Spirit Alchemy Session

1-on-1 Sessions

Sometimes just talking about something isn’t enough. It needs to be addressed in multiple dimensions – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, astral, karmic, ancestral, archetypal, etc. This is when a session with Kelle Sparta is what you need. Kelle’s sessions can:

  • Open up places that have been blocked in your energy field
  • Clear ancestral lines of patterns that have been passed down through the generations
  • Remove karmic debt and/or soul agreements that are holding you back in this life
  • Place defenses in the astral plane to defend against spiritual attacks by others
  • Provide guidance from spirit guides, angels, ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over
  • Shift your vibrational field to resonate specifically with your intended goals
  • Provide tools to handle different energetic situations
  • Identify the question or belief hanging in your energy field that changes the way you see everything

A session with Kelle is a combination of all aspects of a my Spirit Alchemy work.

It involves:

  • Communicating with guides and guardians to gain valuable insight/information – can include channeling direct messages
  • Exploring the astral plane to see if there are external issues in play
  • Reviewing of the Ancestral Line to identify familial patterns
  • Delving the Akashic Records to find out what Soul Contracts and/or Karmic issues may be affecting the situation
  • Adjusting the Archetypal patterns that have evolved from the client’s self-definition
  • Retrieving missing pieces of the soul (Soul Retrieval) that have been abandoned as a function of trauma
  • Exploring the subconscious and unconscious mind to uncover hidden beliefs
  • Intuiting environmental issues that may be having an impact
  • Negotiating with guides and spirits for support for the client
  • Setting up astral protections
  • Clearing and adjusting energetic imbalances in the chakras, aura, and energy field as a whole
  • Harmonizing the energy body with the client’s desired outcome
  • Coaching the Client on internal belief/emotional issues impacting Client’s experience

With a Spirit Alchemy session, you never know in advance what will come out of it, but it is always exactly what the client needs in the long run.

Clients have reported:

  • Major life shifts
  • Relief of life-long physical pain that no doctor could address
  • Easing of anxiety and a greater sense of peace and internal safety
  • Strengthened sense of self
  • Filling of an emptiness in their spirit
  • Stripping away of limiting beliefs and energies that had been holding them back
  • Improved clarity and focus
  • Stress Reduction
  • Improved health and well being
These sessions can be done over Zoom or on the phone. 

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