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Kelle Sparta, World’s Leading Expert In Transformation

Whether it is a keynote speech or a multi-day event, Kelle has been in front of audiences for over 20 years.  Her background in improvisation and theater makes her presentations not only informative, but entertaining.  She consistently gets the highest reviews from both attendees and meeting planners and she gets asked back to speak over and over again for those reasons.


Keynote Address – Choosing Change – Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward at Mach Speed

In this unique keynote address, Kelle brings her experience as one of the world’s leading experts in transformation and her skills as a transformational shaman together.  This will NOT be your typical keynote.  This will be a mini ritual of change.  Kelle sets the space, invites in the guides, ancestors, angels, and guardians of the group, and tunes the container to change.  Then she walks your group through a process of finding clarity about whether they really want change in their lives or not.  The group is then given the opportunity to step into that change and to get support from their spiritual team through the recitation of a commitment and prayer for support.  Each attendee receives a copy of this prayer to take home with them and to reinforce their commitment.  It also anchors them into the experience so that they will remember your event over and over again.  Then the circle is closed and Kelle offers the blessing of a brief sound healing for the group to support the integration of the process of change that they have begun.  The is a truly unique experience that will knock the socks off your attendees.  If you’re looking for something new and different, this is an excellent choice.

Embracing The Process of Change

This topic can be a offered as a keynote, half day, full day, or multi-day experience.

Why is change so hard?  What is it that causes people to choose to change and then not follow through?  In this presentation, we will explore the structure of change, how it is experienced, and where the pitfalls are that cause people to back down.  Simply knowing what to expect in the process of change can make a massive difference in the success rate of those seeking change.  Understanding the resistances and other factors that also come up and the tools for overcoming these (available in the longer versions of this program) makes successful change assured.  If you have a group, organization, or company seeking change, this is the ideal program.  Before you try to make a significant change, it is important to understand the process so that full buy-in can be achieved.  This topic can be customized to the needs of the group or organization so that it can be contextualized for the specific change being sought.

This topic, when added to standard real estate new agent training, improved the success rate of new agents 900% over industry average.  

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