Shamanic Initiation

Follow my shamanic initiation through the journal of the journey I took in 2002 – my personal spiritual pilgrimage or walkabout (in my car in the U.S.A.) which had me homeless, on the road for 6 months traveling where spirit took me and staying most of the time with people I’d never met. I had no idea at the time that it was also my shamanic initiation. I kept an online journal at the time to allow those who had put me up along the way follow the rest of my journey. This is that journal. Step outside of your expectations of sweat lodges (I was invited, but I didn’t go), fire walks, and fire circles (I went to these, but they weren’t the turning points) to see what a real shamanic initiation looks like. Discover the actual turning points, the ways in which I was guided by my spirit guides along the way, discover with me what it takes to trust the universe. My journey can be yours if you follow along.