Divining The Feminine – Defining The Divine Feminine

What is Feminine?

In Western culture, we have a very limited definition of what it is to be feminine.  As women we are allowed to be pretty, sweet, kind, caring, seductive (but only a little or we’re sluts!), mothering, nurturing, and warm.  But this is just the smallest sliver of what the Divine Feminine is.  And it is through this limited definition that our fullest selves are limited.

Stronger Women Doesn’t Equal Being In The Divine Feminine

Even now, as Western culture tries to provide more movies, cartoons, media, etc., that more fully expresses the breadth of options for girls and women, we are still getting masculine-ized versions of women: the woman warrior and the huntress.  This is because we don’t culturally value much of what the Divine Feminine has to offer – and this is our loss.

We Don’t Even Know Our Power

As women, our power comes from the ebb and flow of the tides, from the deep, dark mystery, from the chaos of potentiality, and from our willingness to be with and endure what may come.  It is when we are grounded and in touch with the earth that we have the most power.

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We cannot hope to embody the Divine Feminine, until we can adequately define it for ourselves.