Spirit Guides, Angels, and Healing with Kate Blecher

In this episode, Kelle welcomes author and hypnotherapist, Kate Blecher, to Spirit Sherpa to talk about her journey from Wall Street to the spiritual work she does today. Kate talks about coping with (and healing) serious medical conditions using meditation and through conversing with her guides. Kate also talks about her new book which will be released shortly and the process she went through as a medium delivering the words from the spirit world.


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Spirit Guides, Angels, And Healing With Kate Blecher

With me, as always, is The Spirit Doctor, Kelle Sparta. Hey, Kelle.

Hey, Joey.

What is going on?

The world is in crisis. It is hot in my house and we have got a new guest.

It is all that buildup that you put there, Kelle, that keeps everybody. It is like, “Terrible, horrible, awful, but there is a guest here.” We generate this excitement like a volcano.

I am putting in perspective.

Who do we have as a guest?

We have Kate Blecher. Kate has a interesting story. One of the things that we talk about a lot on this show is guides, angels, and healing. She does all of it. Kate is similar to one of our other guests who came on earlier, who began her career on Wall Street as a financial services analyst. She was a rock star there and then she got sick. She worked with her guides, master healers, and the angels. She healed herself from over 40 medical diseases that were diagnosed.

I cannot wait to learn how.

Journey into Health: Heal Yourself with Meditation and the Aid of Your Spirit Guides

I am on the edge of my seat myself.

How many times have we seen folks come onto the spiritual show who have a background in finance? It is wild.

I said that to Kate when she sent her me her things saying, “I would be great for your show.” I was like, “You are right. I am sensing a theme.” Kate is the author of The Angel’s Guide to Happiness & Prosperity, which is not yet published. If you get on her mailing list, she will tell you when it is, as well as her existing book, Journey Into Health. Welcome, Kate. I am excited to talk to you.

Thank you so much for having me on your show.

We are excited. You are a hypnotherapist, right?

I am a certified hypnotherapist.

Is that part of how your healing process happened? Tell me how the healing process happened. We want to know. How did you end up going from a security analyst on Wall Street to healing yourself from 40 different diagnoses?

Working on Wall Street was a tensile job. As a security analyst, I followed bank stocks and I got amended by the buyers. I had to do a lot of traveling and flying. I was petrified of flying so I went to see a hypnotherapist. She put me into a trance and after one time, I was never again afraid to fly. I realized meditation is some powerful stuff. That began my whole career in the world of meditation hypnosis.

How do you end up with 40 different diagnoses?

The work and the traveling were difficult. I had to stop working because I had injured myself a number of times. It turned out I had things like multiple sclerosis, Addison’s disease, scleroderma, RSD, and a lot of different things that I had been living with and did not know about. I always went back to the hypnosis and talked to my spirit guides, but then I got sick. They finally found out I had terminal cancer and they gave me twelve months to live. That was so long ago.

That is one of those I-told-you-so’s that you would not mind having.

It was wonderful. I wowed my doctors because the first time I did chemo, I did it to a meditation tape. It told me how to take the chemo into my body, turn them into little robots, and eat the cancer cells. After the first chemo session, I was in remission from my cancer and I had to do it for another year, but it was just amazing. The doctors had never seen that before.

The guides are good. I got metastasized Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma a few years later. The guides gave me ways to heal. I got a few infections that were terminal, MRSA staph, and cellulitis, but I pulled through those as well. The guides are good. If your people know about body scans, everybody should be doing them to get to know what is good and bad in their body and how they fix it.

Spirit Guides: The guides are really good. If your people know about body scans, everybody should be doing them to get to know what’s good and what’s bad in their body and how they fix it.

I can hear ears perking up all over. Talk about that because they are all interested.

It is good to be able to meet your spirit guides if you can go into trance. There are many ways to do it if you listen to a tape or something. Once you get into a trance, you can imagine yourself in a beautiful garden. You can find a place among the trees, the grass, and the flowers to relax. Imagine someone loving and wise, perhaps familiar to you in some way, comes to meet you in the garden. You can ask questions and listen for the answer. As you listen, the answers will come to you in words, images, feelings, and sensations. It is wonderful. This is your spirit guide.

You can start a body scan. Imagine as you are lying there that you see a beautiful light coming into the top of your head. Take that light and bring it down into your brain and your face. As you go scan from side to side, feel. Anything that is bothering you will shout out and slowly go down your body. Take about ten minutes to do it slowly. When you are done, you can go to the places that were bothering you and simply ask them what is wrong. They will tell you if they want to see a doctor, if you want an ice pack, if they want some heat, or if they don’t want to be used. They will tell you what they need to be better because our body knows more than anything. Our spirit guides are right there all the time.

There are a bunch of people who are about to go do that. I am sitting here with your bio in front of me. There are so many things in here. I see that you have become this Renaissance woman.

That is the way I look at it, I have had three careers. The first was Wall Street, then as a professional patient, and then as a hypnotherapist.

What you are doing is you are helping other people learn how to heal. If somebody has an illness and they want to heal it, what is the pathway you take them on?

It depends if it is a physical or an emotional problem.

Let’s go with a physical one. We talk about the emotional ones on here a lot.

Let’s say, Kelle’s back is hurting. Kelle, you would go into trance. Always in trance, you go into the most beautiful place. You can imagine yourself in a beautiful field and a path starts to form in front of you. You can slowly walk down the path, seeing the pretty grass and wildflowers. You will come to two chairs that are facing each other. Go up to the chairs and sit in one. Now feel in your body where exactly in your back hurts you. Once you have identified it, put a bubble around it or a halo, and then take it and put it on the chair facing you.

The first thing you should do is ask it what its personality is like. Ask what its job is and it will tell you and then ask you what it wants. If it wants you to relax, if it wants heat, if it wants to go to the doctor, if it wants an operation, if it wants to be stretched, if it wants to just be left alone, it will tell you. You should ask it what message it has for you. It will have a fascinating message. Maybe something like, “I am here to remind you to stand up straight. I am here to remind you that you have too much tension in your life and you are holding all your anxiety and your back.” You will get an insight. You will not dislike your pain so much anymore because you will see it as a benefit.

I did this while you were talking. My back is a cranky drill sergeant.

Isn’t it funny that it always has a personality?

When you say, “What is the message?” It is like, “Get up and move.” I am going to get up and move. When you do this thing a lot, it is not hard. It is like, “I got to talk to it. I know how to do that.” The process is similar, whether it is my low back hurting me or multiple sclerosis, as you had, and anything else in between. What if people have a hard time talking to their guides? What if they are not good at that?

It is not that important. They just have to be confident that their guides are always around them, loving them, and keeping them safe. The guides love it when we talk to them when we are in a trance. They will always answer us. Everybody’s guides are with them. They are the souls that we travel with through time. We know them intimately. We have known through our entire eternal existence. When we are having this experience in an earthly body, they just stay around us because we are like young kids in case we fall and they help us up. On the other hand, if you do want to meet your guide, it will be the best experience you will ever have.

Spirit Guides: After we die, we want to be connected with God. God is right beside us and in every cell.

I was going to start to transition a little bit. I wanted to talk about Kate’s book. What was the journey to get you there? We have talked about your inspiration, but I would like to hear from you.

It was direct. I was meditating one day and I asked, “What should I be doing with my life?” They said to write a book on how people can be happier. They would basically write it for me. That is what I did. I went into trance and worked with a hypnotherapist. They came up with each of the paragraphs and each of the chapter headings. They just dictated the book. There were some parts that I disagree with, but I kept my opinion out. They are much wiser than I am.

What do you disagree with?

One of the things we have written wrong is that after we die, we want to be connected with God. They say that God is right beside us and in every cell. It is like, “I am not sure I can feel that, but I love it.” I also do not agree with sometimes they say if you go into trance and you do not get what you are looking for, come out. I would say, “Stay in trance,” but I keep that out. These are highly spiritual beings. I bow to their wisdom.

It is when you can put things down that are not what you would say. That is a clear channel work right there. You have written this book called The Angel’s Guide to Happiness & Prosperity. We have got a whole lot of stuff going on. If you were to give a note of what would make us happier and more prosperous, what would that be?

There are two things to make you happier. One is when you meet your spirit guide, you will feel so much love from them. You will also love them in return and you will respect them. Because they love you so intensely, you will start to love yourself. When you have self-love, you are golden. That is one of the best things that happen. The other great thing that happens is if you do a past life regression. You see that you have lived before then you know that you will live again. It gets rid of all your fear of death and sadness of people that have passed on because you know will see them again.

I can say that is true because I talked to my friends on the other side. I have a better relationship with my father now than I ever did when he was alive. I have zero fear of dying. I am just like, “Next time.”

I, too, have a better relationship with my father than I did when he was alive. It is lovely. The best way to prosperity is interesting. The angels say that we have it all mixed up. We have everything we need. It is provided by the Lord. He gave us our bodies, our homes. They think we have way too much. We have way too many shoes. We use a leaf for perfume. People that are out there that are seeking to have wealth are missing all the joy that life has to offer. Financial wealth is a thin slice. Prosperity has to do with your health, your relationships, your support, and your love of nature and animals. There is a lot more to prosperity than money.

Might you say prosperity is more about living well than financial wealth?

Exactly. There is nothing more prosperous than being enlightened and that should be everyone’s goal.

One of the things that I have personally been struggling with during this quarantine is that I feel like I am twiddling my life away. There is so much I want to be doing. I am making good use of time. Do not get me wrong, but I was already in a place where I was like, “Time to live.” I spent so much time with the move down here and other stuff. I was like, “I am ready to get going again on my life,” then the quarantine happened. I’m like, “Maybe not.” I am going to sit and twiddle for a bit and then I will clearly just sit and be because that is what the message is. It is to sit and be, so I will sit and be. It is good, but it is also frustrating.

It should not be frustrating because some of their messages are so important to simplify our lives, slow down, and not have to-do lists. If you look at animals, the guides say we can learn a lot from nature. They do not do anything extra. They look for food, sleep, and wander around. We do not have to build mansions. It is not necessary for happiness.

Traveling is fun. I was supposed to be in Florida. I am sad that I did not get to go. I will go. I have rescheduled. There is an everyday way in which we choose to live and be fully present. Some days are better than others on that. I am best at it when I get outside. That is what I would say to people. When I am within the four walls, I am not as good as when I am outside in nature. When I sit in my backyard, I can be present can feel like I am living. Inside my four walls, it can be harder to feel that way. That is why I make a point of getting outside every day.

It is so important. I am so glad you do that. I know everybody that does spend time outside, especially just sitting and watching nature for a bit. It is so calming and grounding.

Spirit Guides: There are two things to make you happier. One is when you meet your spirit guide, you will feel so much love from them and you will also love them in return. And because they love you so intensely, you’ll start to love yourself.

I have started gardening for the first time.

That is wonderful.

I sit and talk to my plants. I would to have more people to hang with. It is what it comes down to. I am done with COVID.

What you should do is meditate, meet your guides, and imagine you are in Florida. “I am going to Florida with my guides and hang out there for an hour or so.”

That is a great idea. I will go to Florida with my guides. This is the thing. It is not that we do not know how to do it. It is that we do not think to do it. This is why I love to talk to people because I am like, “There is a perspective I have not considered. Thank you for that. I will go to Florida with my guides this afternoon.”

Kate, you have done a couple of books. You have healed yourself of diseases that doctors told you would not happen. What is next on your journey?

I am at the point in my life where I see how important the spirit guides are. I just want to keep learning, teaching, and helping others. I work with people who have chronic illnesses. It is satisfying work, especially having been there myself. I like where I am now. I liked writing the books. I wrote a book called Journey into Health where I went through all my different illnesses and how to heal them. The book, The Angel’s Guide to Happiness & Prosperity, will be a good book because it lists lots of meditations people can go through to overcome all negative barriers they might be carrying and then how to encourage the positive for once. I feel I am exactly where I need to be and should be.

Is there another book coming after this one gets published? Do you already have one working in your head there?

Yes. I do love to write and my angels love to talk, so I just write down what they say.

It is a marriage made in heaven. I have one more question that I can hear from the audience. You are talking about angels and guides with this book. Can you define for people your perception of the difference and whether or not there is a difference in how you engage them?

I did not know myself, so I asked them. They said angels and spirit guides are just words. They are in English and they are different in every language. They do not care what words we use. They find English a limiting way to communicate, to begin with. It is much better in a trance when you get the emotions, the sensations, and the visions.

They speak in symbolic language and any language is problematic because the symbology is such a richer and more dynamic language. I often tell people when I do readings and scans, “Give me a minute. I am translating from energy to words. It is not so easy.” I just had this a-ha. When I went into college, I wanted to be a translator. Now I am. I just had that moment of, “Wait a minute.” It was not that I could not take the classes. I kept dropping out of the language classes because they took the most time. It was not that. It was just that I was going to be a different kind of translator. Energy to language is much harder than any language.

This has been great. Kate, how can people get in contact with you or find out more about what you have going on? Is there a website or is there a Facebook page or something people could connect with you on?

Our website is KatesHolisticHealing.com. We also are active on Facebook. We do daily posts and we got about 14,000 followers. That is also Kate’s Holistic Healing, and then we have got a lot of YouTube videos under Kate’s Holistic Healing.

Spirit Guides: If you do a past life regression and you see that you’ve lived before, then you’ll live again. It gets rid of all your fear of death and sadness of people that have passed on because you’ll see them again.

Your book is going to be coming out. Presumably, if they come to your website, is there some way for them to get on a mailing list so that you will tell them when the book is out or they can follow you on Facebook or YouTube? You will make the announcement all around, right?

I will do that. I will also offer the books at a discount on my website.

Kate, it has been so awesome getting to know you and sharing who you are with the community. I am sure that everybody is going to enjoy reading.

Joey, thank you so much. It has been such a joy talking to you and Kelle.

It is great having you, Kate. I am sure we will hear more from you. Make sure you join our Spirit Sherpa Facebook Group. Make sure you join that so that people can ask questions because they like to come into the group and ask questions. If you joined the group, then they will be able to talk to you directly. Make sure you post to the group when you publish your book as well so that they have access to that, too.

Kelle, is there anything you want to say to wrap up the episode?

I want to remind you guys that if you are sitting here and saying, “How do I talk to my guides and angels?” There are episodes on that. Please go back and look, they are early on. They are in the first 15 or 20 episodes. We passed 100 episodes. We are coming up on our anniversary here. If you have been one of the people hanging in with us for that time, I am super excited. Thank you for that because you are one of the few.

When we got started, we started at zero, like everybody else. To be here and getting ready for that anniversary is awesome. If you are new and just joining us, you going to have fun bingeing. It is not like you do not have time. Kate, thank you so much for being here. It has been great. We are super happy to have made your acquaintance here. We are looking forward to getting to know you better.

Kelle, I had a ball talking to you too, and all your readers. Thank you so much for having me on.

That is all that we have for this episode, but be sure to join us next time as Kelle adds another chapter to your guide to energy, magic, and the spirit world.

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