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Kathy Scheiern, PhD. is a transformational shaman, a licensed CPA, and a Family and Structural Constellation Facilitator. Her PhD. dissertation was on the topic of Transformational Dynamics and in it she researched, tested, and proved a formula for creating lasting transformation in groups. She has been an auditor for major corporations around the world, determining the financial health of companies, evaluating potential mergers and acquisitions, and assessing both the use of and compliance with business best practices.  She was also the Controller for the U.S. for a Fortune 500 Company with 123 people working for her.  Kathy brings decades of experience in the business world as well as her deep personal well of knowledge of transformational processes to her work. Her wealth of experience is combined with her personal gifts as a psychic, spirit communicator, and coach to provide unique spiritual insights grounded in real-world applicability that will make even the most skeptical business owner a believer.

Steven Black

Steven Black, a transformational shaman in training and a certified coach for the Inner Peace 101 program.  Steven has a rich background in the pagan community and has been walking a spiritual path for 20+ years.  Having spent more than three years in training with us, Steven has become a skilled coach and leads many of our online group coaching programs.  He is on his way to becoming a shaman in his own right as well.