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There will be two different discussion groups for this course – one for the rituals themselves, and one for the Ritual Basics course.  The sign up immediately below will put you on a mailing list to receive the email with the link to the ritual group in a month when you’re ready for it.  The one below that (the one with the button) puts you in the group for the Ritual Basics course which is where you’ll have your discussions now.  You need to sign up for BOTH.  Thanks!  🙂

Subscribe - Then scroll down for info

Subscribe - Then scroll down for info

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    • This Discussion Group will also have the link for the Zoom calls and is where the times and days of the rituals will be posted. It is also where the ritual prep and where your sound healings will be posted. This is the hub of your experience.


    • **Please mark in your calendar to check the group periodically and make sure to Whitelist in your email in case your ritual leader needs to send an email to everyone in the system.**


    • I also suggest that you copy and paste this page into a document so that you can always find it.


    • Please BOOKMARK your discussion group page because it is hard to find it when you try to login through the main Mighty Networks page.


    • If you ever lose the link, you can always go to the upper right hand corner of the website and click on the Client Login button and choose Discussion Group and it will take you to the main platform. From there, you’ll click Tribes on the left menu and pick your Tribe to get into your group.

Welcome to the circle! The magick begins NOW.