How To Be A Shaman – Clearing Your Energy Field

Clear Your Energy FieldReasons To Clear Your Energy Field

One of the things that I have to do regularly as a shaman is clear my energy field. I’m clearing it from:

  • Negative energies that may have gotten stuck there from thoughts that I didn’t cancel fast enough. 
  • Low-energy beings that may have come by to suck on the energy that I run.
  • Attachments and stories that I haven’t yet cleared through my personal work.
  • Energy cords that others may have put out to me (out of a desire for dependence, or trying too hook me, etc.)

Any/all of these items can result in illness – all are limiting to the energy that I can run.  

When To Clear Your Field

One of the things I’m asked a lot by my clients and students is “how do I know when I need to clear my field?”  In general, I’d say that you should clear your field when you come into contact with something or someone who makes you feel uncomfortable.  That discomfort is probably indicating that there is something in your field to be cleared.  If that doesn’t happen for you, then my answer as to how often to clear your field would be “it depends”.  If you’re doing a lot of energy work or coming into contact with a lot of people, then the answer is that you should clear your field at least daily.  If you work from home and you don’t do a lot of energy work for others, then you’re probably fine doing a general sweep at least once a week.  

How To Clear Your Energy Field

Everyone develops their own way of clearing their field.  You can scrub it with soap and water (in your intention), you can use the Star Trek isolation chamber decontamination process, you can squeegee it.  It doesn’t matter what imagery you use, it only matters that you use it and that you stick with it until the process is complete.  It is really easy to get distracted when doing your own clearing. You get half way through and think “that’s good enough” or “I’ll finish it later”.  Whatever the excuse, if you’re failing to complete the cleanse, it’s usually because there’s something there that doesn’t want you to complete it.  If you’re feeling rushed – specifically make time.  If you keep thinking to do it and then don’t – make time.  In short – MAKE TIME.  Until you clear your field, everything you do is subject to whatever is in it.

What Levels To Work On

Remember that you have many different energy bodies and that the shmoogies (a VERY 😉 technical term meaning anything that is negatively impacting your field) can be hiding in any of those fields or in your chakras or even connected in through a loved one.  Look at the soles of your feet and at your back.  We often limit our vision spiritually the way it is limited physically –  don’t do that to yourself.  Step outside of your body and look at yourself like you were a client.  Trust your instincts.  If there is something that feels off – it IS off. Find it and don’t stop until you do.  

Ask For Spiritual Help

Your guides, guardians, and angels are all hanging out around you available to help.  Your angels are actually not allowed to help unless you ask for it (and you have to ask for something specific – they don’t do blanket requests).  Ask them to help you.

Ask For Outside Help

If you have taken all of the paths above and you still feel like there is something that you can’t see, then it’s time to call in the big guns and talk to another shaman who specializes in clearing.  Mine is David Franklin Farkas.  He’s who I call when I can’t get something to give.  


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