You’re ready to step into your power and your purpose

But what is it?

Your purpose is the fullest expression of your authentic self. 

So when I say that you’re ready – I mean it.  If you’re ready to start this program it means you have spent the time to solidify your sense of self, identify your own wants and needs, internalize your sense of value, and learn to love yourself.

Along the way, you’ve also cultivated a strong understanding of your own energy field and how to manage it as well as a foundational understanding of the energetic world.

You’re part of a rare group – those who started doing personal transformation to get away from the pain, but then stayed long after the pain had subsided.  You do this because you LOVE creating a better you every day.  You LOVE stepping into your power and exploring the possibilities of the energetic world.  You LOVE learning and growing and you can’t wait to see the next evolution.

And that next evolution is here, now.

One of the best things about doing your transformational work – aside from feeling WAY better – is that you become more self-determinant in the process.  And the path to becoming truly self-determinant (and to mastering control over your own magickal and energetic powers) is the act of becoming sovereign in your own being.

And once you are sovereign, your purpose flows naturally forth.


What Is Sovereignty?

Sovereignty is the ability to choose – from a place of power – all things in your life.  It is the ability to focus and direct your intention towards YOUR goals.  It is the willingness to take up space in your own life and make your own rules.  It is the act of stepping into your divinely creative self and claiming the power to craft your destiny – both on the physical and energetic levels.


And you’re SO CLOSE right now.  In this program we’re going to get you over the finish line.



Step 1:  Uninstalling Your Buttons

Now that you have solidified your sense of self, you can begin to work on the deeper issues and buttons that are making true inner peace elusive. This year, we’ll work with the stories and issues you’ve identified in the past and dive into the core of what gives them power in your life. We’ll begin to pull the energy out of the buttons that send you flying and ultimately uninstall them altogether. We’ll also work together to continue to identify and remove additional buttons along the way.

You’ll leave this portion of your training with:

  • Fewer buttons
  • A greater sense of inner peace
  • A stronger understanding of yourself and a map of your inner landscape
  • Less fear of what happens when people hit your remaining buttons
  • A clear idea of how to uninstall any buttons you discover in the future
  • A deeper understanding of the energetics that go into this work and how to master them
  • A solid spiritual practice that will support your growth for years to come





Step 2: Uncovering Your Gifts

Over the first half of the year, you’re going to learn how to do a wide variety of spiritual, psychic, and energetic practices.  You’ll explore what your natural gifts are and identify the ones that you will hone and strengthen.  In the second half of the year, you’ll work with transformational shamans, Kelle and Kathy, to strengthen those gifts and activate your abilities at higher levels






Step 3:  Mastering The Process of Self Inquiry

Here are the skills you’ll learn:

  1. Identify Your Triggers/Buttons
  2. Engage Them
  3. Get To The Root Belief/Assumption That Drives Them
  4. Take Back Your Power From Them
  5. You will learn time-tested techniques to give you multiple angles of access into these sometimes stubborn areas so that you can find the root and get moving forward in your work.


Step 4: Building The Bigger Picture of Your Inner Landscape

In addition, you’ll be working through a series of self-inquiry question sets that will help you to map out your inner landscape and the geology on which it is based (the experiences, culture, beliefs, etc. that form the landscape).  From a deep dive into your romantic relationships, to your work/life balance, to exploring how traumatic events are still impacting your life, and more.  We will map out your inner landscape and create a roadmap for how to navigate it.



Step 5: Establishing a Spiritual Practice

We will be doing regular spiritual practice to get you focused and give you a container in which to do your self-inquiry work.

You’ll also learn about shamanic journey work:  how to engage it, how to direct it, and how to design it for yourself.  This will include the process of meeting your power animal.  You will make direct use of your journey work to support your inner healing process.



Step 6: Building Your Symbology and Mythology Vocabulary

We will use books, TV shows, and movies to expand your understanding of ancient and current day mythologies.  Through story, you’ll learn to interpret symbols, mythological themes, and metaphors that are informing the stories on a deeper than conscious level through the collective unconscious.  You’ll also be given recommendations to support and expand your understanding of the work, the energetics, and the astral plane itself.

Having a working vocabulary of these things is required for any work you do in the future around:

  • Dream interpretation
  • Divination readings
  • Psychic readings
  • Ritual design and implementation
  • Communication with your spirit guides
  • And anything else in the spiritual realm

This is the language of spirit and it is important to master it.


Metaphysics and Magick – How to Use Energy To Improve Your Life

Energy work, magick, Law of Attraction, whatever you want to call it, is an integral part of our process here.  We’ll be working with your energy field through a variety of pathways to help shift your energy field along with your mindset.  Together these changes create an identity-level shift that allows you to step more fully into your authentic, powerful, sovereign self.


Small Group Format

As with all of our programs, this one is taught in a small group format.  There will be a maximum of 15 students in each group, so everyone has a chance to check in and ask questions on each call.

You’ll have twice-monthly coaching calls on Zoom with transformational shamans Kelle Sparta and Kathy Scheiern to help you work your way through the process.  Collectively, Kelle and Kathy have over 75 years of study and experience.  So you’re in good hands.

Each group will have its own discussion group as well.  This way you can ask questions in between calls and get quick answers.  And you can learn from other people’s questions along the way.





About Your Instructors



Kelle Sparta

Transformational shaman, Kelle Sparta, was raised in the New Age movement.  Her mother brought home EST (a precursor to Landmark’s Forum) when Kelle was just 5 years old.  By 10 she was doing self-hypnosis, by 12 she was reading tarot.  Kelle is a psychic, a medium, a channel, an empath, and an energy healer.  She is certified in shiatsu, is a Reiki Master Teacher, and she originated the Cantara Sound Healing modality.  Kelle is the author of The Over-Achiever’s Guide to Nailing Your Spiritual Growth in Record Time and is the host of the wildly popular podcast, Spirit Sherpa, which has been downloaded over 250,000 times in 2/3 of the countries around the world.  Her wisdom and her insight are prized by those seeking happiness, enlightenment and access to their highest powers.



Kathy Scheiern

Kathy Scheiern, Ph.D. is a transformational shaman who has been studying for over 35 years.  Her doctoral thesis was on Transformational Dynamics where she proved the efficacy of a model she identified for creating lasting transformation in group environments.  She was the publisher of the premier magickal magazine of its time, Mezlim, which was so seminal that two major university libraries have entire sets on file.  She also co-created and facilitated LumensGate, a transformational experience, which ran for 19 years.  She is an oracle, a bridge to the spirit world, a sound healer, and a certified Family and Organizational Constellation facilitator.  Kathy is also a certified in Energy Scanning and is a Master Ritualist.



It’s All About You

This 12 months is a deep dive into you.  It will show you the best and the worst parts of yourself and, more importantly, it will give you an inventory of everything that may keep you from the life you choose.  And, best of all, it will give you the tools you need to eliminate those things in a systematic and structured way that works.

By the end of this program you will step fully into your spiritual self – mentally, emotionally, and energetically.  You will be ready to claim your divine right to create your own destiny and make powerful decisions for your own highest and best good.



To Sum Up (TL;DR)

This comprehensive system breaks down the silos between personal growth, transformation, and energy work/magick to bring you an integrative path to step into your sovereignty, your power, and your purpose.  Highly knowledgeable instructors guide you in a small group format to reach deeper levels of yourself and therefore higher levels of your power and purpose.


You’ll get:

  • Twice monthly group coaching calls (60 minutes)
  • A Private Discussion group access for posting assignments and asking questions between calls
  • Access to the over 200 pieces of content that will walk you through your personal spiritual journey

See the entire curriculum here

The work in this program took me (Kelle) over 10 years to complete because I had to go searching for all the pieces, learn the self inquiry work piece-by-piece and figure out the energetics to support my process along the way.

I easily spent over $50,000 (probably twice that if I’m honest) figuring all of this out.

More importantly though, is knowing how much these blocks impacted my income, my happiness, and my mental health for YEARS before I could get all of this work done.

I don’t want that for you.

In creating this comprehensive program, I’m giving you the benefit of my 48 years of study and personal experience in this work so that you can take the express train to happiness without all the pain and struggle I had to endure.

It is my mission in the world to reduce the time it takes for people to find the path to their true selves.  In this program, I have achieved that.

So, what do you say?

Are you ready to step into your power and purpose?

Are you ready to unlock your happiness?

Are you ready to step into your divinely creative, powerful self and start creating the life of your dreams?

Then sign up for a Discovery call with my team below to discuss how this program can work for you.




Can I join this program if I haven’t done Welcome To The Woo an Woo Squared?

Yes.  You will be evaluated by one of my team to make sure you’re at a place where you are ready for this work to qualify to enroll.


When does the program start?

This program runs on a rolling-enrollment basis, so when you are ready for it, it is ready for you.  As such, everyone in your group program will be at a different place in their work, so you don’t have to worry about falling behind or rushing ahead.  You can work at your own pace.


What happens if I don’t finish in a year?

We recognize that a year is a long time and that life can sometimes get in the way – especially when you’re doing deep personal work that shifts your world.  So we don’t have a hard and fast completion time. The payment structure for this program includes a monthly payment.  If you don’t complete the work in a year, no problem.  You can continue to pay the monthly payment and work on your program until you are complete.


How much is it?

This is the express train that will shorten your personal journey dramatically.  As such, it’s not inexpensive.  This is a five-figure investment in your future.  Much like going to university, this is an investment in yourself that will pay dividends for the rest of your life and impact every area of your life.

Contact Kelle to Register and Continue Your Journey to Spiritual Evolution Mastery