The Astral Plane And Other Dimensions


In this episode, Kelle talks about the astral plane including how it is made up, some interesting ways to explore and navigate it, as well as how it is similar (and different) to other dimensions.


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The Astral Plane And Other Dimensions

Kelle, how are you? What’s going on?

I got back from vacation with Kathy.

Where did you go?

We went to Virginia Beach with my husband. We hung out at an Airbnb and did basically nothing but eat, stare at the water, and eat some more. It was awesome.

It sounds so good.

I wish we had done it for another week.

Don’t you hate that when you come back then you have the letdown? It’s like, “That was so wonderful. I didn’t want to come home.”

It’s like, “I wasn’t done yet.”

We needed about eighteen more days then it would have been fun.

It would have been fine then I would have been done and I would have been happy to be home.

You’re home and you’re happy still. Did the puppy go with you?

No. We got the puppy a puppy sitter. We adopted him and he had serious separation anxiety. We haven’t left him, the both of us, except to go for a few hours to go places here or there. The idea of boarding him made us feel like he might be feeling like he was being put back in the shelter again. We didn’t want to do that, so we had somebody to come out to be with him.

That’s nice. You had a house sitter and a puppy sitter.

The astral has multiple layers, like pocket worlds and weird stuff happening all over the place. So in that regard, it’s good to hold an intention to go places that are safe and to ask for a guide.

Yes, and we got pictures of the puppy out for many walks.

He was a happy puppy.

He was a happy puppy. Our house sitter is far more active than we were.

That’s why he’s crying now.

He’s like, “Where’s Andrew? I miss Andrew.”

We’re here again with Spirit Sherpa and we are talking about the astral plane and other dimensions. This sounds like a super fun one, Kelle.

We haven’t done any random and funky cool that people would be like, “Oh.” We’ve been doing a lot of the series which also turns out to be some serious stuff along the way. I thought we’d do something fun and interesting. I did have a request from one of our audiences that we do another version of things that you can do for people who are a little further along in the process. Given that we’re three years in 2022 and people are getting a little more advanced. I thought that was a good piece of advice/request. This is an answer to that.

This sounds like it’s right in the bright and shiny category a little bit too.

It is, and useful category at the same time.

It’s a great one for where we are now and I’m going to start out with the question that everybody is asking. How does the astral plane work? What is it exactly?

The first thing you have to understand is that the astral plane isn’t a single thing. The reason we’re doing the astral plane in other dimensions is because it is a dimension that has multiple layers to it. Typically in common verbiage, you would hear people talk about the upper and lower astral. The upper astral being the higher vibration, the supernal temple, or the high vibe places that you would go to.

The lower astral being is where ghosts, demons, and other lower form entities might hang out. They talk about it from a vibrational perspective. I have found it to be more complex than that in personal experience. The best way to describe it would be like different virtual realities. If you put on a VR mask, you can go to multiple different places. It’s a similar thing. At the base level, everything in the physical realm exists on the astral. That’s a base realm. Let’s start with that.

That’s a middle world in shamanic terms. The middle world is the astral plane and how it overlaps with the physical world. It’s both at the same time. The best example of how that works that I’ve seen in print is in the Dead Witch Walking series that Kim Harrison wrote. I don’t remember which book in the series because there were like ten. In one of those books, probably about halfway through the series. She describes how she’s using the demon realm to describe it but it’s the actual astral.

SPSH 160 | Astral Plane

Astral Plane: The first thing one has to understand is that the astral plane isn’t a single thing.


The fact that something that is a new building may not exist yet on the astral. Something that is a building that has been torn down may not exist in the physical but still exists in the astral because it hasn’t caught up with the energetics. Depending on the building, the building may exist before it gets built. It may exist in the astral.

If the person’s good at visualizing if the person’s good at creating the energetics of the building as they’re designing it and making the plans. It may exist on the astral before it gets built. Buildings that have been there for a long time then get torn down, they may last a long time on the astral and you may end up with overlap. If an old building and a new building occupied the same space on the astral because the old building was there for a couple of hundred years then the new building went up. They may overlap. You may have both at the same time.

The energetic still exists for the old building and the new building is coming up.

That’s layer one of the astral. There are specific places in the astral. There’s a purple plane, for instance. A purple plane is almost like Tron but not. That’s for the old people who were around in the ‘80s when Tron came out. It’s a flat plane. It’s purple and it does have some landmarks and landscaping but it’s purple. It’s a location. The supernal temple is on the astral. Anything you can think of like the library of Alexandria. You could go visit that on the astral.

It was well-established. It still exists in the mind’s eye of every person who reads about it. It has been held throughout history as a landmark and therefore, it still exists on the astral. These are things that exist on the astral. An Akashic record is an actual place that you can visit on the astral. The astral has many different locations and levels, and it is not finite. Unlike the Earth, where you can go around the entire Earth, that’s what it is. The astral has multiple layers upon layers like pocket worlds and weird stuff happening all over the place.

In that regard, it’s good to hold an intention to go places that are safe and to ask for a guide. Sometimes, if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ve asked for a guide. We’ve talked about me not knowing where the supernal temple and asking grandmother spider to tell me how to get there. You can ask your guardian angel, spirit guide, or power animal to guide you. If you don’t know where you’re going, you can ask. Now, stay away from the demons.

That seems like good advice in general.

You think it would be but people will hear that and go, “I can go visit the demons and I’m a badass. I’ll kick their ass.” You got to know how they work if you want to kick their ass. They will fuck with you hard before you figure it out. I would steer clear of the demons for the moment. By the way, I need to say this because I had to walk a student through this. If you do not have your protections up on your house, on you, or set sacred space before talking to your guides and you’re not in a safe space, you could have a demon come in that said, “I’m your guide.”

They could teach you how to do things and make it feel like they’re your guide then get you to the point where you’re comfortable with them and tell you to start doing some weird-ass shit. That’s not going to do you any good or anybody around you any good. I had this happen with somebody that I started working with where I taught them how to put their shields up and their wards up. Suddenly, their “guide” was outside and couldn’t get in. It was pissed. If your guides are angry at you, they are not your guides. Guides never get angry at you.

I have given my guides the finger multiple times. I have been noxious to their face and yelled at them. They have never once been angry with me. If your “guide” gets angry with you, it is not a guide. Let’s start with that. If they can’t get inside your sacred circle without you inviting them personally in, they’re not your guide because you set your circle with the intention that only things with positive intent can come in. If they can’t get in then they don’t have positive intent. I want to be clear about that.

Let’s not track with the demons. It’s a good idea to avoid them. We don’t go wandering into biker bars looking like a sucker mom. We don’t want to wander into demon land because you will look like a sucker mom and a very tasty one. Let’s not do that. When you’re going to play on the astral, which is what you’re talking about doing, you should consider where you want to go. In shamanic terms, there’s the upper world, the middle world, and the lower world. Those are all astral planes and we’ve talked about that in another episode. I don’t remember which one it was. It was very early on.

If you want to go into the astral, you can go into the lower world and go looking for a power animal. You can go into the middle world and see what else is happening on this plane that you don’t see with your normal eyes. That’s where you’ll find the elves, the fairies, the trolls, gnomes, and anything magical. That’s the place to go. You can go and visit the supernal tumble or the purple plane. The purple plane is fairly innocuous and easy. In fact, part of our training at some point in the process with people is we have ever been met on the purple planes so that they can see each other and know that it’s true and it exists.

That’s a possibility if you and a friend are doing this together, especially if you’re in different places physically. It’s always fun to meet on the purple plane, hang out, and say what you saw when you get back. That’s a fun way to test and see then prove to yourself that it’s true. These are all things that you can do within the astral. Now, let’s talk about dimensions because that’s different. It is and it isn’t.

Magic is not restricted by the rules of physics.

The astral sounds like a multidimensional dimension.

The astral is a multidimensional dimension. It’s a multilayered dimension. I don’t know how to phrase it. It’s fractal in nature. I’m going to remind you of this. I say this periodically but I don’t say it often enough. Magic is not restricted by the rules of physics. Try not to break your brain trying to understand how the different planes interact because it will break your brain. Some things are better left because you’re trying to think with a brain that is structured by physicality and this plane is not. It’s trying to speak French when all you know is binary code in base twelve or something.

It’s not easy.

It’s not. You’re not even starting from the same starting place. There’s no foundation from which to have the conversation. This is the piece that you want to keep in mind. Hold it very lightly. Be with what shows up in front of you and try not to think too hard about how they connect to each other because your brain will fold it right. Most of the astral plane exists within time and space.

Timelines are different dimensions, so that’s different. We were going to talk about that too because there are different timelines happening and crossing over. We’re flipping back and forth. It’s some ugly shift now but timelines are shifting dimensions. Within astral travel, you should be in the same time as physical reality for you. If you go to the purple plane and you go there at the same time as your friend. You should be there at the same time.

If you go to the purple plane at a different time, you won’t see them unless you intend to arrive at a different time. You can intend to arrive at a different time because it is not bound by the same rules. You would have to intend that because default will be and it will take you there at the same time. Now, that is within a single timeline. A single stretch of time going from point A to point B. When you start getting into different timelines and for this discussion, we’re going to have a basic understanding of timelines that happen when decisions get made. If there’s a point of decision where somebody makes a decision to go left or right, two timelines split. In one of them you go left and in the other one you go right.

There are infinite timelines. There are a lot of things and if you’d look at them in the aggregate, then they become the probability lines. We talked about this a very long time ago. When you start to read the future, you can look at the probability lines and see what the most likely probability line outcomes are. That’s why the further you get out, the less likely you are going to be correct because the probability in line split so many times.

However, the more set in their ways, the person is that you’re reading for, the easier it is to know because they tend to make the same choices over and over again. Unless they have a wildcard in their life that’s likely to bing bang boom off of them and move things around there, they’re pretty easy to read.

You’re that wildcard, Kelle.

I am that wild card, which is why I don’t do future reads because I tend to mess him up by being there. There are probability lines that come out of that. That is the most basic form of dimensional reading or movement. It’s to be able to step up and out and look at a probability line or what would happen when I did the energy scanning. If I’m reading an energy scan and I see a block, I want to know what needs to happen, and in what order to clear the blocks, I will pull that block out and say, “If this were cleared, what would happen?” That’s a probability line process where I’m stepping into a dimensional space and saying, “Let’s look and see what happens if,” then you pull the different things. It’s like on those games where you pull the levers that you see if the water or the fire comes down. It’s the same idea.

That’s a basic probability line dimensional process. That’s something that anybody can do if you’re looking at something you can go up into. I can hear people asking me, “How do you do that?” Let me think about how I do that. Basically, what do in that scenario is what you’re doing is you’re looking at the situation and you’re pulling yourself slightly out of phase with reality. You are now standing on the plane where time is represented in lines. You’ll see almost like a web going forward. What you do is you pull the different pieces or you poke in different directions to see what happens.

You’re in the world of possibility at that point. You’re not in manifestation. You say, “If this happened, then what?” You follow that line forward to see what the outcome is. If you don’t like that one, you say, “What about this? What about that?” You can test and test. You’ve got to bring yourself back down into physical reality. Again, don’t leave yourself up there in possibility land. It’s very hard to get anything accomplished on the physical realm if you stay in possibility land and your energetic because nothing gets grounded.

Everything is possible.

SPSH 160 | Astral Plane

Astral Plane: The astral is a multi-layered dimension. It’s kind of fractal in nature.


All things happen at once all the time and it will mess your brain up. Make sure you come back down. How do you do that? How do we do anything in magic? We intend it then you can come back down. That’s one way to play in dimensional space. Another way and this one is a lot more complex. This would be the moment where I say, “No magic is ever fully safe.” The TV show, The Magicians, is not that wrong. It’s not technically correct in the way it’s doing things but it is correct from a place of how magic work. Magic is not always safe.

What I’m going to say that is I’m going to tell you how to do this. If you do not fully, solidly, completely feel like you know how to be you then I’m going to say don’t do this. If you were solid in the physicality of being you, that means you have to be in your body, not up in your head, in the astral, in the energetic, or half out of your body, be you and know exactly what that feels like. If you have that anchored in your being this, then you can do this.

What this is going to be is this is splitting into a fifth-dimensional state. I give you this because we are living in four dimensions now. We’re in three dimensions and we’re living in time-space. Time is the fourth dimension. We’re living within time. I told you how to mess with time. I told you how to go up and try on the time things. There are other things you can do with time but I’m not going to teach you that because they have repercussions. I don’t want to mess with that now because danger can be there. I don’t want to make it harder. Let’s not do that.

This is a beginner’s show or an unsupervised show. It is a not supervised process. I’m not teaching you things that if you screw yourself up, you need somebody to be there and catch you, at least except for this. I’m going to teach you this, which if you screw it up, you’re going to need some help. Call me if you screw it up but don’t screw it up. Don’t try it unless you can get back. If you get lost, I can get your back.

The caveat on this one, Kelle, is amazing.

It’s necessary.

If anybody screws it up at this point, it’s on you because she warned you.

The fifth dimension is where you can start to see things like aliens and alien technology. It’s where additional healing powers exist. If you are going to be doing healing work on people, there’s a whole realm of stuff. If you’ve read about the fifth dimension, you’ll find a ton of information on it. To split into five dimensions is a process of fractalization. It’s almost like you’re being this cracks open and expands out in all directions. It’s almost like a crystal Instructure but it’s not that restrictive. It’s a crystal structure with a lot of air in between the crystal structure. It’s an expanding crystal structure but it’s not rigid and inflexible.

It’s got more movement than that. It’s still you to meet up of your energy. Therefore, it’s not brittle like a crystal structure would be but it has that feel to it. I usually find it useful to use my hands. I have my hands together and I take a deep breath in. I pull my hands up to my forehead and I expand out my hands with my breath. That gives me the movement into that other-dimensional space.

From there, I see things differently. I did some work on somebody who had alien implants in their brain. To pull the implants out, I had to go into fifth-dimensional space because one of the implants was only in existence in fifth-dimensional space. I had pulled all the ones out of three-dimensional space then there were still problems. I was like, “Shit. What the hell?” I popped into the fifth dimension and I’m like, “There it is.” When you’re in fifth-dimensional space, it is much like being on another astral plane but it’s the fifth dimension. You can use this technique to go to multiple dimensions.

I don’t recommend doing a lot of that because you don’t know what’s going to be there. I can only speak intelligently about 5 and 18 because those are the 2 that I’ve done. I did the fifth dimension as part of the healing process and I’m doing it now. If somebody is trying to figure out if they’re on the right plane, then you can tap into my energy, find out where I am, and see if you’re in the right place. I did eighteen dimensions at one point because one of my perspective’s attendees at a retreat said, “I think you’re not going to be big enough to hold me.” I went into eighteen dimensions and I said, “Is this big enough?” She went, “Holy shit. You’re physically glowing.”

I was like, “Big enough?” She’s like, “Yes.” I’m like, “Okay,” and I pulled it back in but I haven’t gone there since because I haven’t needed to. I can feel some of you popping in and saying hello. These are things that you don’t have to use very often. As I’ve said, I haven’t used them very much. I intuitively understand I could go to 44 dimensions without a problem. I’m not sure why 44 but I intuitively know that. I don’t know what that means for that. Explore at your own caution. Your mileage may vary. There are no lifeguards in the pool, so you better be able to swim. It’s like that.

More people are popping in now. That’s very interesting. I’m feeling everybody. In Dimensional space, you can flip timelines within dimensional space so you can travel from one timeline to another. Again, I would be cautious about that because we are traversing timelines on a regular basis now. The timelines are flipping very quickly. If you leave the timeline when we are already traversing timelines, finding your way back to your body could be challenging, so I would be cautious about that.

Magic is not always safe.

I have to pull back in from the dimensional space because I can’t think straight. I’ve probably taken in too much information at once. The way to come back is you suck your energy back in then feel your body and ground it into your body. Feel your legs against the sea, feel your feet against the floor, feel your breath coming and going, feel through your heartbeat. All these things are to bring you back into physical space. The longer you stay out, the harder it is to come back.

You want to practice in very short stints. I have not done fifth-dimensional travel for a couple of years now and getting back took me a minute. It took me longer than I feel I should have. If I were to do this more regularly, I would be able to get there faster and get back faster but I don’t. It’s a muscle like anything else. You have to build it and you have to maintain it. If you’re going to do this, I would recommend short stints over time. Do a lot of short jumps before you go and spend time there because getting back is harder if you’re not used to it. We can play on the astral, probability land, and do fifth-dimensional travel if we are feeling like we are capable of finding our way home.

We know that many are because they were saying hello to you in there.

Over the course of the entire time, this show will ever be read to, so yes. Here’s the thing. As we’re getting further along in this process, I’m trying to give you guys a little bit more advanced stuff as we go because I recognize that you guys are advancing in your understandings. At the same time, I’m also limited by the need to make sure that I’m not being irresponsible in what I’m handing you.

Is there more complex stuff you can do? Yes, but it’s not the stuff I would want you to do without supervision. I never want to put you in a position where you’re unsafe inherently. I’ll give you places that you could explore that might hurt you if you don’t heed my caveats but I can’t control everything. I want to give you some stuff to do without putting you in a position to get in over your head inherently.

If you were looking to do a deeper dive, if you are like, “I love this show. I love this work. This is cool and I want to learn more.” Come to the website. Look at the Secret Power and Purpose Mystery School, fill out an application and we’ll talk about it. Otherwise, you have 160 episodes. Fly and be free. It will be awesome. There will be more coming because we’re like that. The other thing I would say is subscribe to the mailing list because you’ll learn a lot by subscribing to the mailing list. You get a whole series of emails from me about what it takes to be a transformational shaman, which is what I am and the path of the work. It got a lot of cool stuff. When I come out with new stuff, you hear about it.

It’s always little tidbits that pop up once in a while from Kelle. Speaking of tidbits, how about a Kelle-ism?

You were as real as you choose to be.

That is fitting for your fifth-dimensional journey. That is delightful. Do you have anything else before we wrap up here?


That is all that we have for this episode but be sure to join us next time as Kelle adds another chapter to your guide to energy magic and the spirit world. I’m Joey C here with Kelle Sparta.


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