Thanks for Attending SoulTreat With Me!

I’m Kelle Sparta

The Spirit Doctor 

Thanks for sharing the SoulTreat Experience with me!
Hi, I’m Kelle Sparta, The Spirit Doctor™.

You might also say that I’m a Master Manifestor,|Transformational Shaman|Healer|Psychic|Channel|Medium|Empath

I have a question for you…
What happens when you eventually arrive at the realization that those YouTube videos, crystals, and energy healing sessions you keep paying for can only take you so far?

Because you will.

How will you feel when you realize those are really just band-aids on a larger, much deeper wound?

Because they are.

What will you do when the same inner beliefs keep coming back, over and over again?

Because they will.

Stop wasting your time and money. There is a better path to take. You already know there is – that’s why you’re here.

It’s time to go deeper. Deeper within yourself where we can do the real, lasting work of healing. But before you begin healing, you need better boundaries.

Boundaries that will allow you to protect your empathic abilities and grow within yourself.

I would love to gift Boundaries for Empaths Program – simply click the button.
Once you’ve secured your seat for the Boundaries for Empaths Program, dive deeper with me:

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As an empath, I invite you to explore The Sacred Power and Purpose Mystery School which starts with Inner Peace 101 – Finding Emotional Safety.

If you’re a business owner, then the Business Energetics program is right up your alley.

And, if you’d like to set up a free Discovery Call with me, click here.

If you’re ready to cut through the noise and move forward on the path,

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*Because this program is a group program, I don’t let people sign up without talking to me first. I want to make sure that everyone who comes in is safe to put in the group (safety is paramount – without it, change cannot happen) and that the group program is a fit for the person, so I ask that you sign up for a Discovery Call so that we can discuss this. So sign up now!

I look forward to talking with you soon!

Cancellation Policy: Because this work can be challenging and a primary resistance to change is to avoid or try to cancel, we do not accept cancellations. Once you are in the program, you are in for the duration. We’ve designed it this way to keep you on track and moving forward.