Step 1 to Becoming a Shaman and Healing Your Life

​Your challenged childhood is both your greatest gift and your greatest challenge.


Why is it a gift?

Adversity forces you to deepen your energetic container (this isn’t the aura, it’s your sense of self, your identity). For each challenge you overcome, your ability to see yourself as strong and capable increases which increases the size of your energetic container.


The Challenge

But at the same time it is growing the container, it is also tearing it and poking holes in it. Much of the childhood experiences you had were traumatizing. When there is trauma, there are holes and tears in the container – things that undermined your sense of self.


The Test To See If There Are Tears and Holes In Your Energetic Container

If you want to know if you have these tears and holes in your container, there is a simple test. When you go to make a decision, do you have to build up a lot of energy to make the decision and then, if you don’t pull the trigger on that decision quickly, do you find that all the energy drains out and you just don’t pull the trigger until you go through the build up process again? If this describes you, you’ve got tears and holes in your energetic container. When your container is solid, you don’t need to build up energy, you just choose – because the energy is already there. And if you don’t pull the trigger on taking action on the choice, you can do it at any time – because the energy is there.

To Become a Shaman

So the first thing you have to do, before you you can even think about trying to do work for others, is you have to heal yourself. But we’re not going to talk about this step today because there’s a step before this one.

The Very First Step

Your challenged childhood has likely also left other scars that need to be addressed before you can even start to heal. Here are some of the symptoms of this:

  • Being an empath (see my free download on my website for more about this)
  • Always waiting for the other shoe to drop when things are going well
  • Never asking for help
  • Perfectionism and controlling behaviors
  • Never feeling good enough
  • Conflict avoidance because it both makes you feel like you’re dying inside and you’re likely to come back with such anger that you will rip the other person apart and then feel terrible about it later
  • High anxiety levels
  • Neediness in relationships
  • Being the rock for others but then finding out that no one is there for you when you need them
  • You want to save the world, but somehow you can’t even save yourself


The symptoms above and your challenged childhood have put you on the defensive – ALL THE TIME. It’s like you’re a soldier whose been out in the field for 20 years, hasn’t slept in two days, and now sees every movement in the shadows as an attack. If it can remotely be considered an attack, it is; and then it’s shoot first and ask questions later. The problem is that to grow, you have to become uncomfortable – leaving your comfort zone is the definition of change. But from this hyper-defensive state, discomfort feels like attack and you will defend against it, making change all but impossible.

The First Step to Becoming a Shaman – Finding Emotional Safety

Therefore, the very first step to Becoming a Shaman (or even just doing the personal growth work to get rid of all those symptoms) is finding emotional safety. It’s about addressing your:

  • Fears
  • Worries
  • Dread
  • Self-Doubt
  • Inner and Outer Judgment
  • Building Self-Support
  • Building Courage

And this is what we do in the Inner Peace 101 – Finding Emotional Safety program. This program gets you to the place where you can begin to do real inner work. It will also cut your stress levels in HALF – or more. You begin the program with a self-assessment and you end it with one. I’ve had students tell me upon completing the final assessment and reading their original one that they don’t even recognize the person they used to be and can’t even conceive of being that person anymore. It’s that impactful. And it should be. I’m giving you in four months what it took me 5 years to learn. As I said – this is an accelerated process.

So that’s the first step. I’ll tell you more about how to address the identity container tomorrow. If you want to talk to me about how you can get started (and yes, you can just do one program at a time), sign up for your free Discovery Call here:


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