Snake Medicine

In this episode, Kelle talks about Snake Medicine…and it isn’t as scary as you might think! Kelle discusses again how we are in a global state of transformation and how snake medicine, and snake energy play into this. She also gives some information and details about how to help ease into communion with this energy and allow it to help us through this time.


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The Skin Shedding Chant

By: Kelle Sparta

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I am changing

I am growing

I am knowing

I’m shedding the skin of my past

I don’t want this

I don’t need this

I release this

I’m shedding the skin of my past

Grandmother Snake come face me

Grandmother Snake embrace me

I choose to replace me

I’m shedding the skin of my past

I am healed

Nothing left to conceal

All of me is revealed

I’ve shed the skin of my past.

I’ve shed the skin of my past.

I’ve shed the skin of my past.

Note: “I choose to replace me” is about choosing to evolve into a new way of being, NOT about throwing away a self that is uncomfortable.

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  • Written by: Kelle Sparta
  • Performed by: Kelle Sparta and Daniel Singer
  • Produced by: Daniel Singer

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