Step 2 To Becoming a Shaman and Healing Your Life

. You’re probably noticing that these first steps look an awful lot like doing your own work. And this is true. One of the biggest archetypes in the spiritual world is that of the wounded healer – the person who wants to heal everyone else but who hasn’t done their own work and therefore gets in the way of the healing they can offer. This is so common, it has a stereotype attached to it. You cannot be a clear channel when your own issues keep bubbling to the surface, so the initial steps to becoming a shaman are to do your own healing.

Do you have to become a shaman to do these steps?

Absolutely not. If you’re reading this out of curiosity and realizing you have these issues, but you don’t want to be a shaman, we’ve got you covered. The training program is not a full commitment to the entire process. We recognize being a shaman isn’t for everyone. And yet, the skills training and the personal growth work can help many people. So you are only asked to commit to one course at a time. This allows you to see how you feel at the end of a course. If you feel complete, you are done. If you want to do more, you enroll in the next section. It’s that simple.

Anyone from a challenged childhood can benefit from doing the work in the first 3 courses. The only limitation to that statement is that you must not be experiencing active trauma (where you are flashing back to the trauma). This work is not appropriate for those in this state – therapy is needed to bring the trauma down before our work can be engaged.

Step 2 In Your Personal Growth (and Becoming a Shaman) Journey

Now that you’ve found your space of emotional safety, it’s time to address the things that have limited you. ? Well, these are the steps to healing those:

  • Claim Your Space (becoming the center of your own life)
  • Set Your Boundaries (not letting others push you out of your space)
  • Own Your Power (giving yourself permission to be your powerful self)
  • Internalize Your Sense of Value (never ask for approval or validation again)
  • Learn to Love Yourself (to see you are lovable/valuable even when you are doing NOTHING)

Doing this requires changing the way you see the world. It also helps to understand the process of change and personal transformation so that you know what to expect and don’t sabotage it by accident. And, you need to unravel the straight jacket of interwoven coping mechanisms that are keeping you stuck in place.

This is a very short description to describe a complex process. There’s a reason this course takes a year to complete. It’s because it IS complex and the issues are all tangled together, so they have to be untagled all at once rather than a single issue at a time. This is why other courses you’ve taken may not have been helpful. Working one issue at a time is a guarantee that the issues you’re working on will get tangled and stuck in issues you’re not. So while it’s a big commitment, it is the only way I’ve found after 20 years of working with clients, to move the needle on healing quickly and permanently.

Just like in Inner Peace 101, in this course, we also engage the energetic world to support our inner work. You’ll learn:

  • Working with Your Spirit Guides
  • Working with the Elements
  • Divination
  • Presence and Stillness Practices
  • Clearing Your Energy Field On Multiple Levels
  • Working with Stories and Mythology
  • Law of Attraction
  • Dreams
  • Psychic Training
  • And More…

This is an in-depth journey into mastering yourself. When you complete the journey, you’ll feel:

  • Comfortable In Your Own Skin
  • Solid in Your Decisions – No More Second-Guessing Yourself!
  • A Massive Reduction in Your Anxiety and Rage Levels – No More Biting People’s Heads Off and Then Feeling Bad About It Later
  • You’ll Be The Hero of Your Own Journey – The Center Of Your Own Life
  • You’ll Actually Be Able to Relax – Instead Of Feeling Like You’re Supposed To Be Doing Something Else
  • A Sense of Inner Peace Far Greater Than You Can Currently Imagine

It’s thoroughly worth the time, energy, and money it take you to get there.

Oh, yes, and you’re DON’T have to retraumatize yourself to do it. We work from here forward, rather than digging up the past.

So that completes Step 2 to Becoming a Shaman – Heal Your Energetic (Identity) Container.

If you want to talk to me about how you can step onto the path of shamanic healing, reach out to me and schedule a time to talk. We’ll look at whether this program is a good fit for you. I’m looking forward to talking to you.

In the meantime, I’ll talk to you tomorrow about Step 3 of the journey!


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