A Fully Hands-Off Way To Make More Money From Your Existing Clients

While they see you as a superstar who truly cares about them.


Here’s Jamie.  She just graduated from your final course.  

She completed it all – she was a fantastic client and you’ve got nothing left to offer her aside from the occasional one-on-one session or retreat.

But is Jamie done?  Isn’t there more that she needs?  Even if you don’t offer it?

And wouldn’t it be nice to get a little extra cash for helping her get it?

Why not be Jamie’s hero and yours at the same time?

The Sacred Power and Purpose Mystery School is waiting for Jamie.  We can take everything you’ve given her and amp it up to the next level by working with her on her personal growth work, and expanding her understanding of (or introducing her to) energetics and how to use them.


And, we’ll give you a lovely thank you gift for the referral in the form of cash or if you prefer, a discount for Jamie courtesy of you.


Our programs help Jamie to:


  • Address her fear, worry, dread, self-doubt, inner and outer judgments
  • Claim her space
  • Set her boundaries
  • Own her power
  • Internalize her sense of power
  • Learn to love herself
  • Get her internal baggage down to neatly-labeled carry-on bags with a toolkit on top for reducing them even further

All while providing her with a working knowledge of how to:


  • Manage her energy field (so she doesn’t get drained by others)
  • Protect herself energetically
  • Protect her space and manage the energy in it
  • Connect into her intuition at a higher level
  • Work with the Law of Attraction for maximum manifestation

We work with people at all stages of their work.  Our typical clients feel what other people feel, they have big hearts and are often more worried about others than they are themselves.  They have worth issues, they overwork, they worry, they have a perfectionist streak a mile wide, and are, quite frankly, often control freaks (to make sure everything is perfect).  They never ask for help.  They can’t take a compliment. 

But they are the person everyone goes to when they need help.  They are often a pillar of their community, the rock for everyone else, and they get more done in a day than most people get done in a week.  They have a plan for everything – and a backup plan, and a backup plan for the backup plan.

Sounds just like Jamie, doesn’t it?

Getting the idea?  Most people know at least 5 of these people and I’m betting you have a bunch of Jamies in your program.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be the person who helped them feel better for the rest of their lives?

No matter where they are in their journey, we can help.  From beginner to advanced, we have a program that can take them to the next level in their personal evolution.


Jamie Deserves More – And You Do Too!


I want to give you some extra cash for all the hard work you did with Jamie and for sharing her trust in you with me.  Here’s how my partner plan works:


Thank You Cash

Refer Jamie into my beginner Inner Peace 101 program and I’ll pay you $500

If Jamie is intermediate or advanced level and wants a more customized approach, refer her into the Mastering Spiritual Evolution or Mastering Inner Healing Programs programs and I’ll pay you $1000.

Or Give Her a Discount

Or, if you want, you can offer her a discount on these programs.  I’ll provide you with instructions on how to give that to her.


Are You Ready To Make (And Give) More?

You’ve already made a big shift in Jamie’s life.  Let me and my team make the next for her.  This is one more time you get to be her hero.


Would You Rather Learn to Deliver Our Programs Yourself?

Why You Can Trust Me and My Team
The way that Jamie trusts you