Adventures in Energetics

Your Adventure In Energetics Awaits in Boquete, Panama

In the jungle of Panama in what they call The Cloud Forest, at 3500 feet, among the sloths and the quetzals, there is a quiet retreat space called The Haven. The beds are comfortable, the on-site restaurant has delicious food (yes, with several vegetarian options), and the sitting room is comfortable. It’s the perfect place to unplug, tune in, and connect with nature, yourself, and the universe.


Dive Into Energetics At a Whole New Level

In this unique 7-day, 6-night retreat where you will dive into energetics at a new level. You’ll:

  • Learn new skills
  • Receive energy healings
  • Receive a Kundalini awakening that will allow you to hold and run energy at a higher level than you ever have before.

The Energy of Tranquilo

The locals have a name for the energy that exists here in Boquete – they call it tranquilo.  It is literally difficult to get upset or stay upset for long here.  The energy is so calming that your nervous system feels it from the moment you arrive.  It’s like releasing a breath you’ve been unconsciously holding for years.


Prime Rainbow Season

November is the beginning of the dry/windy season so the humidity will be declining and the temperatures which range from 65-80 degrees will be a lovely backdrop to the stunning views of the steep mountains of Panama.  The beauty here is incredible. The photos here are beautiful, but they don’t begin to convey the beauty of seeing these things in person. November is also prime bajareque season – a special type of rain that forms the brightest and most beautiful rainbows you’ve ever seen.  Here are some images from Boquete.

Finally, A Retreat That’s NOT for Beginners!

You’ve been doing your work for a while now. You’ve gotten some good energetic skills under your belt, and now it’s time to take your knowledge to the next level. And this is the place where you can do that. 

Kelle Sparta Headshot 1

Transformational Shaman, Kelle Sparta, Will Be Your Guide

Kelle is the author of The Over-Achiever’s Guide To Nailing Your Spiritual Growth In Record Time, she is the host of the wildly popular podcast Spirit Sherpa, downloaded in 147 countries around the world, and she has been studying energetics for almost 50 years.  Her wide swath of knowledge and wisdom, along with her vast abilities allow her to quickly identify energetic blocks, expand energetic abilities, and enhance your understanding of the energetic world.


Her intuitive skills and inherent ability to break esoteric spiritual concepts down into easily understandable parts make her an excellent teacher for those who desire a greater understanding of the energetic that goes beyond the esoteric and provides a solid framework for how things fit together.

You Have To Qualify To Attend This Retreat.

This isn’t your average retreat.  Because I will be teaching more advanced level skills, I need to know you have the foundation in place already.  There is a questionnaire you’ll have to fill out to determine if you have the basics down.  If you’re close, I’ll send you lessons to get you up to speed in time for the retreat.  If you’re not close, then you won’t be allowed to attend this time.  You’ll be referred to one of my classes to get you ready for the next one.  Want a preview of the questionnaire?  Click Here.

You Get To Determine Part of the Curriculum

Because people who are further along in their journeys have a wide variety of interests, I’ve set up some of the curriculum, and then I’ve left space open to fill in with things you want to learn.  As part of the questionnaire you fill out, you’ll also be asked about what you would like to learn about. I’ll add topics to the retreat based on the options that get the most votes.


Some Topics We May Cover (If You Vote for Them)

  • Advanced Psychic Self-Defense
  • Curse Clearing
  • Space Clearing and Setting
  • Past Life Healing
  • Generational Trauma
  • Entity Removal/Exorcism
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Creating a Place of Power/Energy Node
  • Sneaky Magick
  • Or Something Else You’d Like To Ask For
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WhatsApp Image 2024-04-08 at 09.03.43_5db80ffc

What We’re Definitely Doing

  • Kundalini Awakenings
  • Sound and Energy Healings
  • Group Energy Workings – Spiritual Canoe (group visioning), Chanting
  • Daily Presence Practice and Focus Training
  • Ritual Every Night (including a Cacao Ceremony)
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What Your Days Will Be Like

  • Sing up the sun with the group
  • Presence Practice
  • Breakfast (included with your registration)
  • Morning Workshop
  • Break for Lunch and afternoon off
  • Meet for Ritual Work after Dinner

Your afternoon time off can be spent exploring Boquete, taking one of the many  classes offered by the venue (yoga, boxing, tai chi, meditation, dance, etc.), or the tours offered in the area (chocolate-making, goat farm tour, Jungle animal habitat, sunrise over Volcano Baru, hanging bridges, zip lines, hiking, coffee and tea tours, etc.), relaxing, or you can hang out with Kelle and ask questions to your heart’s content.  She will be available during much of the downtime.

The ritual work after dinner will be either work that is done to you – like receiving a sound or energy healing as a group, or it will be doing a ritual together, like the spiritual canoe, cacao ceremony, or chanting.


The Venue – The Haven

Your retreat takes place at The Haven Retreat Center and Spa which is situated in Boquete, Panama 3500 feet up the side of the Volcano Baru. There is something magical about being on the volcano. It is just calmer here. And the volcano begins to work on you from the moment you arrive – tapping you deep into the power of your inner creative core. Your ability to tap into the energies of creation is amplified here. And thus, your connection to your healing is more easily tapped here – forming a bond with them that will last a lifetime and beyond.

The Haven is nestled in the heart of the Cloud Forest, the rushing waters of the creek that runs throughout the property provide a lovely background for your clearing and healing work. This healing space has three jacuzzis (one is outside under a thatched roof next to the stream), a swimming pool with a resistance wave generator, an infrared sauna, a steam room, a full gym, a
fire pit, an intimate gathering area with egg swings, and a lot of land to wander.


Your room comes with a complimentary continental breakfast. This consists of fruit, cheese, toasted house bread, 2 eggs cooked to order, and coffee or orange juice. You can upgrade to other dishes if you wish. The food is served on the patio overlooking the cloud forest in a beautiful setting. The weather is a consistent 70-85 degrees (depending on the time of year) during the day and 65-70 degrees at night. During the dry season, it can get quite windy and during the rainy season, it rains almost every day for part of the day. As such, our schedule will be paced around this with our events often taking place in the afternoons when it is more likely to be raining so you can enjoy the town and its surroundings while the skies are clear in the mornings.  Since our retreat will be happening at the transition from rainy to dry, we will remain fluid in our plans to accomodate the weather.

You may wish to venture into town to find local bands, a variety of cuisines, and a host of activities. (We’ll share a list with you each day, so you’ll have your pick.) Go by yourself or take one of the new friends you’ve made during the retreat. But be prepared. Boquete is a small town. The locals may realize you’re a new face and engage in conversation. The good news is that while we are in a Spanish-speaking country, 20% of the population of Boquete are English-speaking expats, so most (not all) of the places you go will speak at least a little English.

Two Months Marco Polo Support After Your Event

Because you’ll likely have some questions after you start putting what you learn at this event into action, you will receive two months of support from Kelle on Marco Polo. Marco Polo is a video messaging app. After the event, you’ll receive a post-event email that will give you the link to the group chat for this purpose.


There are a variety of room types.  But rather than charge different prices for different rooms, we offer people their choice of rooms on a first-come, first-served basis.  So, the earlier you register, the more choices for rooms you get.  All rooms come with use of the facilities (pool. hot tubs, infrared sauna, gym) and continental breakfast each morning between 8am-10am.


Event Price:  $4997

$1000 Deposit is due when your application is accepted to save your spot.  After that, the remainder can be paid in equal monthly automatic payment installments with the total being due by October 1.

Your Adventure in Energetics Awaits


Mobility Issues: There are handicap accessible rooms and the number of stairs around the site are minimal, but few of the stairs have railings. All rooms are a short walk from the main building with the restaurant and our meeting space.

Wifi:  Yes, there is Wifi on the property as well as laundry service if you need it.

Minimum age to attend this event is 18

WhatsApp:  We will use WhatsApp as our primary form of communication for the group before, during, and after your event for your time in country.

International Airport – Despite its name, David is not an International airport (they closed international flights during COVID and never re-opened them).  You will have to fly into Panama City and then take a flight from Panama City to David.  (Do not be tempted to drive from Panama City.  Despite it only being a 6-7 hour drive, the primary road can be closed without a lot of notice and you could get stuck for days.)

Do Not Book Your Flights Before Getting Your Confirmation Email – Once you register for the event, there are several considerations you’ll want to take into account and we have all of them for you.  So don’t book your flights before you get your confirmation package.  It will have a lot of info you’ll need to pick the right flight for you.

No Refunds – Once your deposit is paid, you are committed to the event.  No cancellations or refunds are offered.  

We HIGHLY Recommend Getting Travel Insurance – The world is a fluctuating place and between COVID, weather, and other considerations, travel insurance is just a wise choice.