How Solid Are Your Intentions?

I’ve been talking with a lot of different spiritual practitioners recently and there has been a common thread that goes through all of the conversations: a lack of solid intentions.

What I’ve heard is that they “want to make a living” or “want more time off” or “need some downtime” or “want to make more money” or “want to find community”, but none of these are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, or time-bound (look up SMART goals if you haven’t heard of them).

I was guilty of this same problem for many years. And I’m still seeing this in others. There’s this tendency in the spiritual world to treat the Universe as a benevolent (or sometimes angry) parent rather than as your partner in creation. And this causes spiritual people to make mushy intentions while they wait for the Universe to put its stamp of approval on their wishes. The problem with this approach is that the Universe is a reflection of our inner selves. If we are unclear then it is unclear.

We don’t need the Universe’s approval, we need our own commitment to a path.

It is our commitment that brings the full force of the power of the Universe to bear on our intentions. It is our follow-through that creates the reality we seek. But too often I see people throwing hope against the wall and giving it all of a week or two to manifest without putting much other effort behind it and then giving up on that idea because “the Universe wasn’t in alignment” with it.

Instead what is needed is a dogged determination to bring our thoughts into being.

That dogged determination can be in the form of doing the specific work to make things happen, or in shifting how we see ourselves so that we become the person we need to be to make the things we want to happen, or the holding of a vision so strongly that we can taste it, thereby magnetizing that reality to us. What it isn’t is saying “I think this is what I want, if you want me to have it. I want your approval before moving forward.” This is YOUR creation – CHOOSE something and then stick to it until it manifests.

So if you’re not getting exactly what you want from the Universe today, then I invite you to try this.

  1. Pick a vision of what you want to create. And flesh it out in as much detail as possible. Give it sights, sounds, smells, tastes, touches, etc. Then supercharge the vision by adding emotions to it. How will you FEEL when you have achieved this vision?
  2. Ask yourself if you are who you need to be in order to complete this vision. If not, start doing the work to become that person.
  3. Do you have the resources, people, knowledge, etc. to accomplish your vision? If not, go out and find them. When you do, then bring them to bear on your creation.
  4. Take daily steps towards your outcome. Even if you don’t know how to get there, hold the vision and expect the Universe to deliver the answer to you. Pay attention to EVERYTHING because the answers come from a variety of places. Plus, this attention will serve to keep your vision present in your mind and what you focus on expands.
  5. Expect it to happen and be ready to receive it. If you have any blocks around receiving, this would be a great time to remove those.
  6. Be grateful for something similar that is already in your life. For instance, if you want wealth, which is an abundance of money, then focus on the things you have in abundance now for which you can be grateful and that will draw more abundance into your life.

So, how specific are your goals? And how close are you to achieving them? Do you have a great story about how setting goals has helped you achieve something awesome? Share it in the comments below.

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