Personal Energy Scan

Step #1 to Clearing Your Blocks to Health, Wealth, and Happiness

You’re a seeker on your spiritual path.

You may be seeking the path to happiness or to health or to taking control of your finances or your love life.

Whatever the path is that you seek, the answers exist within you.

All you have to do is find them. This is what we do with an energy scan. We look inside your energy field into your mental/emotional body and identify the blocks that are holding you back from what you desire.

We do an in-depth look into the heart of YOUR personal issues, blocks, beliefs and assumptions that are holding you back. We look at what the outside influences are that are impacting your ability to be happy and move forward in your life. And then we test your field with possibilities to see which items need to be done in which order and whether certain paths will be useful or not for you personally (not everything works for everyone).

If there is a quick solution, we will give it to you in the moment. If not, we’ll discuss next steps at the end and we’ll give you direction to take you forward.

People who have had this energy scan are always impressed at how much information is contained in them and many come back every 6 months to a year to update their scans as they complete different pieces of their own work. Some even share their readings with friends and partners to create greater intimacy and/or refer them in for their own scan.

Our clients who have had this service listen to the recording over and over again. They tell us that they will hear things on the 4th or 5th listening that they swear weren’t there the first few times they listened. This is because they weren’t ready to hear it yet. You’ll get a TON of information in this that will help you understand your inner workings so much better.

If you’re seeking clarity on your personal growth path, then this is the express train.

How We Do It

The energy scan process takes 45-90 minutes depending on the issues, the complexity, and your questions. And, yes, we record the session. We will meet on Zoom, record the session and send a copy to you via email. Regardless, you’re going to want to take a lot of notes, so make sure you’re in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

We prefer to do these sessions cold (having never spoken before) on Zoom without video on, so you are clear that we are not reading your earlier comments or your body language. This way you know we’re reading your energy field directly. Use the link below to sign up for your energy scan session to turbo charge your personal spiritual evolution process today.


I just had an energy scan with Kelle! It was a thorough reading with many insights that I didn’t know and some I knew but wasn’t able to speak. She gave me a few tools and a few gifts to not only get myself back on track but to live a bigger, better, brighter authentic existence! Please check out her page, like it so that you receive her posts you will not regret it! Thanks Again Kelle!!
Marilyn Wright

I have to say..I have never had a reading done as well as the one Kelle gave me. She was completely right on every point she said and understood exactly where and why I am the way I am. I would say anyone getting a reading from her or working with her is extremely lucky. She is so full of love and support and isn’t afraid of giving a good swift kick when it is needed but it is done with such love. An an amazing woman with an amazing heart. I am blessed and very grateful to have met her.
Brooke N.

Dear Kelle, I very much appreciated being “seen” by you so delicately, yet so vividly, so accurately, so insightfully! I think the remainder of my time on earth is going to be a little more active, more self-affirming, more rewarding than I had thought before your assessment and teaching!
Mary Leue

Hi Kelle – I just wanted to stop by and say Thank You so much for the reading you gave me yesterday. It was very relevant at this moment in time, with much food for thought.. but most importantly I came out of it feeling a new sense of understanding and purpose. It’s been a number of years since I had any kind of reading – to be honest I’d lost faith there – but something drew me to your advertisement – and I’m so glad I acted on that compulsion now. You certainly have a gift!
Carol Elsip

I had a terrific shamanic energy reading today with Kelle Sparta. Thanks Kelle for the care, the advice and the confirmation. I’ll be in touch soon.
Natalie Johnsen

Hello Kelle, I am still integrating and reflecting on the information you gave me during my most amazing scan. Your sense of humor, your insights and your sweet ways was everything I needed to be able to really hear the deep information you were sharing about my energy fields and the issues there. Everything you said resonated, and I could see exactly what you meant because you were so clear at the same time you were so compassionate in how you spoke with me that there was a shift right after we spoke. I’ll definately want to follow up with you in a few weeks to have you assess my progress and to help me clarify a few goals and milestones in my self healing process.. Letting go is a big priority as is integrating those wonderful energies that have been just waiting for me to accept… Bright blessings, lots of love and laughter
Susan Pharis

I had no idea what to expect from my energy scan with Kathy, so I was excitedly nervous. She was warm and inviting, which put me at ease immediately. I was blown away with the information I received during my session with her. She communicated how my aura appeared, where blocks were in my chakras, and specific messages from my spirit guides and the collective consciousness. Throughout our session, she helped me understand the patterns in my blocks, such as perceiving myself as weaker than I actually am and continuing to seek permission. Kathy met my inner child and described the setting my inner child was in so vividly, I immediately realized she was sitting in the wooden rocking chair on my mawmaw’s back porch, which was my favorite “safe” place to be as a child. She nailed my childhood, the toxic environment, and feelings I had growing up as well as the resulting challenges I have faced as an adult.

Kathy created an amazingly calm, safe, sacred space in which she helped me start to heal at that moment and to lay the foundation to continue healing and growing in my journey. What a beautiful gift she gave me! Her energy scan validated for me I am not alone in this process, I am loved unconditionally, I am powerful beyond what I realize, and EVERYTHING is connected.

Thank you, Kathy!


Jewell Freeman

Kathy’s scan was so thorough and profoundly insightful. The insights that she had turned me on to, proved to be the most beneficial in helping me to understand myself and to help improve myself. Another area that she and the scan has led me to is your tree meditation that she turned me to on youtube and I have noticed a great improvement from that alone and discovered that divine energy is best when “flowed” through my chakra channel whereas the problem was the energy was spilling outward. Upon this realization and concentration and directing the energy on where and how it is to flow through my meditation, I have noticed a great difference. I give great thanksgiving to both you and Kathy for this great experience in self exploration. Thank You again.

Roi Boyd

My recent energy scan with Kathy Scheiern left me with much needed clarity and focus.  As she moved through my chakras, she was able to shed light on things that were holding me back, celebrated things that are working and helped me identify where in my life I can make change or let go.  Her openness and patience allowed me to ask questions and opened dialogue to get to deeper layers in areas most important to me.  I’ve gone back to the recording several times, and take away more and more from it each time! I look forward to doing again sometime and highly recommend for anyone who identifies as being on a spiritual path. 

Elissa B

My energy scan was “right on”! A curled up butterfly with wet wings ready to fly!….I feel like I am finally ready to discover my fullest potential and my authentic self! Thank you for recognizing where I am and where I want to be! I am now opening up to the energy within!
Debra Nardi Evans

I am on a spiritual journey and I am always ready to do the work to more fully embody light.   Sometimes, however, I’m not sure what that work is.  That’s when I find the Energy Scan technique exceptionally helpful.  Recently, there was a major shift in my being near.  I knew some of the basics, but what to clear and what to receive was hazy and unclear.  I had an Energy Scan with Steven. Steven’s ability to read the blocks in my aura and chakras gave me the insights I so needed.  The haze cleared and a path forward was illuminated.  During the call, I felt held and at ease. Steven’s presence is filled with compassion, gentleness and unconditional love.  My Energy Scan with Steven was an amazing gift.  I highly recommend an Energy Scan with Steven. 

Brenda Leahy

What an insightful an validating experience to have my first ever energy scan done by Steven. Chakra by chakra he explained everything. It was very profound the depth of what he saw and felt. He told me things I knew. Told me things I didn’t know and answered all my questions until I was satisfied. He was extremely kind, knowledgeable and professional! He also gave me information on what I could do to clear my blocks and help myself. He did not leave me abandoned with all this information. I would highly recommend Steven to anyone! He walks in the light and will help you with yours.  

Faith DuFour

I am so thankful for you, Steven. I thank you for your caring and compassionate communication style during our energy scan.

Steven’s kindness allowed me to be more open to learn about some challenging experiences such as my feelings of shame that have been holding me back and he supported me in letting go of the grip that my feelings have had on me and my ability to move forward in my life and with my career. In less than 24 hours after my energy scam I have received a tremendous opportunity to create a special course on gratitude and the guidance on how to do it from two of the most important people in my lifeI have also discovered new medical technology that could help myself in my family with conditions we have been dealing with for many years and I was able to be vulnerable with a dear friend of mine and let my guard down with him in new ways finally being able to share everything going on in my life not just the good things but also the challenging parts as well. After my energy scan with Stephen I have a new access to more of me than I knew was possible and I am so grateful for his generosity and his caring spirit and for all the ways that he made the process fun and enjoyable too!

Noah McIntyre

abundance in my life shifted dramatically the VERY DAY after we spoke….radically…even as I feel I’m taking baby steps towards change from what I gained through our phone meeting!
Karin Kitely

Thank you so much for the energy reading! I really resonated with it. I have a lot to process! Thanks again..Namaste ♥
Linda Thompson

 A Complete Scan of Your Energy Field, & A Road Map For Your Next Level of Work