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Claim Your Gifts – Sept 7-8 Falls Church VA

September 7 - September 8

Embrace Your Potential

You know you have some amazing gifts you bring to the world, but somehow you have a hard time owning them. When it comes to living up to your potential, sometimes you just choke. Don’t get me wrong, you work hard – really hard. But somehow, when it all comes down to it, you’re just not doing as well as you feel like you should.

So you question yourself over and over again.

  • Am I doing the right thing?
  • Am I on the right path?
  • What is my purpose in the world?
  • How do I fulfill that purpose?
  • Why can’t I make things work the way I want no matter how hard I try?

Your ability to believe in yourself has taken a beating and you’re working really hard not to give up entirely.

Believe In Yourself

Some days you think that maybe it would just be easier to opt out of your purpose. But when you think of doing just that, every fiber of your being screams out against it. You KNOW you have to do it. You just have to get over the things that are keeping you from stepping in fully.

In This Case, What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Have you been trying to step into this new version of yourself for a while but not making much headway? Are you feeling stuck? You might actually BE stuck. In some cases, when we work with people we find that there are literally chains holding them back from stepping into their gifts. Some of those chains are self-imposed from lives where they were killed for their gifts. So they decided they didn’t want to go through that again and they placed an internal block on their gifts. Sometimes it’s emotional blocks from challenges experienced in this life – internalized messages from unsupportive parents that are in the way. Other times the blocks are from outside elements trying to prevent them from reaching their fullest potential. Whatever the source, we have helped countless people track down, identify, and remove the blocks that were keeping them from fully claiming their gifts.

Lily flowers chakras by night

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

It’s OK To Be Afraid

In fact, it’s a really good thing to be afraid. If you’re not afraid, then you haven’t stepped out of your comfort zone which means you’re not actually doing anything new.

You just can’t let the fear stop you. You have to be willing to feel the fear and keep moving forward anyway. You’re doing this already, or you wouldn’t be reading this page. Now you just have to believe you can do it and keep believing that for everything that comes next.

You’re Already Good Enough.
Now You Just Have To Believe It

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This Is Where We Come In

We have been working with change-seekers for over 25 years. We know the issues that get in the way. We know how to help you get past them. And we speak your language, so you don’t have to edit or wonder if we will “get” you. We will, we do, and we can. Bring whatever is holding you back and we will help walk you through it.


Kelle Sparta, The Spirit Doctor
Transformational Shaman

Kelle Sparta started talking to ghosts in her crib. She began studying metaphysics, occult, personal growth, self-help, and spirituality at the age of 6 and has continued her studies branching out into Wicca, shamanism, energy healing, Reiki, divination, mediumship, channeling, vibrational healing, and more ever since. She is one of the world’s leading experts on transformation. Her mission is to help those who come from challenged childhoods to break free of their early training and finally achieve their potential.

Kathy Scheiern, PhD
Transformational Shaman

Kathy Scheiern is an oracle and a bridge between the worlds. She was so fascinated with how transformation happens that she did her doctoral work in it, in the process proving that the model we use for our events creates lasting transformation. She has studied shamanism for over 20 years along with a long list of other spiritual paths. Her unique gift is to be able to speak to the elders / entities / gods of all traditions – even ones who normally won’t talk to outsiders. In this way, she is a singularly gifted message-bringer. If you are lacking in clarity, Kathy is the perfect person to talk to.

The Initiation

An initiation is literally a step from one way of being into another. You stop being the person you were and you become another, better version of yourself. In this 2-day event, we will help you prepare for your initiation. You will:

    • Release your fears
    • Accept your gifts
    • See yourself as capable of handling the responsibility before you
    • Eliminate the hidden blocks
    • Amplify your gifts by opening energy pathways
    • Finally step into your fullest potential!

Using Kathy’s special process, we walk you through a series of experiences designed to prepare you to step into being the person you are destined to become. This amazingly profound process is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Check out the testimonials from those who have attended events with us before.

Just came back from one of the most extraordinary seminars I’ve ever attended with Kelle Sparta and Kathy Scheiern. OMFG! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO far above and beyond ANYTHING I could have imagined!!! Healing. Empowering. Terrifying, clearingly AWESOME. CHANGED MY LIFE — no shit. Let me simply say that, if you EVER get a chance to attend ANYTHING presented by EITHER of these women, RUN TOWARD IT like it’s a walled city and you’re being chased by zombies on turbo-charged motorcycles!!! They have created a nurturing, no bullshit, no fluff, wisdom-filled… cauldron of awakening. Let me point out that this is pharmaceutical-grade spiritual tough love medicine and it is NOT for tire kickers, hecklers, the faint of heart, or anyone who doesn’t believe in opening up to passion in their purpose. You just have to be willing to AUTHENTICALLY show up and the medicine will work.Gonna stop gushing. It’s simple: if you want to both succeed AND *enjoy* your success, check out their work. It’s not a panacea — just a chest full of powerful medicine tools.

Julie Woods
Julie Woods

Kelle and Kathy are extraordinary spiritual leaders. What I received over the 3 days far exceeded my expectations. They can take you to the places you need to go no matter how scary or painful then walk you through with love, grace and acceptance. They lead you to a better place than where you started and a better understanding of who are in the world and where you are going. They create an environment of safety which allows for and promotes the growth and perspective shifting necessary to move forward in all areas of your life

Tiffeny Wandler Testimonial
Tiffeny Wandler

When I came to your event, I felt small and didn’t have enough knowledge. When I left I felt empowered, strong, and like a shining star. Thank you so much, you girls ROCK!!


Elaine Comeau

Wow……. I am still sitting with and moved very deeply from Kelle Sparta’s [and Kathy Scheiern’s] workshop over the weekend. It was outstanding. She and her leadership and training skill and presentation skills, and what she had to deliver, were EXQUISITE… only word that could match it. ...Practical, personal, spiritual and emotional tools and guidance to make it all work. really. (spiritual in a pretty broad sense of the word) I got profound stuff from it on a deep personal level. I had some awareness and shifts that seem life-changing. I am reeling from it… Wow….. Holy crap…amazing….


Jon Fischer Testimonial
Jon Fischer

I am back from one of the Most Amazing workshops I’ve EVER been to… presented by Kathy Scheiern and Kelle Sparta. Whew… I’m still integrating all the life-changing information, shifts and gifts that I opened myself up to RECEIVE from the Universe! CRAZY!! And now I am able to better serve my community as a Transformation Facilitator. “Thank you’s” don’t EVEN begin to express my gratitude to these two women and the Universe for aligning in such a way that allowed me to attend. Out of all that I received this weekend, what hit home the most was that I am Welcomed, I am Wanted and that I am Important! All the things I have told many of my clients over the years. I am happy to report that I GET IT!! More to follow as integration continues…


Sandy Batts

I was really impressed by how well Kelle and Kathy held the sacred space for all of the participants, supporting each person in her/his unfolding. I was also very impressed by the vast array of their skills. I experienced a pivotal shift in myself that is having a profound influence on my life... Many thanks to Kelle and Kathy for creating the opportunity, and particularly to Kelle for the perfect nudge in the right direction.


Mina Gibb

Custom Designed To The Participants

One of the things that we do differently than other retreat leaders is that we customize our events to our participants. Two weeks before the event starts, we tap into the energy of each of the participants in our events and we check each exercise to make sure it will match with each participant’s energy. If it doesn’t match even one person, we adjust the exercise or experience to account for all participants and then check that it works for each person again. In this way, you are getting an experience that is designed to work just for you.

World-Class Facilitation For A Fraction Of The Cost

Normally, Kelle and Kathy’s events sell for over $2,000 each. But because they are using this event to train new event facilitators (the trainees will be supporting the event, Kathy and Kelle are still running it), they are offering it at a great discount for you. This is definitively the lowest cost the event will ever be going forward. It’s worth re-arranging your schedule to make it.

Entering the Morphic Field

One of the special things about our events is the energetic that they create. Because the energetic exists when we design it (we hold the energy and it creates a morphic field around the event), you get to step into that energy from the moment you make the commitment to come by signing up. Our attendees have reported that their retreat experience begins from the moment of their registration – with opportunities, awareness raisers, and experiences appearing as if by magick that are related to their event. That’s what the morphic field does: opens the energy of the shift and thereby the work you need to do to get through the process begins to show up. This is why so many of our repeat attendees register very early. They want the maximum time in that energetic.



Isn’t It Time?

How long have you been waiting to step into the fullness of your potential? How much time, money, and energy have you spent trying to clear the path yourself? How long are you going to wait? It’s time. Step in. We’re excited to help.

Sept 7 & 8, 2019
Falls Church, VA

Private Home – Address provided when you register
This is a non-residential event – travel, housing, and food are NOT included
Some sleep space is available at the home – there are 6 beds (one twin, others are doubles or queens), 5 couches, and 2 air mattresses – first come, first served for choices of sleeping spaces – you have to register to claim your sleep space.
Please Note: The house has a cat. It will not be in the space during the retreat, but if you are allergic, you may want to bring meds.
Sleep space (regardless of which you get) is $50/person/weekend – payable to the homeowner.

Air Travel

The closest airports are Dulles and Ronald Reagan International.
Both are a 30 minute drive from the home, however that time gets considerably longer if you come into Reagan at rush hour.
Reagan also has a Metro Station that will take you to the Dunnloring Metro stop which is within 3 miles of the home where we are hosting the event which is then a short taxi, Uber, or Lyft ride to the event. I believe you will have to make connections to get to the correct line, so this too could add time to your commute, but is definitely the most cost effective way to get from the airport to the event.

Super Early Bird Price (first 4 tickets sold) – $550
Regular Price – $650

Space is first come, first served.

Spaces Are Limited - Sign Up Now (Only 3 left at this price!)

Call Kelle at 508-243-6257


September 7
September 8


Kelle Sparta


Falls Church, VA
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