Becoming Magnetic – Embody The Divine Feminine

Hello My Darlings, My Beloveds, My Sisters,
I’m so sorry the world has not seen you for the amazing gift that you are. Because I see it – in every one of you I pass on the street, in the women who attend my classes, in the woman at the checkout counter at the supermarket. You are intuitive, sexy, vibrant, wise, strong, powerful, stunningly beautiful works of living art. The people of the world have simply forgotten how to see your divinity, and we as women have forgotten the art of reminding them how to shift their vision.

I’d like to invite you to remember that art of reminding: the art of drawing people to you, of becoming the ultimate magnetic force that you are inside. Deep down, you know it should be easy, that you shouldn’t have to work to make things appear, to get things to happen, to be revered and loved for who you are. And you’re right.

But we have shielded ourselves from the world with our insecurities and our fears and our “not good enoughs” and our “I’m unloveables”. They have forgotten how to see and we have forgotten how to be seen. In fact, some of us live in fear of being seen. We have tried so hard to be what everyone else wants us to be in the hope that we will then be worthy of love, that we have forgotten how to love ourselves. It’s time to stop reaching outside of ourselves to find validation and love.

It is time for us to become love. When we can remove the veils that we have placed upon ourselves and step into a place of love and acceptance of everyone around us, we become magnetic. We radiate our being-ness into the world and the world cannot help but be drawn in to help us.

Imagine a world where your every need was attended to, where your every wish was granted, where you felt loved and revered in every moment: a world where no one expected anything from you in return except that you be fully you.
This is the world that is evolving around me. It has been blossoming into form and it is ever expanding as I expand my capacity to love, to be open and vulnerable, and to receive.

Let me share with you this amazing gift I have been given. Let me show you how to be radiant, and magnetic and joyful. Let me help you remember what it is to be love.