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How To Be A Shaman
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Throughout this site I offer advice on how to strip away those masks and stories that are hiding your true self.  I show you how to set good boundaries, and how to love yourself.  All of these are way stations on the road to becoming a shaman.  I am teaching you a way of thinking and being that is the foundation of starting your own spiritual shamanic practice.  In these articles, I dive a little deeper into the energetic side of things for those who feel that they have made enough progress on the personality/ego side of things are are ready to delve deeper into the energetic realms.

Why Become A Shaman?

How To Be A Shaman – What IS a Shaman And What Is The Path To Becoming One?

How To Be A Shaman – Cultivating Presence

How To Be A Shaman – Clearing Your Energy Field

How To Be A Shaman – Spiritual Growth Requires Thought Alchemy

Shaman Ways – How to Redefine Reality

Surrendering To The Flow

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