Now That The Shock Has Passed, Let’s See Where We Stand

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I NEVER talk politics.  And I’m not going to today either. But there is something happening in the wake of this year’s election that is a perfect example of how people lose their power.

First let me say why I don’t talk about politics:  because they don’t matter.  When you are standing in your power, it doesn’t matter what the outside world is doing.  You are OK.  So while you may not agree with the world and what it is doing around you, you do not need to be impacted by it.  You can certainly act to change it if you desire.  But you are free to choose from a place of power, not a place of victimization.

This election has left a lot of people scared.  The things that President-Elect Trump has said on the campaign trail, the hate he has spewed, and the threats made have left many immigrants, minorities, and women scared about what is to come.  All I can say about these things is that they were campaign promises and we can only hope that they will go the way of most campaign promises and be left on the campaign trail to die.

What I want to talk about is the response that I’m seeing from those who are scared.  For the first couple of weeks, people were in shock.  So the protests, the support groups, the outpourings of angst were all a way to wrap their brain around what had happened in the wake of the strong rhetoric of the campaign.  But the time for shock is over.  And so is the time for engaging in these things.  (For the record, I live in Massachusetts and I, like most of my neighbors, voted for Hillary.)

Here’s Why You Should Stop Being Worried About Trump

  • Worry is wasted energy that builds up the energetic charge to SUPPORT that which you are worried about
  • 99.9% of the things we worry about NEVER HAPPEN anyway
  • The only reason to look at what could possibly go wrong when Trump takes office is to make a plan of what to do in the event it happens.  For most of us, there is nothing for us to do, so there is no plan to be made.

And the most important reason of all:


Let me say that again:


Until Trump ACTUALLY DOES something to be upset about, EVERYTHING you are engaging in worrying about is nothing but drama that is distracting you from your own life and your own quest for personal power, authenticity, and happiness.  Don’t let that happen.  It’s time to bring your attentions away from an election whose results are known and towards work on your inner self that will help you weather the next four years no matter what they may bring.

If you need to uninstall social media from your phone for a while, I encourage you to do so.  If you need to turn off the news, I encourage you to do that as well.  I haven’t watched the news in over 20 years and I have missed nothing of importance and gained a lot of happiness in the process.  When you can step away from the insanity of the shock response, you’ll find that your life improves dramatically.

I was recently speaking with a Naturopath about change and he asked me how I handle such large amounts of change in my life without a lot of stress.  I told him that I do not hold onto what has been.  I accept what is and seek to find my path to happiness within the context of what is now.  I have accepted that my candidate lost.  I have accepted that the man who is to take the White House has represented himself as a misogynist and hate-monger.  These are truths.

And yet not much in my life has changed.  So I continue as I always have and I await what change is to come.  To borrow a Borg-ism – resistance is futile.  The battle is already lost.  Now is the time to cleanse our wounds, tend to our lives, and move forward in the hope that those who voted for Trump knew something we didn’t know.

When the future unfolds, I will see what it holds.
Until then, life is still good.