Having A Healthy Relationship

Everyone wants to have a healthy relationship, but few people actually accomplish it.  Why?  There are a variety of factors.  One is that as a culture, we tell boys not to feel (or if they do feel, never to talk about it) and we tell girls to place the relationship above their own well being.  Another reason is that the media has socialized us to look at relationships in a decidedly unhealthy fashion.  We look for the fairy tale rather than the realty, we search for perfection rather than vulnerability and intimacy, and we do our best NOT to look at how our behaviors link into the relationship failures of our past.  All of these factors go into creating a culture where the divorce rate is over 40% for first marriages, 60% for second marriages, and 74% for third marriages.  It doesn’t look like those marriages are getting much healthier as they go, does it?  (Remember that comment about not looking at your own baggage?  It travels with you.  You NEED to look at it.)

A healthy relationship and/or marriage is based on a number of things:

If any of these items is missing, then you’ll end up having a less than stellar relationship. But each of these items has its own challenges to them.  In the articles listed below, I address these issues.  I’m adding more articles each day, so you’ll want to subscribe to my feed to get everything delivered right to your inbox.  It’s not a pipe dream for you to have a healthy relationship or even a healthy marriage. but it does take work.  I can help.  Check out the articles below and write in the questions you have on this page.  I’ll try to take all the questions I get and turn them into articles.

If you can’t wait for your question to be answered, call me for a private consultation.  I’d love to help.


Article Series:

A Healthy Relationship – Breakups
The fact that we are mortal, means ALL relationships end – even a healthy relationship. Enjoy it while it lasts without getting too hurt when it ends.

Having A Great Relationship: “Saving” Your Relationship Will Kill It
Why having a great relationship means having to risk losing it every now and then.

How To Have a Healthy Relationship – Rule #1
This article begins a series of articles discussing the major relationship pitfalls and how to avoid them.


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