The Rollercoaster of Enlightenment

The Roller Coaster of Enlightenment

By: Kelle Sparta

Here I go again
On that uphill climb towards enlightenment.
I’ve followed directions.
I’ve packed my spiritual duffel bag firmly beneath my seat.
My fingers, hands and arms are safely inside the car.
And I am trying to be patient
And fearless
As the car clack, clack, clacks up the hill.
I have stepped onto the path
And pressed the safety bar of faith firmly in place.
No turning back.
Now there is nothing left to do but wait
And see what awaits me
On the other side of the hill.
Uh-oh, nearing the top now.
The adrenaline is kicking in
As things fall into place
And life speeds up.
Here I go!
Downhill at mach speed
Screaming “Whee!” to remind myself that I am not afraid
This is fun, right?
Ooops, almost forgot.
It’s much easier and less bumpy if I


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