Mastering Inner Healing

Mastering Inner Healing

Welcome to The Second Year of Your Evolution Training!

Your Second Year Contains All of These Three Distinct Tracks

You'll be working directly with Kelle and Kathy in this year's training to take you to the next level in your personal evolution.

Getting Unstuck

Uninstalling Your Buttons

Now that you have solidified your sense of self, you can begin to work on the deeper issues and buttons that are making inner peace elusive.  In this year, we'll work with the stories and issues you identified in Mastering Spiritual Evolution and diving into the core of what makes them powerful in your life.  We'll begin to pull the energy out of the buttons that send you flying and ultimately begin to uninstall them altogether.

You'll leave this portion of your training with:

  • Fewer buttons
  • A greater sense of inner peace
  • A stronger understanding of yourself
  • Less fear of what happens when people hit those buttons
  • And a clear idea of how to uninstall any buttons you discover in the future

In this track, you'll continue to receive content like you have throughout your Mastering Spiritual Evolution program.  Every few days, you'll receive new audio and PDFs with the content for you to use in your personal growth process.

This portion of the program contains 9 months of training on clearing your personal blocks through all 7 chakras.

You'll receive access to the 35 most common blocks that spiritual seekers have and how to overcome them.  These will be audio files with PDF transcripts so you can easily access the content later.

As you did in MSE, you'll have twice monthly coaching calls on Zoom to help you work your way through the process.

You will also be transferred into a new Facebook group specifically for Year 2 students.  This way you can ask questions about anything you're learning and you don't have to remember where to post it.

Unlike in MSE, there will not be assignments to share on the Facebook group.  But hopefully, you got in the habit of sharing what is going on for you in your personal process in MSE, so you are encouraged to continue that process in your new group.

You can start this portion of your program when you start your second year and work on it on your schedule. It will take 9 months to complete.




A Spiritual Alchemy Practice To Enhance and Accelerate Your Personal Evolution

You've seen Kathy Scheiern at retreats and in the Mastering Spiritual Evolution Facebook Group.  Now you'll begin to work with her more significantly as you learn her signature energetic construct for accelerating personal evolution.

You'll learn to work with the four aspects:

  • Mother
  • Father
  • Child
  • Unity

And you'll learn to do so within a safe container.  This will enhance the work you'll be doing in the Getting Unstuck portion of the program since many of our issues stem from these places.

You've already gotten some of this work started with the lessons on Stillness that you've done in MSE.  This year, you'll build on those lessons and expand them into a full blown model that will help you through anything that may come now or in the future.

To learn this work, you'll need to attend special retreats specifically designed to teach you the initial construct and then to walk you into each of the aspects.  There will be one retreat for each aspect.  You'll learn the construct at the first retreat.  Unlike with MSE retreats, these retreats are not optional.  You must attend to get the work you need.  A deeper dive requires a deeper commitment to the work and yourself.

This portion of the program will begin when we have at least 5 people ready to start the process.   The retreats will be roughly every 3 months over the course of a year.


Foundations In Energetics

Metaphysics and Magick - How to Use Energy To Improve Your Life

You've done a little bit of energy work in your first year.  Now that you've solidified your personal container, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about how energy works in the larger world.

We'll cover details about:

  • Embracing Your Magickal Self
  • Magickal Tools
  • Embracing the Elements (this will also help you with your Ketera practice)
  • Dreams
  • Mythology and Thinking Symbolically
  • Altars - How to Use a Physical Space to Hold an Energetic Intention
  • Power Animals
  • Spirit Guides
  • Psychic Development 101
  • Shields and Circles

These will build on what you learned in your Law of Attraction training, clearing your energy field, boundaries for empaths and your warding classes in Year 1.

If you've been listening to the Spirit Sherpa podcast, you'll have a leg up on the program since some of the episodes are included here, but now we take the concepts deeper.

You'll be given exercises to practice your new found understanding of the spiritual world and you'll be given the opportunity to ask questions and post your experiences on the Facebook Group as well as getting guidance on the twice monthly calls.

You'll also be given book and movie recommendations to support and expand your understanding of the work, the energetics, and the astral plane itself.

This work can also be started at any time once you have completed your MSE training.  It will be delivered over the course of your year.

This Course Requires That You Complete Your Mastering Spiritual Evolution Program

AND The Approval Of Your MSE Coach to Enroll


Cost of the program is $5,000 down and $200/mo. until you complete the program. 

Cost of retreats are not included.  Retreat costs will vary by location but are expected to be roughly $650/person per retreat.
This cost does not include travel, housing, or meals.

To Register, Contact Kelle at 508-243-6257 or


As with Mastering Spiritual Evolution - once you join, there are no cancellations and no refunds.  You are committed for a period of not less than 12 months.
Once again, this is to support you in getting through your resistance when you hit it and moving forward with the work.