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When Change Happens and Overwhelm Sets In – Keep Moving

When stressful things happen, when breakdown occurs, and things go wrong we can find ourselves in a space where we feel like we just can’t take anymore. The overwhelm can be extreme and it can be hard to find a way to keep moving forward. But this is what we must do. Because you don’t want to stop in the places where things aren’t happy. You need to keep moving so that you can move out of those places and into new places where things are better.

On Being (Too) Big

When Will Judging Based on Weight Be “Un PC”?
I can’t wait until what is “politically correct” catches up for me. It’s not OK to judge people by their race, it’s almost not OK to judge people by their gender, but it seems that it’s still fair game to judge people by their weight. You’d be amazed at the judgments that people put out about me because of my weight.

Unhappy? Not!
They assume I’m unhappy and that I eat to make everything alright. That’s patently not true. I am in fact quite a happy person. Do I eat on the rare occassions that I am unhappy? Yep. But I eat at other times too.

Depression – The Silent Stalker

Depression is Running Rampant
I’ve been spending a fair amount of time out and about recently speaking with people. And what I’m discovering is that quite a large number of people I know are experiencing depression. Some for the first time in their lives, others are mistaking it for a health issue, still others are greeting an old friend come back to haunt them again. It doesn’t seem to be splitting down any demographic or psychographic that I can identify and it varies from a low-grade dissatisfaction with the world to a full-blown can’t get out of bed or make any decisions attack.