Stones, Minerals, Crystals, and Gems with Tim Harris

In this episode, Kelle welcomes long-time friend Tim Harris to Spirit Sherpa to discuss stones, minerals, crystals, and gems. Tim brings his deep knowledge to help share his “high woo, from a grounded place” to help explain how these gifts from the Earth affect our bodies and our lives.


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Stones, Minerals, Crystals, And Gems With Tim Harris

My friend, Tim Harris, is on the show. I am so excited because we have known each other for a very long time. He has been a good friend of mine. He runs a shop up in New Hampshire called Shaman’s Dream. He buys crystals and has been a corporate intuitive. The man is incredible. He’s even been approached about running for president, which I thoroughly would support, especially given the candidates out there.

I’m excited to have Tim on because he has a very practical and shamanic perspective on the world. There are a lot of people out there doing the high woo-woo. It’s not that Tim doesn’t speak high woo. He does but he speaks high woo from a very grounded place. One of the reasons why he and I’ve been friends for so long is because we have that in common. Welcome, Tim.

Thank you for having me, Kelle. I appreciate it. It’s nice to see you, Joey.

It’s nice to meet you as well.

I am looking forward to our little chat.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been introduced that way as someone who speaks high woo but high woos from a grounded place. If not, you should probably write that one down and have everybody introduce you that way forever. That’s how you should walk into every room from here on out. What’s going on? What are we going to talk about here?

We’re going to talk about crystals.

We’re probably going to throw in some stones and minerals as well.

What’s the difference? Let’s start there, Tim.

Our lives are made up of multiple things so as our planet. Geologically speaking, there are quite a few different strata that honestly, when you’re driving down the road and you see a new construction site and they’ve exposed the part of a mountain, you see the same lines and striations or rings, if you will, like you would in a tree when it’s cut down. Some of those striations go up and down. Some of them go horizontal to the mantle but all of these different strata are made up of different compositions.

When you have something called basalt, it’s super-hardened dirt with some silica thrown in. A crystal, which is clear on the other end, is mostly crystal that’s been super-heated or silica like sand superheated. That’s not to confuse it with glass. That’s something altogether different but it becomes very clear and cooked out. Many times, the gems that you see in a jewelry store, mineralogically, are the same as something that’s a lot cloudier that you might look at in your driveway. They’ve been in the ground, baked and cooked for a longer period so it’s different. Between a hamburger, a steak and a pot roast, it is still beef but a little different.

I love the food references. I understand now better than I ever have before in my life.

That’s what happens from being wooed and grounded at the same time.

Before we started and I was talking to you about what it was you wanted to talk about, you started talking about how we couldn’t survive without crystals.

It goes back to something a lot deeper. When mother nature and the creator got together and said, “Let’s have earth,” they brought together the elements of earth, air, fire and water. In the process of doing so, some of the earth gets soaked in water, purified and heated. Some of the fire can’t exist without the same elements. We have a table of elements that’s far bigger than four. It has close to 300 different elements that they have discovered.

When it comes to your medicine, if you grab the physician’s desk reference, go to the formulations page on any medicine and go down to the base, you would see the Latin name of the element that comes from the earth that medicine is made out of. Whether you’re using a pair of headphones, a cell phone, a computer, a cell tower or a television set, most people have seen the inside of an old television set where they have the tubes and resisters. All of that has been microprocessors and makes what we’re doing possible.

You couldn’t do that without the benefit of stones, minerals, crystals and gems. In ancient times, they would take an amulet and give that to a hunter because it made him a better predator. That was made of limestone, marble and granite, which is what they usually make a commercial bank out of. Maybe that explains the predatory nature of the banks. I hope you don’t have any banks for sponsors.

We have no sponsors. I like it that way. We don’t have to apologize to anybody when we make comments like that.

It also is very personal, though. I have a product and you can find it on my website, which is It’s called the Path Map. On that is a stone called Ruby-in-Fuchsite. If you took a piece of Ruby-in-Fuchsite and stuck it into somebody’s favorite chair, let’s say, during a football game, by the end of those three hours, instead of being all reserved emotionally, they would be talking like Dr. Phil. They don’t even have to know it’s there.

It’s an amplifier of self-expression. Is that the deal?

What Ruby-in-Fuchsite does is it helps anybody become more connected with their emotional, spiritual and mental self and allows them to speak from that point of truth. To answer your question, yes, but I like the way I said it.

These crystals, stones or minerals, the properties that they have are what are commonly referred to as the metaphysical properties of these things?

That is what most people seem to want to hear about but it comes down to your anatomy and physiology.

Is there a difference between the metaphysical elements of these things and their actual properties in the anatomy, physiology and geology coming together?

Stones And Crystals: If you take a piece of jewelry made from calcium and put it around somebody who has dementia or Alzheimer’s, if you can get them to keep it on for about three days, that will start reversing their memory loss.

Joey, let me take that a slightly different way and see if I can answer your question for you. You use a lot of electronics. Is it important for you to know exactly how they’re made or do you want to be able to push the start button and have it work?

Yes, sir.

You could say that the metal’s physical properties are what tells somebody like a microphone will help you to record your voice by transferring it into a digital signal. I told you the cutesy definition of what your microphone will do. It’s your woo-woo definition. From what I’m seeing, it looks like a Shure 350 that you’re speaking into.

A carbon crystal disc inside of it has electrodes running through it. Even the coding on the wire is made up of nicodium, which is a material that causes it to transmit to a digital signal. Did you need to know that? No, but I can tell you that. The idea is that I like to meet and help people where they’re at. If what you want to know is the on the switch, push that button. Carry that stone and this is what it’ll do for you. Once somebody has experienced that a few times, they go, “How do you know that you know that you know that?” When it comes to the sciences, I’m very well-versed. I’ve been doing this since I was six years old.

You gave us an example of a microphone but this is Spirit Sherpa. We want the magic. Give us the high woo and bring it down to the ground for us.

There’s a material out there called calcite. Every woman over the age of 30 should constantly have their pocket or somewhere near them in proximity to their skin a piece of calcite. The entire planet at one time, the fluid that was on it was calcite. It wasn’t what we call water. With those ferns that you see in the forest a bazillion years ago, have you ever seen one of those fern fossils that look like a giant fern? They needed to have that to grow.

One of the few soups you can eat that’ll have the same effect for you is a piece of calcite called the fiddlehead ferns. People catch those when they’re early in the spring and make a soup out of them. Here’s what it does for you. It balances your magnesium, calcium and potassium. No cal-mag will balance your calcium, magnesium and potassium. Without potassium being balanced, that causes a woman has senility.

If you take a piece of jewelry made out of calcium and put it around somebody who has dementia or Alzheimer’s, if you can get them to keep it on for about three days, it will start reversing their memory loss. The thing is without calcium, magnesium and potassium being balanced in the female body, it causes over calcification in the softer tissues, which we call osteoporosis.

I have a friend of mine who has early-onset osteoporosis.

She needs to carry a lot of it. I’m sure you’ve had naturopaths and other people on your show that talk about miasms. A little bit of something does a lot and that’s the construct of when a nature path takes a sugar pill or a salt pill, puts those few drops on it and says, “Take that.” This is a healing modality that’s been in practice for 50,000 years. This is an interpretive modality that’s been around for 50,000 years, which is at least 30,000 years older than the oldest form of the zodiac.

You say a lot of calcites. If I’ll call my friend, what do I need to tell her? Does she have to wear a necklace made of calcite?

It wouldn’t hurt but you can find those on our site. You can also go to most metaphysical stores, buy a couple of handfuls of calcites and put one in each pocket.

It doesn’t have to touch the skin. It can be on you.

A stone’s effect area, generally speaking, is one and a half times the size of the stone. If you’re holding it in your hand, you’re affected by it. If you put it in your pocket, you’re affected by it. If your purse is across the room, you’re not affected by it.

It has to be on your person but not against your skin.

Some microphones will only pick up when you are speaking directly into them. They won’t pick up any peripheral noise but you can also have a stone or a microphone that will pick up everything in the room.

Let’s talk about inflammation for a minute because that’s a huge thing. Everybody’s gotten inflammation or leaky gut. What would be a good stone for that?

Here’s what I will give you about all of these peripheral conditions. One of the things that people are having is that they’re taking so many things that their medical or health professional doesn’t know anything about. They’re getting secondary conditions like all of the things that you mentioned. If somebody takes a pain reliever, it can cause them to have leaky gut syndrome. If somebody is taking too much pain reliever, we all know what happened because of the opioid stuff. There were people who, instead of being told to quit taking opioids, were told, “Here’s another pill to put on top of that one.”

What I’m saying is that if you’re taking more than three things, you’re being overmedicated. It’d be vitamins, minerals or pills. The idea of a cure is that someday, there’s going to be a stopping point. Human beings were never intended and their bodies cannot handle the number of chemicals that are necessary to produce medications that you take your entire lifetime.

There’s an argument on the other side that says our food supply has too few nutrients.

You can start growing a garden in your window box.

I have but it hasn’t been produced yet. I’m taking vitamins.

Anybody can either start supplementing their diet by the time they’re 30 or will need medication by the time they’re 40. I am not a big fan of pills. I prefer that people supplement with some form of liquid, a liquid gel or something like that because your body can digest it. If your favorite way is to take a multivitamin, by all means, take a multivitamin because that beats the hell out of nothing.

On the subject of stones, the Path Map that I have shows that people have 13 stones, not 1. Every month of your birth, there is a stone. On the Path Map, it also says SGPI, which is Silver, Gold, Platinum and Iron, which has to do with the week that you’re born. I teach about this and it only takes me three days to teach it all. I’m going to give you a quick synopsis of it.

Stones And Crystals: Not having calcium, magnesium, and potassium balance in the body causes over calcification in the softer tissues, which is what we call osteoporosis.

You have twelve areas of experience and the month you’re born in. Around 1890, a bunch of jewelers got together on the backside of The New Yorker Hotel at a deli there in New York and decided which stones of these 170 boxes are on this Path Map. It was all tiles back then but they decided which twelve stones were going to be everybody’s birthstone. Here’s the coincidence. It’s going to amaze you. The 12 stones that they picked happened to be the 12 most expensive at the time.

They’re the ones who struck me with topaz.

Topaz was on the original one but also on the original one is bloodstone and pearl. It goes garnet, amethyst, bloodstone, sapphire and emerald. There are some of the stones that they left and some of the stones that they didn’t. On some modern birthstone charts, it’s amazing how it changes. They have pearls on there but most of them don’t. When I was taught, amethyst wasn’t called amethyst because my grandmother didn’t speak Greek. She spoke Apache. Apa-apne which means purple heart or stone of the home. It doesn’t directly translate into English well or Greek.

You keep referencing this Path Map. What is a Path Map? What purpose does it serve?

When I was taught that information, imagine taking 50,000 years’ worth of knowledge. When it was taught to me, it was taught on something that was about the same size as a reading table or one of those little dinner trays. Those are hard to carry around 170 of them. What I invented was a way to take that information, centrifuge it down and make it into something that folds up that looks like a folded car map. The purpose is so that at any given time in any area of your life that you want to hit the zone, you’re going to need to carry three stones with you to get the answers and the knowledge received from that area of your life.

The map tells you what those three stones are. It’s based on not just the area of your life but where you are in your life path.

Yes and no. What I’m talking about is something far more practical. Let’s say you brought up somebody who’s having an issue at work. One size doesn’t fit all. I’m not saying that angel light isn’t a good stone for communication and opening things up a little bit but it might be different for somebody who’s born in December than it is for somebody who was born in June or September. In the area of occupation, that is to help you do what you are supposed to be doing here in life. There are a lot of actors who are working as waiters. I’ve known lawyers who would rather have been ballet dancers.

The thing is that there is a combination of stones that you can use that will help you to achieve that golden place. Sometimes in modern business, they call that hitting the zone. We’ve all had moments like that. Imagine if you could create the energy necessary to create a zone, no matter where you were or what you were trying to do. For example, if somebody wants to have a little bit of help with the social environment at work, they might need to carry a couple of stones.

If, on the other hand, all of a sudden, they find themselves without a job, they may need to carry 3 or 4 stones to steer that direction for them. If you don’t know what those stones are and somebody gives you a book or God forbid, you go on the internet and they put the same boilerplate under every single stone. When you search for what’s a good stone for occupation, you get 35 of them. Not to say that that would ever happen in metaphysics but some people flower things up a little bit.

Tim, you have this cool process that you’ve started doing because COVID messed with your business plan. You punted and realigned. That works out well for our people who are far afield from where you would have been otherwise because you’re accessible to them by mail. Do you want to talk about that and how you’re doing that? First off, let me ask you about the Path Map process. Do you teach that online?

Yes, I do.

Tell us about the crystals.

As you know, Kelle, I travel around the planet doing buying in the winter months, generally December and January. I’m tired of freezing my butt off in New England. I head out and buy stones in Brazil, China or the Dominican Republic. I usually go to a couple of countries a year. I’ve also been doing this since I was a small child. I inherited relationships from my grandmother. I’ve added probably relationships with about 60 mines or mine representatives around the planet, including India, Pakistan, Tibet and Taiwan, all over. I order.

In December, January and the early part of February, we received about $100,000 worth of product. Normally, all of that is taken by our sales staff out into the field to go to all of the apothecaries, massage therapists, metaphysical stores and about 1,000 different businesses around the country. We do that by traveling to the business and going through the front door. Can you imagine that there was any interruption in that? I travel about 50,000 miles a year but with the pandemic, I’m like a caged lion.

We have come up with a program called STOW, which is Stone of the Week, which is a monthly program called the Stone Of The Week Monthly. What we have is we’ve sent people out. We have an opening package where somebody can get five stones for free. The catch to that is they have to pay the postage to put these in a box with the information, the knowledge and the connection to the private group that I have so that people can ask me for information about the stones after they get them. The postage for these 5 stones is $9.95. That pays to get them set up and all of that.

There is an ongoing subscription should they decide to do so of $24.95 but I wanted them to get these five stones, amethyst, citrine, golden calcite, speaking of calcite and a piece of quartz. If you go to my website, which is and look up Stones of the Week, which is right up there at the top, you’ll find out about this program. I am excited about it because like I said, “How do you know what stones to carry, first of all, if you don’t have the stones?”

I went out and specifically bought for this program but I thought I was going to be talking to people about it in person rather than through your lovely show. If you go there, there’s also a video that talks about the program. Check it out and see if it works for you. The idea is I wanted to give people an education.

These are five stones that are exceptional and of good quality. It would be hard to get any other way. They’re easily worth $5 a piece. You’re getting $25 worth of stones. The monthly program is $24.95. These are five separate stones of the month. They’re going to be stones, minerals, crystals and gems also. Occasionally, I get a good deal but in 2022, for this program, I bought over 200 different kinds. Even if I don’t ever buy again, this program is probably going to run for about four years.

Let me ask you this. If somebody is having challenges and they want to address them from a crystal perspective, do you sell consulting services on that?

I do. I have worked with Fortune 1,000 companies and created a talisman for their reception area. I’ve also helped correct a little small problem by wearing a piece of jewelry for a few months. There are some beautiful specimens that we have and I would be able to send anybody pictures who wants to do this. There is a fee for the design and materials like when you hire an architect or interior designer. However, if anybody has a quick question, they can reach us and talk to one of our fantastic staff at (603) 379-6555.

I had an amethyst tower in my Spiritual Education and Healing Center. I, with the tower’s permission, had attuned the tower to Reiki for a couple of years. It participated in the healing that I did when I had that store. There are some great things you can do with the larger pieces.

I have one I can tell you all about. Do you know what ametrine is? It’s amethyst and citrine combined. You have this vibrant, beautiful purple and solar flare beautiful dynamic yellow. Somehow, nature forms those two together. When you find a gym like that, it’s generally right up there cost-wise of a diamond. I was out hunting around a couple of years ago. I found a geocode. It’s not uncommon to find an okay piece of ametrine in amethyst geo. I have ametrine geo. It’s 3 feet tall. It’s all ametrine, all gem grade. Gem grade only happens about 1 out of 1 million stones. This whole thing is gem grade. I could let you have it for no less than $30,000. We also have stones for $1.

This has been a lot of fun and a good time.

As usual, Tim, amazing. It’s always entertaining.

Stones And Crystals: One size doesn’t fit all. Not that Angelite isn’t a good stone for communication, but it might be different for somebody who’s born in December than it is for somebody who was born in June.

Thank you so much for hanging out with us. This has been a blast entertaining. I feel like I’ve been grounded by the woo-woo.

As a final note, this is an off subject so please forgive me but I want to encourage everybody to vote in 2022. You might not feel like we have your favorite choice. This is an important year for you to do so, both locally and nationally. You need to take your issues seriously, ask for one of those printed ballots so you have it on hand and please do vote.

Primarily, you’re talking to the folks in the US but worldwide, being involved in what’s going on in your country and government is important but very much so for the folks in the US. It is an important time to be engaged.

Before we sign off, I want to remind everybody Colm Holland’s book launch is coming up.

Tim, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you to everyone for joining us but be sure to join us next time as Kelle adds another chapter to your guide to energy, magic and the spirit world.

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