

  • How to help others develop the solid containers within themselves that are required for making change
  • How to remove the buttons that take you and your clients off balance
  • Basic energetic skills – clearing your energy field, setting shields, casting a sacred circle, setting an altar, shamanic journeying, etc.
  • How to navigate the spirit world – what to expect and how to get out of places you didn’t expect to be
  • How to create solid energetic space for yourself and others
  • How to facilitate healing in and out of ritual environments
  • How to be a solid ritualist – including all the elements of designing and running your own ritual station
  • How to design and run a larger ritual process that creates lasting transformation

The eagle flying under clouds

But most importantly, you have to learn how to create and be safe space for another human being and how to hold an impeccable container that allows them to evolve themselves and their lives.


Not everyone can be a Transformational Shaman. It requires courage and commitment and a high level of personal integrity to make it through the process. It also requires an inherent optimism that life will get better and the ability to laugh at yourself and the universe as it throws you the occasional curve balls. Some of these elements can be acquired along the path, others are inborn. Our most successful students are those who come from challenged backgrounds – they have personal experience with overcoming adversity and therefore have a passion for continuing on that path and helping others with it too. They also share an inner drive to improve the world. If you think you might like to do this work, here is the path you can take.


Years 1 & 2
Accelerated Personal Growth

The first two years of our program are all about the inner journey for you, the practitioner. You have to master your inner journey before you can hope to take others on theirs. In this super-accelerated process, you’ll get what takes most people 20 years of personal growth work to accomplish – if they do it at all.


Approval Of Instructors

Once you have completed the first 2 years of work, you will have to apply to be part of the Spirit Doctor Training Program. We make these decisions based on a variety of factors – with a focus on making sure we are putting people who are safe for participants into a ritualist role. We will only allow those who have completed their inner work in years one and two to a level where they can hold safe containers for others to be admitted into this level of the program.


Year 1 – Mastering Spiritual Evolution

Included with your training are:

  • 2 Group Coaching Calls per month
  • Secret Discussion Group
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Online Learning Platform that delivers new content every week for a year

This program walks you through a personal growth process that the average person would normally take 7-10 years to complete. It will develop and strengthen your inner container while building an understanding and vocabulary to do the inner work that comes later in the process. You will experience profound shifts in the way you see yourself and the world around you. We will also be setting the foundation for the work to come by engaging energetic practices that will support your personal work.

In this Year-Long Training You’ll Learn How To:

  • Claim Your Space
  • Set Great Boundaries
  • Own Your Power
  • Internalize Your Sense of Value so that you never have to ask for validation ever again.

This course will plant and nurture the seeds of self-love.

Students receive a discounted coaching rate to support their process.


In addition to the online program, students are encouraged (but not required) to participate in the weekend retreats that are offered to supplement and expand the work in the Mastering Spiritual Evolution program.  They are:

  • Claim Your Gifts
  • Expand Your Impact
  • Own Your Power

Retreats are held in Boston and Richmond areas.


Year 2 – Mastering Inner Healing

This year you expand from a single Spirit DoctorTM to two Spirit DoctorsTM to dive deeper into your personal process of transformation. You’ll be working with Kelle Sparta and Kathy Scheiern who have collectively more than 50 years experience facilitating personal growth work in others.

Included with your training are:

  • 2 Group Coaching Calls per month
  • Secret Facebook Group
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Online Learning Platform

Clearing the Blocks with Kelle Sparta:

Kelle has identified the 35 common blocks that keep people stuck and you will learn how those blocks work, and how to clear them. These blocks form the foundation for most of the buttons that trigger you when they are pushed. We will be addressing each of these blocks in detail, including how to remove them. In addition, any blocks that are specific to you that you discovered in Mastering Spiritual Evolution will be addressed here too.

Creating a Container for Change with Kathy Scheiern:

Kathy will walk you through stage one of her personal transformation energetic container/process known as Ketera. You will learn a magickal tradition specifically focused on personal transformation. In this year, you will learn to evoke the aspects of Mother, Father, Child, and Unity to support your personal transformation process.

The combination of these two approaches applied together are enough to take you through to a level of evolution that most people don’t attain in a single lifetime. It will also increase your ability to manifest effectively.

Foundations In Energetics

In addition to the items above, you’ll also begin the process of learning how the energetic world works.  This part of the program will lead you through a series practices and exercises to show you how to utilize energy day-to-day to support you, your process, and your life.  It also begins to teach you the language of metaphor and symbology you’ll need to know for the deeper level ritual work.

Students receive a discounted coaching rate to support their process.


Years 3 & 4
Becoming a Spirit Doctor(TM)

The next two years are about taking your skills and applying them to others. You have mastered your own change process and now it’s about learning how to facilitate that process for others. Just having completed the first two years, you have a lead over facilitators from other programs in that you will not get triggered during work with others (which impacts your ability to be useful). Now you’ll learn advanced energy skills, empath-based energetics. and spiritual ethics and spiritual hygiene that will prevent you from making some of the more catastrophic mistakes made by well-known – and not so well-known – spiritual teachers and practitioners.  This will also be the time you will learn techniques that you can use to start your own spiritual practice locally.


Year 3 – Ritualist Training

Included with your training are:

  • 2 Group Coaching Calls per month (lifetime access)
  • 12 e-issues of Mezlim magazine (not available anywhere else – yours to download keep)
  • Online Learning Platform that delivers content over the course of the year (lifetime access)

This training will again run in two tracks simultaneously:

Holding Space for Others with Kathy: In year three, you’ll expand on what you’ve learned from Kathy in year 2. You’ll learn how to move from using this work for your personal transformation to using it to help others in their journey. You’ll also begin the process of learning the skills needed to be a ritualist as part of a team of ritualists.

Spiritual Diagnostic Energy Scans and Healing Work with Kelle: Kelle will teach you her Spiritual Diagnostic process – reading a person’s energy field to show them where their blocks to happiness are and how to determine the most optimal path to personal growth. You will also learn how to do shamanic healing work – both by using the energies available to you through channeling and through the use of voice and other tools. When complete, these two skill sets will set you up to provide valuable services to others.

By the end of this year, you’ll have the skills to bring your work into the world and get paid handsomely for it.

There are 4 required retreats for this year.

Students receive a discounted coaching rate to support their process.


Year 4 – Spirit Doctor(TM) Training

Included with your training are:

  • 2 Private Ritual Consultations to Help You Design Your Own Rituals
  • 3 Group Coaching Calls per month (lifetime access)
  • Online Learning Platform that delivers content over the course of the year (lifetime access)

This year will be spent honing your spiritual skills. You’ll be guided through the process of stepping into your own power as a Spirit DoctorTM and how to hold that power effectively. In this fourth and final year of your Spirit Alchemy training, you’ll:

  • Design powerful, life-changing rituals using Kathy’s system she codified in her PhD work (not available elsewhere, she created this field of study)
  • Get sample rituals that Kelle and Kathy have designed that you can use in your practice
  • Learn how ritual design shifts depending on the size of the group
  • Learn the pitfalls of being a spiritual leader and how to avoid them
  • How to evict possessing entities and remove curses
  • Winning on the energetic battlefield
  • Balancing giving and receiving
  • And more…

By the end of this year, you will be ready to call yourself a Spirit DoctorTM – a process that usually takes a lifetime to learn in an apprentice role. And your clients will repeatedly say about you “this person is the real deal” – because you will be.

About Your Instructors

Your training will be completed by two different Spirit DoctorsTM with a combined study of over 75 years.

Edited Spirit Doctor

Kelle Sparta, The Spirit DoctorTM

Kelle has been studying personal growth, metaphysics, and the spirit world since the age of 6. According to her mother, she was talking to ghosts in her crib. Her lifetime of study has given her access to a powerful tool chest of knowledge. Her analytical, engineer-brain has allowed her to take a complex and often amorphous field of study (personal transformation within a spiritual context) and codify it into a simpler, more defined, easy-to-understand structure. Kelle has used this ability to condense 20 years of personal growth into 2 years of intense, focused study for our Spirit Alchemy students. Kelle is also a talented healer using intuition, voice, and energy to bring about profound healing. She teaches these skills to her students.

Kathy Scheiern

Kathy Scheiern, PhD.

Kathy has been facilitating transformational ritual since the early 1990s. She co-created and co-led what was generally acknowledged as the premier ritual retreat for almost 20 years. She was the editor of one of the premier magickal publications of its time (Mezlim) and authored some of the articles in it. Kathy did her PhD dissertation on Transformational Dynamics and codified what it takes to design an experience that creates lasting transformation. She teaches her energetic process that amplifies and accelerates personal growth to students in years 2-4.

About Kathy’s Ritual Training:

Kathy’s training is a validated ritual creation methodology via PhD research in areas of Organizational Transformation, Psychology and Psychotherapy, Theater Anthropology (and the cultural and historical underpinnings of ritual), and Western Esoteric Studies (the study of ritual and transformation within Western Culture – as contrasted with Eastern Cultures). Western Esoteric Studies includes Golden Dawn, Thelema, Freemasonry, Chaos Magick, Hermeticism, Theosophy, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, and Rosicrucianism – Metaphysics.

Begin Your Journey Here

You can begin your process immediately by signing up for the Mastering Spiritual Evolution program. This program includes the Inner Peace 101 course, so if you have taken this course already, we will credit your purchase of that course to the larger program. To get this credit, please call the office to sign up – 508-243-6257.

Want more details on the year-long Mastering Spiritual Evolution program? Click here for the full description page.


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