Moon Magic

Virtual Rituals and Circle

It’s Time To Add Some Magick Into Your Life.

You’ve been struggling through the pandemic for long enough on your own. Come join us in community-oriented magick around the new and full moons. We welcome you to a place where you can use the energy of the group to fuel your personal growth, manifest your desires…

and grow as a Magickal Practitioner.

New And Full Moon Magick Circles

Each month, the new and full moon circles will be based around the energies of the moon and where it sits in the astrological chart. You’ll learn about the cycles of the moon, the astrological impacts, and the mythology that goes along with it.

Your Ritual Leader

Charlemagne Tremont, a long-time friend of Kelle’s who has almost 30 years experience helping new practitioners, is leading the new and full moon circles. She is a tarot reader, astrologer, a shaman, a yoga instructor, an herbalist, and more. She has decades of wisdom gleaned from both the study and practice of magick. Kelle has hand-picked her from the thousands of people she knows as the absolute BEST person to lead this circle for you. In fact, Kelle trusts her so much she actually had Charlemagne cast the circle for her own wedding.  You’re going to love her!

Your First Month

Because this is a virtual circle, you need to know more to get the most out of it than you would need for a live event.  This also means that you’ll be better educated than most people who attend live events.  

So your first month will not include any cirlces – instead it will be a course on Ritual Basics that will cover:

  • Smudging
  • Altar Building
  • Anointing
  • Circle Casting
  • Calling in the Elements
  • Closing the Circle
  • Journaling and How to discover yourself through your journals
  • Grounding
  • Holding the energy through to the next ritual

This detailed, in-depth beginner course will give you an understanding of what to expect in the ritual process and support for completing your parts of the ritual at home.

Students are encouraged to go over the materials multiple times and practice the skills so they are prepared for their first ritual.


Once you have completed your first 30 day course, you’ll receive an email with the link to the ritual platform and discussion group.  One week before the ritual, you’ll receive a list of the materials you’ll need to do the ritual in your home and some things to contemplate so that you will be ready to do the work in the following week’s ritual. So the cycle will be 1 week of prep, 1 week of ritual, 1 week of prep, 1 week of ritual.  This will help you to develop a regular pattern of using magick in your life.


On the day of the ritual, you will join your energies with the rest of the group and together you will be brought into sacred space. You will be led through the ritual and given a place to put your own intentions into the process and then the circle will close and you will be invited to join in the celebration and sharing of your experiences.


Because we recognize that timing can be difficult, especially for those in other countries and time zones, we will record each of the rituals, so that if you can’t make it live, you can tap into the energy whenever you are available (we do suggest that to get the best effect, you try to do it as close to the new and full moons as possible).

The Focus:

We will work in a transformational model, using the energies to help transform our lives and heal our spirits. In addition to the full and new moon circles, each month you will also receive a sound healing recording from Kelle to support your process.


One of the things Kelle hears most often when she speaks with people is that they don’t have a community of people who understand what they are doing and that they really want to take the journey together with a group of like-minded people. This is your opportunity to do that. In addition to the group energetics of the rituals, you will also have access to a discussion group on Mighty Networks where you can ask questions, connect with other practitioners, and hone your magickal skills.


This program is a simple, easy way to connect with others in a supportive space and, in community, create the life you desire. This will be an ongoing program and thus, we are making this a membership group – like all good magickal circles are. 

Are you Ready?

Isn’t it time to put magick into your life on a regular basis?

This group is an easy, done-for-you, without having to think a lot about it, process. The magick awaits.

Are you in?