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Thought Alchemy With Kelle Sparta, ShamanAccelerate YOUR Personal Growth

Most personal growth courses, books, and teachers teach you to change the content of your thoughts.  They ask you to trade out old negative thoughts for shiny new positive thoughts.  And this is great, if you could only do it.  The habits involved with those old tapes are ingrained neural pathways that take you back to the same old places over and over again so quickly, that you don’t even have time to put the breaks on before you’re there.

Thought alchemy is the act of shifting not just the thoughts themselves, but the WAY you think.

The alchemical process that Kelle Sparta has created takes you out of the old neural pathways and into an entirely new paradigm from which to form your thoughts.  When you start from a different place, you literally CAN’T use the old pathways.  They don’t connect to this new location.  So it is easier to make the changes that you desire.

Thought Alchmemy Audio Interview

Listen to an hour-long interview
with Kelle Sparta

(conducted by her name-twin Kelle Sutliff)

Thought Alchemy with Kelle Sparta

Kelle Sparta was interviewed on the Psychic Cup of Coffee with Kelle Sutliff.  In this interview, she discussed the nature of thought alchemy – how it works, why it works, and gave some examples of how to shift your thoughts into a new consciousness.  You won’t want to miss this interview!  Download it/Listen to it now!


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