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The Ultimate Guide To Self Healing Volume 5

Below are the resource links I promised in my chapter:


Online Journal

My Online Journal From My Walkabout. This can also be found by going to the category “Shamanic Initiation” on my blogs posts here.


The Recording of my song “Driveabout” on YouTube

Boundaries for Empaths

Sign up for the Boundaries for Empaths program series 

Spirit Sherpa Podcast

Listen to the Spirit Sherpa Podcast, or subscribe by searching Spirit Sherpa on your favorite podcast player.

The Sacred Power and Purpose

Are you an empath and want to learn more about yourself, why you feel the way you do, and how to take control of your life? Then I invite you to explore The Sacred Power and Purpose Mystery School which starts with Inner Peace 101 – Finding Emotional Safety.

Business Energetics

If you’re a business owner, then the Business Energetics program is probably right up your alley.

Discovery Call

And, if you’d like to set up a free Discovery Call with me, you can click here.