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In this episode, Kelle and Julz wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Kelle and Julz welcome back Charlemagne Tremont and she is here today to talk to us about Cacao Ceremonies.

Charlemagne is a wealth of knowledge of the origin and uses of Cacao and the sacred ceremonies that go along with it.

IxCacao is the name of the Goddess of the Cacao Tree, She is often spoken of as Mama Cacao.

Xochiquetzal is the name of the Goddess who is the one who is the Alchemist in the magickal process of turning the cacao beans into the cacao beverages.

One of the most important aspects of any Cacao Ceremony has to do with the quality of the Cacao itself. Sourcing the best raw, minimally processed Cacao and knowing how to properly prepare it, influences the experience you will have during and after your ceremony. There are many different grades of Cacao, and many places around the world that grow it – however, certified Ceremonial Grade Cacao is much more rare and not always easy to acquire. Many different grades of cacao and chocolate are available, but unfortunately, not all are created equally, nor are they what they claim to be. True Ceremonial Cacao from my teachers in Guatemala, it comes from small farms that they are involved in.

The finest quality Cacao is bitter, very dark, traditionally served mostly unsweetened. In Meso-America, where much of the finest Cacao is naturally found, the basic beverage is made with water, finely ground Cacao, a little salt, and chilis, which activates the photochemicals in the beans and aids in absorption. Some spices might be added, commonly cinnamon, vanilla, occasionally some honey. If almonds were available, they might be chopped finely and added. This is not the sweetened, milky hot chocolate that we are familiar with – that was developed by Europeans who disliked the bitter ceremonial beverage and the rituals surrounding it. – which would have been unfamiliar and possibly frightening and strange to non indigenous people.

Here are some lovely Cacao lcaros (Medicine Songs) to be sung and/or listened to while preparing and drinking your Ceremonial Cacao:

Cacao Medicine Chants & Invocations for Healing – 3 of them woven together and beautifully sung my Maile Moon:

I often play this one on repeat, I find it so peaceful and greatly connected with Mama Cacao.

This one is is more upbeat and modern:

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