Identifying Your Energetic Blocks To Success

In this episode, Kelle discusses the energetic blocks that many of us have which reduce our ability to move forward in what we want to do and to be successful at it. Kelle also discusses where many of these blocks often come from, in what part of our energetic fields they’re rooted, and gives some understanding of how we can clear them to allow us an open path to achieving all that we want.


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Identifying Your Energetic Blocks To Success

I’m Joey C. Welcome back to another episode of Spirit Sherpa. This is the show that helps and encourages you on your journey to unlock your magic mojo. With me as always is the spirit doctor, Kelle Sparta. How is it going?

Joey, I’m going good.

That is excitedly good.

My garden is growing and my husband is happily out staining things so that they look finished. We’ve got everything in place in the yard and we’re now doing the little clean-up stuff.

This is wonderful. I love spring. I don’t love the wetness and mushiness of spring but the weather and the sun coming back and all of this stuff are so wonderful.

You know it. We’ve even planted our garden already. It was 27 degrees but that’s what tarps are for.

We are back here to talk more spiritual sherpa stuff because that’s what we do. In this episode, we’re talking about energetic blocks. What is that about? What are we talking about here?

We do a lot of talk about the emotional side of things and the magic side of things, but we haven’t done a lot of talk about the energetic side of things. We’re talking about that a little bit in the chakra series, which this is going to relate to a lot. When you’re trying to make a change in your life, there is the personal growth side, the skill-building, the understanding things, seeing things differently, all of that, and then there’s the energetic side.

When you have lived your life in one particular mode for so long, your energetics get a little calcified and they turn into blocks. Your blocks are based on the beliefs that you hold and the assumptions that you make about life. When you have limiting beliefs or you have assumptions that are less than healthy, then you have a hard time being successful in life. That is whether it’s in your business, career, relationship, health and wellness or spiritual work. It affects everything equally. Do not imagine that any one issue that is in one aspect of your life is not in every other issue of your life because it is. When you see something, it’s going to be a theme across multiple aspects of your life. Suck it up and know that now.

The thing I want to talk about in this episode is I want to go through a list. It’s a long list. I don’t know if we’re going to get through all of it in 30 minutes, but if you want to see more of what the list is, I’m working off of my Energetics of Business page on my website. If we don’t get through all of them or if you didn’t get the chance to take notes, you can always go over to the Energetics of Business page at and you can find it there.

SPSH 147 Identifying | Energetic Blocks

Energetic Blocks: No matter how perfect they are, no matter how much they do, they are completely replaceable in any sort of business environment.


What we’re going to talk about are the blocks that keep you from success. I wrote this page for my Energetics of Business program but it applies to careers as well. You don’t have to have a business for this to be relevant for you but if you do have a business, it’s super relevant for you. The pieces that are in there, I want to go through and talk about the different aspects. These are symptoms of having unprocessed blocks to success.

The first one is feeling drained. What I mean by that is you’re giving away all of your energy to your clients if you’re running a business or to your job if you’re not. You have nothing left to live your own life. This is a block in the third chakra. It’s about knowing your own value and about feeling like you are enough. It can come from the heart chakra as well but most often, it’s in the third chakra in the solar plexus. It’s stories around a lack of being okay.

The next one is over-investing in your client outcomes. When you are more attached to your client’s goals than they are, you have a problem. If you’re the coach and you’re more invested in their goal than they are, then when they don’t do the work they’re supposed to do, you’re going to go into manipulation and control instead of into motivation and support.

It’s a shadow side that you stand into because your value is determined by whether or not they have an outcome. That can be problematic. It also can limit your ability to get clients because people who have healthy dynamics will recognize that unhealthy dynamic in you. I’m going to skip the next couple because they are specifically business. I’m going to skip the panic pivot because that’s a business one but you can see it on the site.

The next one is underearning. This is one I see all the time from people who are from challenged childhoods. There is this thing that we do. First off, you get codependent. Big surprise. You get codependent with your boss, “They can’t afford to pay me more” or whatever. You get codependent with your clients, “They can’t afford to pay me more,” or whatever. You will give away your services. You won’t charge your boss for extra overtime. You won’t charge your clients for extra overtime. You give away too much. As a business owner, you won’t prospect or advertise consistently. On the employment side of this, you won’t ask for a raise when it’s due. The same thing with not closing enough sales. It’s the same concept for that.

You’ll make just enough money to get by. If you end up with a surplus, you will have an emergency that comes up that sucks all your surplus away. That is a consistent dynamic that I see in people who come from challenged childhoods. It is a worthiness issue and a good enough issue. That one is also about permission for you to be happy because we play these little drama games with ourselves. The drama game is, “Can I pay the rent?” That’s our drama game.

The fact is if you decided now that you wanted to change your relationship with money, you could, and everything would change. It’s a matter of getting yourself to the point where you decide. You have to decide from a place of power. You can’t decide from a place of demanding it of the universe or I’m upset. We talked about that before. Bright and shiny syndrome, “Squirrel.” That’s what this show is for.

I was going to say we love the bright and shiny here.

It’s not good for creating a solid foundation for your life. You’re constantly shifting gears or worse is if you’re offering a million different things to people in your business. You’re doing healing, psychic readings, tarot cards, Reiki, full moon circles or whatever.

The restaurant with too big a menu that you can’t make any of it good.


Sometimes people don't have to clear blocks to fix the problem. They just have to know that they're there and then accommodate. Click To TweetSometimes people don’t have to clear blocks to fix the problem. They just have to know that they’re there and then accommodate.


If you’re doing way too many things, people don’t know what you do. They’re like, “She does the spiritual stuff.” I say she because 70% of the people in this world are women. Guys, I apologize. When you don’t focus, people don’t know how to refer to you either. The other piece that happens is that you’re spreading your energy thin. This is true whether you have a business or not. If you have your finger in a lot of different pies, what you’re doing is you are spreading your energy so thin that you don’t have to be effective. It is a resistance to success. You need to recognize that this bright shiny syndrome of either jumping from one thing to the next or trying to do it all at once is a way to keep yourself from being successful. It is in and of itself a resistance.

The next one is resistance to getting help. On the site, it says hiring a team but what it comes down to is having help. We don’t accept help well. Why do we not accept help well? It’s because when we were children, we would ask for help and we either wouldn’t get it at all or we would get it in a way that we didn’t want. We’ve grown up going, “Help doesn’t come or it’s not good help so why bother asking?” The answer is because it’s nice to have help. That’s why. When you try and do it all yourself, you run yourself into the ground. You become a martyr and you end up empty on the floor. You become a raging lunatic bitch. That’s why.

Is there a worthiness element to that don’t ask for help thing too?

There is. There’s a give-and-take piece here. A lot of times, what happens with people from challenged childhood is in their minds, if they do something for somebody else, it’s a $0.50 deposit in the emotional bank account of the other person. If they ask for something, they see it as a $50,000 withdrawal from that emotional bank account. Somehow, what they contribute is not equivalent to what somebody else contributes back because there is an inequity in their mindset of how that works.

The first thing I’m going to point out is if that sounds like you, your contributions are equally valuable to the other person. Let’s start with that. There’s a resistance to asking for help because you don’t want to drain the bank account. You want it to be there when you need it because you don’t ask for help until you get desperate, and then you have to have it, which is a manipulation of the other person. It’s not very fair to them. You’re better off to ask early and ask often than to wait until you’re desperate because then you’re having them into a corner where they have to either drop everything for you or not be your friend. That’s one dynamic that you’ll see.

Another dynamic that happens is the givers. If you’re a giver and you are the person that everybody comes to you, you’re everybody else’s rock, you’re the one who does for everybody else, and you never asked for anything, when you do ask for something, everybody looks at you like you’re nuts and they’re not available to you. That is because you have a contract with those people in your life that says, “I will give to you and you will make me feel good about myself.” That is a fair trade.

When you look at them and say, “I’ve given all this to you.” They look at you like, “You got to feel good about yourself, so why are you asking for something from me?” It’s because you’ve surrounded yourself with takers. Takers are not evil people. They are people who are happy to let you feel good about yourself by taking care of them. You have to recognize that you have created this. It’s not that people aren’t there for you. It’s that you have surrounded yourself with takers. You have a contract that says, “I get to feel good about myself for giving to you.”

There is no emotional bank account because the contract is an equal give and take. There’s nothing to draw from at the end of the day. It’s a self-reinforcing dynamic that you’ve set up that says in your childhood, you never got the help you needed so now you create another dynamic in your life where you won’t get the help you need when you need it. These are dynamics that happen.

There is then the universal one, which is we make this contract with the universe that we’re going to take care of everyone else. We make this contract with the world that I’m going to take care of you. Except the world has not made that contract back with you. They don’t know that contract exists. I know we’ve talked about this before but it has been probably a couple of years. The rest of the world does not know that your contract exists. You need to break the contract because they’re not going to honor it. That’s an expectation mismatch. What you expect of the world and what it expects of you are two totally different things.

This one goes deep and it’s huge for people. It creates this big challenge. In business, it will continue because you’ll have a hard time hiring a team. Even in management if you’re in leadership, you’ll have a hard time managing because you will micromanage the crap out of them or you will abdicate responsibility and not supervise them at all. It’s one or the other. You will have trust issues with your team members. That will engender all kinds of ugliness, hate and discontent in your team. You have to address this issue if you’re going to do well in your business or in your career.

SPSH 147 Identifying | Energetic Blocks

Energetic Blocks: There is the personal growth side, the skill building, the understanding things, seeing things differently, all of that. And then there’s the energetic side. And when one has lived their life in one particular mode for so long, their energetics get a little calcified and they turn into blocks and their blocks are based on the beliefs that they hold and the assumptions, assumptions that they make about life.


The other piece is not knowing your numbers or not tracking your finances. Whether this is your personal finances or your business finances, it doesn’t matter. If you’re not paying attention to your money, you’re not honoring it. If you don’t honor something, it’s not going to hang around. T. Harv Eker in his Millionaire Mind program had a great metaphor that I love. He said that if you imagine that your money is an ice cream cone and you have a single scoop, and let’s say you lick it too hard that it falls on the floor and it splats. You are now a child looking at the universe and going, “Can I have three scoops?” The universe being a good parent is going to go, “How about you see if you can get the one scoop to work first before we give you more?”

That’s what your finances are. They’re like that. If you don’t pay attention to them or you do not steward them and shepherd them well, then you don’t make space for more to come in. You may also have internal blocks. I used to have a block that said, “If I don’t know what I would do with the money, what do I need it for?” It was a very real block. Cathy looked at me one day and we were having a conversation and she said, “What if we made $400 million?” I went, “What the hell are we going to do with $400 million? What do I need $400 million for?” She said, “I know exactly what I’ll do with it.” I was like, “Tell me.” She went about telling me this big list and I’m like, “I’m in. $400 million, let’s do it.”

What showed up for me in that conversation was I realized that I had that block. If I didn’t know what I would do with it, then I didn’t have any reason to have it. It was important to me. By the way, I didn’t get rid of that block. I just started planning better. Sometimes, you don’t have to clear blocks to fix the problem. You just have to know that they’re there, and then accommodate. I had not thought about anything except I would like to travel a couple of times a year. Generally, I like my life. I like my stuff. I would like to travel a little more and maybe have some more clothes. I’ve now bought a house and we’re now looking at building a house. I want to travel a lot more. I’m up-leveling my dreams and therefore, I’m up-leveling my need for cash. Therefore, the money is coming in.

You don’t necessarily have to clear it if you can work with it. It’s like that same thing we talked about where I felt poor when my refrigerator is empty, so I buy groceries. I do a lot of work to unwind that. I buy groceries. You got to have them in the house anyway. Sometimes it’s a simple solution. You don’t have to kill yourself to fix it. You can be like, “Here, cope.”

Some things are easier to cope with than fix because there are simple solutions. This is something that you want to pay attention to. It’s super important to be able to pay attention to and track your finances. I know a lot of spiritual people are like, “The finances get me down.” I’m like, “I feel you but they’re going to keep getting you down if you don’t pay attention.” That’s the nature of the beast.

Get control over them then you are better able to make them work for you.

It’s a matter of where is your power in that dynamic. Do you hold your power and manage your finances or do you abdicate your power and throw your ice cream cone on the floor? That’s what it comes down to. If you’re ignoring your finances, then your ice cream cone is slowly melting all over your hands. I’m just saying.

Now I want ice cream, Kelle. Thanks.

I know. I’m craving cake so I was trying to shift it to ice cream because I have ice cream in the house. See? That’s coping.

Now the rest of us want ice cream. None of us has it, so now we’re all looking at your ice cream cone and the floor and thinking, “It’s not that dirty.”


Some things are easier to cope with than fix because there are simple solutions. Click To Tweet


Five-second rule. It also depends on whether or not you have pets because pet hair in the ice cream is not good. You know that I’ve tried that in order to know that that’s true.

Anybody who has pets has tried that as well, so that’s not a big surprise.

The next thing is overworking and being a martyr. My phrase all the time was, “I get more done in a day than most people get done in a week,” and I was right. I did. I worked my ass off. I worked myself to death. When you do that, you are trying to prove your value by overachieving. I’ve got news for you. No matter how perfect you are, no matter how much you do, you are completely replaceable in any business environment. If you don’t believe me, have a coworker die and you’ll see how fast that happens.

Let’s not do that but if it were to happen.

If somebody quits or somebody dies, you’re replaceable. It doesn’t matter how much you do. This is the thing and this is another piece of under-earning. There is this delusion that we hold that says, “If we work hard enough and we do enough, then we will be noticed and we will be promoted.” It is not about how hard you work and what you do. It is about who you know and who you convince of your value. If you can’t convince yourself of your own value, you’re going to have a hard time convincing other people of it. You can work hard until the cows come home and you will still never make it onto an executive path.

The executive path isn’t about hard work. It’s about your ability to lead. It’s about your ability to schmooze. It’s about your ability to make things happen. That is not work. That is people skills. There’s that. Now, the inability to commit and this one goes along with the analysis paralysis too, just so you know. An inability to commit is if you’re in your business, it’s like having an on-again, off-again romance with your business. If you’re not in a business, then it could just be having an on-again, off-again romance and you’re not committing to the relationship.

You’re not committing to the process. You’re dabbling. You’re like, “I think I want to do this. I’m not sure but maybe. Maybe if the universe lines up behind it and showers me with love and money, then maybe I will do this. I’m going to test the waters.” I got to tell you, if you’re not committed or if you put out not committed vibes, the universe is going to give you back not committed money. That’s how that works.

You need to be committed. You need to decide where you’re going and then tell the universe what you want. Until you can do that, the universe is going to be sitting there going, “Any day now. I’m here. I’m listening. What would you like?” You’re going, “Mmm.” It’s like setting up the ice cream counter with 31 flavors. Going, “I think I went to pistachio. No, rocky road. No, lemon sorbet. No. can I have five?”

You end up with cauliflower ice cream and nobody’s happy.

The universe even goes, “How about cake?” We’re continuing with our diabetic metaphor. Another one is imposter syndrome. We hear about this a lot in business and in executive leadership stuff and things like that, where people feel like an imposter and they feel like a fraud. This again is a value in a not-good-enough thing. You have not internalized your sense of value. You don’t see yourself as good enough. You’re constantly trying to be enough so that somebody will love you.

SPSH 147 Identifying | Energetic Blocks

Energetic Blocks: When they’re more attached to their client’s goals than they are, they have a problem because then if they are the coach and they have invested more in their goal than they are, then when they don’t do the work they’re supposed to do, they’re going to go into manipulation and control instead of into motivation and support.


Let me be clear. That’s what you’re looking for. It’s love, not approval. Although approval is a form of love. You think you want your boss’s approval but what you want is your boss’s love because you’re trying to get your parent’s love through your boss or your authority figure. That’s what this is about. That is a regular issue that I see a lot with people who are trying to be successful.

Another one and I think we’ll call this one good for the show, but there’s fear of losing your freedom. This one goes along with commitment because part of commitment is you have to decide. The word decide means literally to cut off all other options. To commit to something, you must cut off all the other options and deal with the FOMO that comes from that. That’s why people don’t decide, they got FOMO. They’re like, “What if?” It’s like, “What if this is the right path after all?” You got to pick one. If you don’t, you’re not going anywhere until you do so.

There’s also this fear of loss of freedom. This one is a unique one because it is not about freedom so much as it is about escape. When you are in fear of a loss of your freedom, what you’re saying is, “I found my environment to be so toxic that I needed to escape and I didn’t have any way to do it.” You’re probably also saying, “I had a parent who used to suck up the energy and the life out of me. I couldn’t get away. Now I want the ability to step out the door at any second I want because I never want to have that happen again.”

That fear of loss of freedom or fear of being stuck or trapped is a big motivator for people not to commit even to something that they want. There are ways to work around that as well. You can go at that one head-on and unwind it. You can do things like limit the number of appointments that you have in a day that you’re willing to take or give yourself absolute and utter permission to cancel your entire day if you feel like it. There are ways to deal with that one but it is a big one.

That one was a big one of mine for a long time. It costs me probably $80,000 in one year alone. I walked away from a big contract because I had to be done. I was like, “I’m out.” I didn’t have any grand to lose. I was like, “I don’t care if I have to live on the street. I’m not staying here.” Not to say that I should have stayed necessarily but there were better ways to do it. Had I not been struggling with that, I probably could have salvaged some of the cash. These are the things that we do. We are run by them until we recognize them. When we take responsibility for them, then we have the ability to change things.

I know that this has been a holy shit, look at all the crap episode but it’s true. Awareness is the first step to change. If you are not aware that these issues are yours. There’s no way you’re going to be able to change them. There’s value in defining them because now you know what you’re dealing with and you know what to look for.

It’s like giving it a name and you take the power away from it.

When you’re dealing with these issues, they come from a bunch of different chakras. They’re all over the place in the chakra system. It’s everything, from fear of your own power to not feeling good enough, feeling unlovable, and wanting to be invisible. There are all sorts of stuff and they generate all of these blocks to your success. When you’re doing this work, you want to be clear about what your block is. That’s one of the benefits of doing an energy scan.

If you’re running a business, you want to make sure that you are clear in your business because especially if you’re a solopreneur, your energy is your business’s energy. If you’ve got a problem and a block, your business has got the same one because you are the business. That’s what the Energetics of Business is for. We’ll walk you through all of this stuff.

You mentioned these blocks you talked about, they are on your website on that Energetics of Business page. They’re all tied to that.


When one has limiting beliefs or one has assumptions that are less than healthy, then they have a hard time being successful in life. Click To Tweet


Absolutely. We’ve talked about the energy scans on here before. There is a business energy scan that you get as part of the Energetics of Business that goes into how your internal blocks are manifesting blocks in your business. It’s a great way to jumpstart and turbocharge your process.

There’s a lot here and for folks who are either recognizing these blocks, who are doing this journey or looking to start for a way for this to be income for them, all of these are important. You can get more information on, but there’s also that energetics course that’s available.

The Energetics of Business.

There’s a lot of stuff going on there. Check out the detail there and do that. Also, we haven’t talked about this directly in a little bit, but get onto Facebook and join us in the Spirit Sherpa by Kelle Sparta Facebook group. There are lots of great conversations and things that go on in there. You definitely want to check it out and let us know what you think of the episodes.

With the letting us know what you think of the episodes, why don’t you subscribe and rate the show? That helps us in everything we’re doing to bring the content to you and make sure that it’s the content you’re looking for. The more ratings that we get and the more people are talking about it, the more it gets out to others. That’s what we’re trying to do here. It’s to make sure that Kelle’s message is reaching everybody that needs to hear it, and that’s a great way for you to help us do that. That’s all that I’m going to ramble about there. Did you have anything else you want to say? Maybe a Kelle-ism before we wrap up?

Before you decide that you have too many blocks to be successful, I want to say this. When we do these scans, we generally find 12 to 15 blocks. People are like, “I have so many blocks. I suck.” It’s not. It’s usually between 1 and 3 themes that are causing all the blocks. Don’t let this get you down. If I went through this list and you were like, “I’ve got that,” don’t let it get you down. It’s usually between 1 and 3 themes. It’s not that much of a heart attack. You are not lost. We all have blocks at all times and we’re all working our way through them. If you ever are worried about whether or not you’re done with your blocks, here’s a simple test stolen from Richard Bach, “If you’re still here, you’re not done.”

It’s a good test. That is all that we have for this episode. Be sure to join us next time as Kelle adds another chapter to your guide to energy, magic and the spirit world. I am Joey C, here with Kelle Sparta. So long, everyone.


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