Kelle SpartaYour Own Private Shaman On-Call

Are you walking through a process in your life and/or business that is critical to your happiness/success/evolution?  Do you need a level of support that won’t be covered by a simple coaching program or series of events?  Do you need help on-call, so that you don’t have to wait and get bogged down?  Then this is the perfect time to sign up for the shaman-on-call process with me.

You’ll Get Access To:

  • Clearing of your energy field
  • Reading the energy of a situation (see testimonial below)
  • Getting you unstuck
  • Reality checks
  • Personal power upgrades
  • Perspective shifts

“I was very uneasy, something just wasn’t right and I couldn’t put my finger on it.  I called Kelle and asked her to read my energy field.  She identified the issue as being one of the partnerships I was involved in.  I had no reason to believe there was a problem there, but she insisted that I look closer.  I asked some additional questions and found out that there were actually quite a few issues that I had been unaware of – enough that I terminated the partnership agreement.  Her read saved me countless hours and potentially tens of thousands of dollars.” – Erik Luhrs

Additional Benefits – You also get:

  • Mentoring calls on-demand (subject to scheduling availability*)
  • Free access to my advanced study “Getting Unstuck” program
  • Free access to my 2-hour video “The Secret Behind The Law of Attraction – Manifestation 101”
  • Unlimited email access
  • 20% Discount on all Programs and Retreats


Corporate On-Call Program

I also offer on-call services to corporations.  Base services include:

  • Access to energy scans/insights for the C-Suite team around the issues of the corporation and its business
  • Access to private executive coaching (including all of the items listed above) for the CEO
  • One C-Suite 2-day retreat per year (venue and travel costs not included)

Additional executive coaching packages (private or group) and retreats are available upon request and custom on-call programs can be designed to meet your needs.


For more information about working with me in an on-call capacity, sign up for your free consultation below:




* My work hours for those on retainer are 8am – 8pm ET, Monday through Saturday excluding holidays and vacations.  Although I may be available at other times, it is not guaranteed.  Last-minute calls are on an as-available basis.