Energy Healing – How it Works

In this episode, Kelle Sparta discusses energy healing and how it works.


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Energy Healing – How It Works

With me, as always, is “The Spirit Doctor,” Kelle Sparta. What’s happening?

I feel like I’m running like a chicken with my head cut off. I was coming back from SoulTreat, and now I’m coming back because I took a three-day weekend because it was my birthday.

It was your birthday? Happy birthday, by the way.

I feel like my weeks are all about catching up.

It’s not like starting from behind.

You have a clue of what I’m talking about. You’re doing what I should be doing. I’m doing it. We’re going to a wedding. That will be nice as a break, but you’re doing something that I would love to be doing if I didn’t have two weddings and a retreat.

I have been running full tilt for a few months, no weekends, nothing. It’s been crazy. I have booked 3, 4, or 5 days, going into the woods, into a cabin by myself, and this is very difficult for me, Kelle. This isn’t something I’ve done before.

Before the episode, you were saying that you’re feeling selfish for taking your time off.

I’m not bringing a partner or children. This is me going off. I’m shutting my phone off from work. I have always trained myself that I have to be available to those people that I care for and support. Me saying, “I am shutting everything down for these couple of days,” is a struggle. I had taken down the wall here. I did not sleep. I had anxiety attacks all night long as I thought about doing this. It’s a difficult thing. I know it’s important and I’m excited about it, but I’m also anxious as hell.

If it helps at all, I give you absolute permission to be selfish. This is something that’s so important. Trauma brain teaches us that anything we do for ourselves as being selfish, and that’s not the case. You have to do it for yourself. It’s so required. Stephen Covey wrote about it in his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. It’s under the chapter called Sharpening the Saw. That has been the premier business book for a very long time.

It’s required for success, obviously, because everybody raves and talks about it. That’s the work hard, play hard thing. The trauma brain says, “I can’t do anything for myself. I don’t matter. I can’t count. If I do something for me, I’m taking away from someone else.” That’s patently not true. If you never do for yourself, you’re never the fullness of yourself. You’re giving from your emptiness instead of from your overflow.

That is what I’m trying to make sure that I reinforce in myself now.

You’ve been empty for a while. It’s definitely time to refill.

We wrapped a massive project at work. We’ll start our next massive project. I said, “This is my block. This is the time. Do it now or forever hold your peace.” I am forcing myself into that uncomfortable space, but it’s growth and part of what we do. It’s part of the work.

I’m so proud of Joey because you’ve needed it.

I have, and I’m excited. Thank you.

You deserve it. I’ll let you off the hook because you’re always uncomfortable when we talk about you.

This episode is not about me. It is about energy work, energy healings specifically.

It’s so interesting because the speech I gave at the SoulTreat was about healing from the inside out. It’s about the healing process and how we heal. There were two tracks. You could pick from two speakers. There were two people talking at any given point in time. I was asking people why they picked my presentation to come to so that I had a sense of why they were in the room. I like to customize my stuff. There was a woman in the front of the room who looked at me and said, “I’m a healer. I did all my shadow work so that I wouldn’t be the wounded healer archetype, but a whole other layer of work showed up.” I laughed and was like, “That never stops.”

She was like, “How do I not be the wounded healer archetype?” I was like, “That’s a good question.” We talked about it for a little bit. It created a foundation for the conversation of how do we do our work and be clear channels for others? The short answer to the question was you do your work. If your work is never-ending, how do you know when you’re not the wounded healer anymore? The short answer to that is you’re not the wounded healer when your shit gets triggered in the middle of your session with a client, and you can go, “I’ll put that away and look at it later.”

It doesn’t take over your entire consciousness. You don’t stop being aware of them and instead deepen your own crap. That’s the short answer. I have proposed a talk for the Wealthy Healer Summit that’s coming up on the wounded healer archetype, what that’s about, how to get through it, and so on. Assuming that gets approved, I will be involved in that. Even if it doesn’t, you all should check it out.

Energy Healing: If you never do for you, then you’re never the fullness of you, and then you’re giving from your emptiness instead of from your overflow.

When we talk about energy work, people often think of it as a done-to-you thing. People come in for an energy healing session, and they’re like, “Do me.” To a certain extent, energy work is done for you. However, you are a part of the work because it’s your energy. How long the energy work last is dependent upon whether or not you do the other pieces associated with the energy work. We’ve talked about this on the show before. You can have your chakras cleared over and over again.

If you never change the belief structures that create the blocks, the blocks are going to keep coming back. You can’t buy your way to evolution. You can’t pay for enough healing sessions and suddenly be evolved. It doesn’t work that way. It’s good that it did. There are so many people who are like, “I would kill myself to buy enough sessions.” I wish it worked that way, but no. Otherwise, I’d be fully evolved. I’d be Jesus now with all the money I’ve spent on it. I’m a workshop junkie.

The thing that you have to keep in mind about your energy patterns is this. There are blocks, fritzes, sludges, and a dearth of energy. The SoulTreat was jampacked. There was a lot of stuff going on. It was one thing after another. It was easy to get tired because on top of one thing after another, there was also the site, which was beautiful. It was on a mountain top. Everywhere you walked was either uphill or downhill, upstairs or downstairs.

One day I did 7,000 steps. I woke up in the middle of the night with my shins cramping. It was easy to be tired. I had a psychic panel that I was going to be on that evening. Everybody was looking a little bit drag old in the audience before we left for dinner. I said, “If you feel like you’re too tired and want to attend the event tonight, come over and I’ll do an energy flush for you.” I did energy flushes, which is clearing the gallbladder meridian and the central vessel so that the energy could flow through the body more easily.

By the way, if you’re looking those up, that’s Chinese medicine, acupressure, acupuncture, and opening the crown chakra. It’s a combo of those things. When I do this process, I breathe out to go down the gallbladder and breathe up to come up the central vessel. I ran out of air twice trying to get energy down the gallbladder meridian with this one person. I’ve never had that happen. I’ve been doing this process for many years.

I sought the person out afterward and said, “The reason that this didn’t go is that I had to pump energy into your system to make it go. You were completely shut down energetically.” I’ve only once seen somebody more shut down. That was somebody many years ago who came in with a collapsed aura. I’ve said that story somewhere along the line here. I’m going to tell it again because not everybody’s tuned in for that long.

The person in question that had come in and her aura had collapsed. She had gone dark. I was like, “What’s wrong with you?” She said, “I don’t know. I’ve been to the doctor. The circulation in my hands and my feet aren’t working right. I’m getting frostbite.” It was winter in Connecticut. She’s like, “I’m going from my house to my car and my car to my office. I’m still getting frostbite on my toes because there’s no circulation. I have an appointment with the specialist in the morning.”

This was not a healing session. This was a Habitat for Humanity board meeting. I said, “Before you leave, we’re going to fix this.” I put her up on the conference room table after everyone left and spun her aura back out again and fed some energy into it. She said the circulation returned to her hands and feet. She was going to feel like an idiot for going to the specialist.

This ties into what we talked about earlier. That was a situation where she had an overflowing plate. What you do after also affects how long it lasts. You told her you to have to take something off of your plate. There was some order you gave her if I remember that story.

I told her she had to quit three things immediately. Unfortunately, she said, “I have to quit Habitat.” I was like, “I knew that.” She’s like, “If I’m going to have to disappoint people, at least I’ll disappoint the person who made me do it.” She quit Habitat and two other things that day. I said I wasn’t going to let her leave until she made the phone calls. Otherwise, she would end up right back where she started. I told the person at the conference about this and said, “This is only the second time I’ve ever seen anything this extreme. The next step is what this woman was dealing with. I don’t want that to be you.” She said, “Okay.” She was freaked out, and I’m like, “You should be freaked out. I’m freaked out. Let’s be clear.”

This is the thing. When you let yourself get so depleted, you risk having your aura collapse. You risk not having energy in your body to service your body. You risk these things being a problem. You don’t want that to happen. It’s super important. I can’t stress this enough. The world is beyond insane. It’s exhausting. I saw a Facebook message from a friend in Boston who is taking a month off of work because she’s completely depleted. She’s been diagnosed with depression and doing an outpatient hospitalization process. There is all of this stuff going on.

My husband took a month off in 2020. I’ve been taking a lot of time off. I will take entire afternoons or entire days off because I can’t. If you’re feeling like you can’t, I get it. It’s going around. I want you to know you’re not alone. Joey is going away for his retreat. My friend is doing her month off. We’ve been taking a lot of downtimes. It is so important to do less and be still more. Somebody at the retreat asked, “How do I deal with not having things done at the end of my day as far as goal setting?”

I said, “Do less. Put less on your plate.” She’s like, “What?” I’m like, “It’s not about getting more done. It’s about expecting less of yourself, honestly. You already do too much. The level of insanity you were doing before you came into the pandemic was too much, and now it’s even way too much. Expect less of yourself. You have more on your plate. You’re dealing with an act of trauma. You’re not going to get as much done as you’re used to getting done. You need to reset your expectations for a slower pace of life.”

If you look at the Mayan calendar, 2012 was the end of that particular calendar. If you look at the Mayan belief structure, they say that life speeds up exponentially as you come up to that. It starts to slow back down again, but we live multiple lifetimes during the years coming into and coming out of that. I truly think the pandemic is part of the “wake up, we’re slowing down” process. The insanity level that we were at was not sustainable. We’re seeing that in spades now as the pandemic continues.

It is more important than ever to do good self-care. However, none of that is the title of this episode. I do want to get to that. If you have sluggishness in your energy, it’s because there’s a lot of stuck energy, which are often stuck emotions. Occasionally, it’s the exhaustion that we haven’t moved. It’s depression or any heavy energy. If it’s emotions you haven’t dealt with, you have to process the emotions. If it’s depression and exhaustion, that can be moved by an energy healer. Most of the time, it’ll go away and not come back unless the depression is chronic.

The fritziness in the energy field is an issue with your energy being diverted through your aura instead of through your body or the chakras. If you’re bringing energy through your crown chakra and cycling it through your aura, instead of through the center of your body and your chakra system, because your chakras are blocked or your crown chakra is closed, you will create a fritz in your aura. This is Bad. There are 88 eyes in your aura, and they have connections between them that are like neural pathways. They do correlate.

I have seen people with MS have fritzy energy fields. Does one create the other? Which came first, chicken or the egg? I can’t tell you, but I can tell you that they do correlate. Every person I’ve known with MS has a fritziness in their aura to a certain extent. You want to be careful to avoid fritziness in your aura. It means to keep your crown chakra open. Make sure your chakras are cleared. Some blocks are ready to go sometimes. Many of them aren’t. It’s an evolutionary process.

Before you say, “I want to get rid of all my blocks,” I know, but you’re not going to, so suck it up. The fact is that we get through all of the blocks on a level. The level goes away. The next level comes up. It comes up. There are new blocks. Happy, joy, deeper level of to-do. It’s back to that, “I don’t have a goal.” I’m going to say that until I’m blue in the face, or until you pass out from your ears pleading from me saying it because the goal is the antithesis of evolution.

There are ways to clear energy. The energy can be cleared through direct manipulation. An energy healer is going in, doing energy work in the system, pulling things out, and moving things around. You can do that either in person or virtually. It doesn’t matter. Energy doesn’t have a distance. Time and space are all an illusion anyway. You can do it through sound to break up the energy patterns in the field.

For instance, we’re doing a sound healing coming up to the next episode. We’ve done them in the past. If you’ve listened to one of the sound healings, you’ve had the experience of having that happen. When I do sound healing, there are two things that I’m doing. One is I am processing emotions that are stuck in the field. You may hear me wailing, crying, coughing, or sometimes laughing.

Energy Healing: The thing that you have to keep in mind about your energy patterns is this – there are blocks, sludges, and an absence of energy.

If I’m laughing, I’m often putting joy into the field. If I am whaling or sounding sad, I’m processing emotions stuck in the field. The other thing that happens is that I do things that break up and move the energy. If you hear stutters in the tones or I have to clear my throat or do something like that, that’s because there’s something stuck in the energy field. I keep doing it over and over again until what’s stuck clears.

Energy healing is very specific. Sound healing is very specific to that path. It’s about tuning into the harmonic of the energy field and adjusting the harmonic using the sounds. I’m specifically talking about the type of sound healing that I do, the vocal sound healing. That’s another fun story from the retreat. As one of the speakers at the retreat, I did my typical sound healing. I did about six minutes at the end of my presentation. He came up to me afterward and said, “The moment you said you were going to do a sound healing, you did not bring out any instruments. I knew what I was in for.”

He goes to Lakota Sweat Lodges and hears the Lakota sound holder. They call him a sound holder to do that type of healing. That was pretty cool. He was like, “I am so excited.” I was like, “I’m excited to hear that you knew what it was.” The vibratory pieces do that. Another person did sound healing at the retreat, but she did the singing bowls, and her name is the Divine J9. It was sublime. If you’re in Brooklyn, New York, and have the opportunity to go to her spa, Mind Body Salt, please do.

If you had an opportunity to do a sound healing with her, it would be lovely. She took me places. I came in physically feeling in pain because of all the walking. My body was being pushed past where it’s used to being with all of that. I left with no pain at all. It was like physical pain. I was like, “I’m suppressed.” Energetically, I felt refreshed and renewed. There were all sorts of loveliness that went along with that.

When you’re doing the crystal singing bowls, it’s activating the sounds of specific chakras. Each singing bowl is aligned to a chakra. It is bringing the chakras into harmony rather than clearing the stuff that’s not the chakras. It’s two different sides of the same coin. These are the tuning forks. Anything along those lines is going to be similar. What you’re doing is you’re bringing your body into harmony. It’s the light approach and the dark approach balancing. We love it. It’s yin and yang,

We’ve done a lot of talking about energy work all the way back to Episode 11. We’ve done a bunch of episodes all the way back to the early days, but this is one that’s been good, not just about what different types of energy work they are. You hit on a couple of them. We talked about a lot of them in earlier episodes that folks can refer back to, but you’ve hit here about some of that meat element that comes with this energy work. That gets into that deeper level that is super important for people to understand.

When you go to the doctor, you’re going to the doctor with the symptoms. The doctor is giving you medicine, and taking that medicine solves the problem. Energy work is something that people often miss. You have to be part of it, be willing to receive it, and take care of it once you have received it. It’s not a passive thing. You have to be able to actively receive and care for the work that’s been done. Otherwise, you’re right back to it again.

That’s the case. When you are on the healing table or the energy of the healing, you want to pay attention to what comes up for you, the emotions that are there, the thoughts that come up, and the physicality of your body. “I’m uncomfortable. I need to belch or fart. My belly is going so and so. I need to move my body. I can’t stop it.” All of these things are important. They’re relevant to the healing process. When we move energy, the body often physically responds, and that’s important to pay attention to.

It is. Something that may be important for your readers, in particular, with regards to being able to listen to your body and to receive the work being done, is not to try to help. Stop trying to help the practitioner do the healing because that’s what we do. We tend to do that, especially early on.

That’s a good awareness to bring up. Thank you, Joey. You cannot effectively receive and try to help at the same time. How do we determine the difference there? What does that mean? You have to receive, be present in your body, and reflect back to the healer what you’re experiencing. That is how you help, not, “I’m in my body trying to move this stuff and do it myself and feed energy back to the healer because I feel bad for receiving it.”

Stop that shit. You are paying for that healing session or giving them the ability to feel like they did something good and helped you. You’re giving them the sense of feeling good about themselves. Stop trying to pay it back with your energy. The whole point of getting healing is to get healing and to give it back. It’s about being present in your body, providing backstory if it’s needed but minimal. This is not about telling your whole life story.

It’s not about going back into the drama. It’s about, “I’m feeling this energy come up. I have that a lot. I’ve been working on that for a while. That’s relevant. It’s about my mom.” That’s all you need to say. You don’t need a lot. You don’t go into your story on the table. That’s going to pull your energy back down into the muck.

Do acknowledge and say, “I know what that’s about. It does need to be moved. I give you permission to remove it.” That’s part of the process. Being willing to hold and be with that is important as well. When the shift comes and you feel lighter, if that doesn’t feel normal to you, you will lean back into it and try and find ways to make you feel heavier because that’s your comfort zone.

You have to be aware of that. You will go out and find drama to invest in so that you can drag your energy down. Be aware that when you do this, you are at a higher vibration, and your job is to maintain that vibration to get the most out of the healing. Clear some space afterward, so it has a chance to integrate before you go back into your world.

Are there any things that you want to impress upon people before we move into the Kelle-ism?

First off, if you’re looking to be able to do and hold more work, doing your inner work is necessary to do. We talk about the inner peace program all the time. I’m going to mention it again in case you’re new here. If you are new here, welcome to the episode. Go back and start at the beginning because you’ll learn a lot more than if you start at the beginning.

There’s been an evolution in how we’re doing the Inner Peace Program. I am offering monthly payments, and they are affordable. I’m setting it up so that you can not only come into the program but continue forward at the same monthly payment going forward. If this is something you’re interested in, please do come and check it out. The inner peace program is going to get you to the emotional safety that you need in order to be able to grow effectively.

If you haven’t found emotional safety, you’re living in anxiety, worry, dread, self-doubt, and inner and outer judgment, you’re lacking in courage and self-support. You’re giving yourself shit all the time. If those things sound like you, the Inner Peace Program is probably where you need to be. From there, I would encourage you to go through that process and sign up because it will change your life. Every person that comes out is like, “Oh my God.”

I’m also starting a new program. If you’re one of the more advanced people out there and going, “I don’t want to start at the beginning because I’ve been doing this work for several years,” I feel you. There is a way not to have to start at the beginning. I’m doing an intermediate spiritual person healer program, and it’s called Evolve. It is about using energetics to harness the power of the unseen world. It is a customized program specifically for each person.

You get a class that is your name. That’s the name of your education program because I custom build it based on your energy scan and what you need at the moment. You get personal coaching with me and small group coaching with six people or less. We’re doing quarterly mini-retreats. I say mini-retreats because there are six people. It’s a small group. Four-weekend retreats are included in that. I’m also doing monthly healing under you, checking your words and your shields. If you don’t have them, I’ll help you put them up.

Energy Healing: Do less and put less on your plate. It’s not about getting more done. It’s about expecting less of yourself. You’re already doing too much.

It’s a serious program. We are diving deep, and it’s an apprenticeship and mentorship. When you come in, that’s what it’s about. If you’re one of the more advanced people and you’ve been looking for something that isn’t going to make you start at the beginning to get your advanced-level stuff, this is the program for you.

With the Inner Peace Program, they’re going to go to your website, In the “Work with Me” section, there are online programs. That’s where they’ll find Inner Peace under the Mystery School. Where do they get evolved? I’m assuming that’s not there yet because it sounds new.

It is brand new. I am in the process of getting the sales page put up. By the time this case comes out, it may or may not be there. If it isn’t there yet, please email me at [email protected]. Let me know that you’re interested, and I will get you set up. You can sign up for a discovery call on the homepage and say, “Interested in the Evolve Program.” I will know that that’s what we’re going to talk about. We can talk about it from there. I’ll give you the details from there. I do have the details written up. I don’t have the sales page put up yet.

We’re ready for Kelle-ism and going to call it a wrap.

Energy is the underpinning of everything in life. If you bring your energy into alignment with the world around you, there is nothing you can’t do.

Kelle, thank you very much. I am off into the woods. That is all that we have for this episode, but be sure to join us next time as Kelle adds another chapter to your guide to energy, magic, and the spirit world.

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