Energetic Coach Mentoring

For Experienced Coaches

Up-level Yourself and Your Coaching

You’ve been coaching for a while now. You’ve been enrolling clients on a regular basis and you know you’re making a difference, but there’s still some stuff you know could be better.  Here are some issues you may be dealing with:


  • Not getting testimonials (or enough testimonials) from your clients
  • You’re drained at the end of your coaching calls
  • You have clients who aren’t happy with their coaching/success
  • You’re in need of some coaching yourself to allow you to step into the identity you need to inhabit to take your business to the next level
  • You have clients you aren’t sure what to do with 
  • You want to be able to read your clients better
  • You have clients who stop attending group calls or who don’t participate on calls
  • You have some not great dynamics in your group program
  • One or more of your clients intimidate you

All of these challenges and more are easily addressed with a broader understanding of the context of the issues and some skills to help you speak decisively in the moment.  Add to this the specialty skills I will be introducing you to, and your coaching is destined to have a serious upgrade in short order.

As a coach, I am certain I am fully intentional and committed towards my clients. Even after all we did, I often saw them get in their own way, lose hope and fizzle out. The energy it took to get them back on track really drained me out and also made me doubt myself. After I understood the play of energy with my clients, I finally got my answers and tweaked my coaching experience, from client intake to the full delivery. And, like magic, everything was the same but client results and retention went off the charts.

Shantanu Verma

Proven Strategies

The issues above and more have been around for as long as training and coaching have.  There are solid, tried and true ways to address all of these problems.  It’s just that a lot of the online coaching world has never heard of them. 

I’ve taken these techniques and applied them to the online coaching world and I’ve added a twist.  I’ve incorporated information about energetics into the process.  So I will work with you on the practical aspects of developing new skills, but I’m also going to work with you on the energetic side of the coin.

We will discuss how you work with the energy field of your coaching group, the reason that the way you hold your personal energy is so important to the efficacy of your coaching, the ways in which your energy field is impacting your business revenues, how to read the energy of your client, and so much more.

As we work together, you will expand not only your coaching skills but your energetic skills. You’ll learn to see a wider view of the work you’re doing and step into a more powerful role in your clients’ lives. 

Kelle Sparta
The Spirit Doctor

The Spirit Doctor(TM), Kelle Sparta, is a transformational shaman who has been coaching online for 18 years and coaching in general for almost 30 years.  She utilizes her 45+ years’ of study in the fields of personal growth, transformation, energetics, metaphysics, energy healing, psychic skills, business, and more to support you as you step into your container of expansion.  Her insights will surprise you, her knowledge will impress you, and her ability to read your energy and identify the root of the problem will accelerate your success beyond what you thought was possible.

Up-level your coaching through asking your questions and hearing
about other real-world issues that happen to coaches every day.




Weekly Calls

In this ongoing Coach Mentoring program, we do weekly group coaching for coaches in a variety of fields. Bring your current client problem or just listen in as other coaches share theirs.  This program is sure to hone your coaching skills and improve your perspective on the work you do.

Calls take place on Wednesdays at 4pm Eastern Time.





Hot Seats – Every other week we will be doing Hot Seats.  You’ll have the opportunity to submit a recording of one of your group coaching calls and have it reviewed live with Kelle where she will walk you through what you did well, what could be improved, and how to take your call to the next level.


Q&A – Every other week, we will be answering questions. You will be able to submit your questions in advance.  Kelle will come onto the call and answer the questions.  If you are present, she’ll unmute you to have the conversation, if not, she’ll answer as best she can (so be specific when you ask) and you can listen to the recording later.



Private Facebook Group

Included with your program is access to a private Facebook group where you can post questions in between calls and get answers from Kelle or one of her coaches.