Looking for a Great Podcast Guest?

Meet Your Next Podcast Guest!


Whoops – ahem – that was a bit presumptuous.  Let me try that again.


Hi!  I’m Kelle Sparta and I’d be honored to be on your show.

I’m a transformational shaman and the founder of The Sacred Power And Purpose Mystery School working with people on integrating real world skills with energetic skills to optimize a life path of happiness, success, and inner peace.

I’m the co-host of the popular Spirit Sherpa Podcast (115K downloads and counting!)  I’ve guested on over a dozen shows and those shows often invite me back for a second or even a third show.  

(Wow, I guess I’d better give a great interview if I’m going to live up to this hype!)  

Kelle Sparta

Personal Growth Episode Idea:  

Anxiety, Worry, Dread, Judgement, Self Doubt and Overwhelm – What Do These Things Have In Common?
Discover the answer as we talk with The Spirit Doctor(TM), Kelle Sparta, a transformational shaman who helps driven people find happiness.

Business Episode Idea:

Business Growth Stagnant?  It Might Be Your Energy
If your business growth isn’t happening the way you’d like – especially if you’ve been taking all the right actions – it’s likely your energy that is keeping you down.  The Spirit Doctor(TM), Kelle Sparta, is a transformational shaman who specializes in helping entrepreneurs find their path to success.


Spiritual Episode Idea:

Spiritual Bypass vs. Spiritual Growth – How Do You KNOW You’re Doing The Work
For 45 years, The Spirit Doctor(TM), Kelle Sparta, a transformational shaman has been pursuing a path of spiritual growth.  Through her experience, she will share what the cues are that tell you if you are actually doing your work or falling into yet another ego trap.


I Like To Talk About

  • The Energetics of Business
  • Empaths
  • Perfectionism, Control, and Other Mindsets that Make You A Little Crazy
  • The Strong Woman/Nice Guy Dynamic
  • Almost Anything Woo-Woo and Spiritual (not so much for aliens or monsters but pretty much anything else is fair game)
  • Energy healing, sound healing, guided meditations – these are all my bag

I’m the most grounded woo woo person you’ve probably ever met.  I like my spirituality to have practical applications.

I’ve Got My Own Podcast – You Can Preview Me!

I’ve been running my current weekly audio podcast for over 3 years.  It’s gotten over 130K downloads and I get a lot of business from it as well as getting regular “thank you” notes from listeners.  You can check out one of my episodes by clicking on the link to the right.  That will give you an idea of who I am, the sound quality of my equipment, and what I talk about.  I recommend picking an episode that is not a guest appearance because I tend to give my guests the spotlight on those episodes.