Energy Vampires

In this episode, Kelle welcomes Lisa Campion to Spirit Sherpa to discuss energy vampires. Lisa gives listeners her unique spin on energy vampires, and some clues on how we all can check ourselves for some of these traits. Later in the episode, both Lisa and Kelle offer up some very cool gifts to listeners of the episode to help connect to earth energy and manage their own energy as empaths.


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Energy Vampires With Lisa Campion

How is it going, Kelle?

This heat has broken. It’s amazing.

It’s always the weather with us. We always start there. We have another face with us here. Do you want to introduce our guest?

I really do. This is Lisa Campion. She and I have been friends since 2006 or 2007. The funny thing is that we haven’t talked in probably a decade, not because we fell out. We just wandered off in our very busy lives and never got back to it. A listener of the podcast who is a student of Lisa wrote to us and said, “If you guys don’t know each other, you should. You should trade episodes.” We looked at each other and went, “Yes, we do know each other. It’s so great to see you. Do you have a show? I didn’t know. Neither do I,” and here we are. Thank you so much for that connection. I don’t know how long she has been studying with you.

She has been studying for a couple of years. She has been in the Energy Medicine School and is also one of my Psychic Development students. That was so fun. It’s such a cool small world.

Lisa is the Dean of Students for the Rhys Thomas School of Healing. I haven’t been through the school but I’ve talked to several people who have, and they speak very highly of it. When I listened to what it was they were learning, I was suitably impressed. Lisa is a badass in the healing arts. She’s also a badass in the psychic skills department. I’ll let you tell a little bit more about exactly what you do there.

I started working as a psychic when I was nineteen. I can’t believe that I did that, but when you’re nineteen, you just do what you feel like doing. You’re like, “This will work.” I do psychic readings, counseling and energy healing. I mash it all up together in my private practice here in Massachusetts. I also have a radio show on Empower Radio called The Miracle of Healing. I teach psychic development and Reiki. I’ve written a book called The Art of Psychic Reiki. It’s so beautiful. It’s a bestseller. It’s kicking booty on the sales charts. It’s in 3rd or 4th printing now. I’m working on my second book, which is going to be called Energy Healing for Empaths. It’s a lot going on.

A lot of people in our audience are empaths.

It’s such an important topic.

It is. We’re going to be talking about another important topic, which is energy vampires.

You love this topic. I have a bit of a twist on it. I’m going to shake you up a little bit with what I have on it. I hope our audience too. It’s certainly interesting for empaths because they are the ones that tend to get drawn into relationships with energy vampires. It’s two sides of the same polarity. It’s sensitive on one side and narcissist on the other side. You can swap out energy vampire with the word narcissist. A lot of people are looking at this empath in a narcissist spectrum right now and seeing themselves in those relationships.


Description automatically generatedEnergy Vampires: Most people don’t know how to manage or source their energies. Once they are starved of it, they resort to the bad habit of stealing energy from other people.

Empaths are waking up so this is a time when people are understanding their gifts. They are getting more sensitive and more psychic. Empaths to me are meant to be healers. As we understand them as being able to feel what other people are feeling emotionally and also what they’re feeling in their bodies, we can see how that’s like a built-in MRI or x-ray machine for healers. We all have a unique way that we’re going to express that or what we’re meant to do with it.

We’re healers and we get attracted sometimes to people that need healing and draw them in. There can be a beautiful and mutually beneficial interaction between empaths and energy vampires. The dance between the empath and the energy vampire can be beneficial for both people if they’re willing to work on it. That’s interesting to talk about. I also want to talk about some spiritual Kung Fu and maybe what we need to do if you’ve got one that you can’t work with and you need to set a boundary.

I want to set some foundational stuff for our audience just to make sure that we’re talking about the same thing. You mentioned energy vampires and narcissists. Is that what you would call an energy vampire. Is that another word for a narcissist?

It’s one type. There are a couple of different types of energy vampires. They’re not one size fits all. I often will take a less blame-me view on the energy vampire concept because most of us just don’t learn how to manage our energy very well. We’re not taught how to do this. We don’t know how to source our energy. We’re all energy starved. We all have a bad habit of stealing energy from any source we get. We might steal it from other people, caffeine, sugar or the crazy life that we live. We all suck at it.

That goes for empaths and vampires. We can’t control it.

They’re the worst offenders. Burned-out empaths are one category of energy vampires. There are very predatory energy vampires that go into the cluster B continuum. There are psychiatric diagnoses that they are sociopath, psychopath or con artists. They are predatory and thankfully, fairly rare. In a way, they’re not somebody that’s willing to work on themselves. I hate to say they’re irredeemable because I never think anyone is irredeemable. They aren’t motivated to work on themselves because they don’t see that there’s a problem with the way they are. If there’s a problem, it’s clearly you. You should run off and fix your stuff and notice how perfect they are, and then everything will be fine again.

We also have the type which is much more common, which is the needy type of energy vampires. They can be people that are very aligned with their victim’s status. They can be people that are going through very difficult times and they don’t mean to be energy vampires, but they’re up against it. They’re hustling and trying to make it through the day. They’re not coming from life on a very empowered footing. It’s not like they wake up and say, “How am I going to suck the life out of Kelle today?” Mostly, they don’t do that. The psychopathic ones might.

I did 2,500 energy scans in the course of two years. One of the things that I discovered was that there was a pattern among people who come from challenged childhoods, which is a lot of people that I deal with. It’s what I refer to as the energetic fetal position, where they cut up their crown and root chakras and shut them down. They’re in a defensive posture, which is great for a fifteen-minute “I’ve got to protect myself,” but it becomes the default pattern.

When you do that, you have no option but to steal energy from other sources because you have no connection to the source. Just because someone is an energy vampire doesn’t make them a bad person. It means that they don’t understand what they’re doing in a lot of cases. I do have one funny story from the Renaissance Fair. There was a woman there who was an unabashed energy vampire. She told everyone that. She was like, “I’m an energy vampire.”

I had an apprentice at the time and I introduced him to her having explained what energy vampires were about and how to protect himself and whatnot. She unabashedly introduced herself as an energy vampire. I said, “Great.” She said to him, “You’re learning healing. Take a look at my arm. Look at my wrist. It has always been a problem. It has always been a thing. Take a look at it.” He’s looking at it and he’s like, “I don’t see anything.” She was like, “No, look deeper.” The whole time, she’s stealing his energy as he is setting his intention into her wrist. I didn’t say anything because clearly, he didn’t learn his lesson because I’ve told him upfront.

That went on for 4 or 5 minutes where she’s insisting, “No, look closer.” She then gets up and leaves after he couldn’t find it. She was like, “Maybe somebody else will find it,” and she wanders off. He looks at me and two minutes later, he’s like, “I’m so tired. I have to go home. I don’t understand. I was fine a minute ago.” I’m like, “You handed all your energy to the energy vampire. I don’t know why you would think that you would have any left.” He’s like, “I was?”

That’s amazing. There are some people that identify that way. It’s so funny because I was on Coast to Coast on this topic. I did a radio show with George Noory. That was the highlight of my radio career. It’s a calling show, so people were calling in and telling me that they self-identify as an energy vampire. There’s this whole vampiric community, even down to blood drinkers, people who consciously choose that as a lifestyle. They were grateful to me because I wasn’t throwing them under the bus like, “You’re automatically horrible if you’re doing this.” It’s such an interesting topic to figure out where they’re coming from and why are they doing it.

I do think it would cause a lot of harm to each other when we’re unconscious of this. That needs to be talked about. Hopefully, one of the things that I’m doing in this new book is teaching empaths how to source energy from legitimate places so that we can all break the habit of stealing energy unconsciously. Let’s not be unconscious if we can about this.

There are some energy vampires out that will steal your energy as a power play and as a way to dominate you. It’s like, “I’m going to suck this energy from you so you’re going to be too tired and too exhausted, and not understand why you don’t have the power you had a minute ago.”

The predatory types are dangerous and they can be very debilitating to people. They will take your money, time, resources, attention, life force energy, food in your fridge or the gas in your car. There’s no end to the ways that they can do it. They are very calculating. I think that they’re quite psychic. They will zero in on somebody they think of as a good supply or a battery. They’re good at love bombing or hooking you. They know where to hook you and then they take what they can take.

When you are empty, dead or had enough, and you end the relationship there, they move on to the next person without remorse. This is what I was talking about cluster B personality disorders. Thankfully, they are rare. There are not that many. I’m sure everyone has got a story about the hit and run with one of these types. It’s much more common than we’re running into somebody that’s unconsciously doing it.

They say that psychopaths are 1% of the population.

I think that’s about right.

When we talk about energy vampires, empaths and things like that, are the people who are empathic or the highly sensitive more prone to draw the energy vampires to them because they have a harder time containing their energy spheres? Is that something like bait?

Yes, it is. They’re targeted. They are this natural polarity that happens between them anyway, empaths and energy vampires. There are a lot of ways to look at that. We can see there’s resonance because they’re on the very opposite ends of the spectrum or this polarity’s continuum. Sometimes those people are drawn to empaths because they’re wounded or not feeling so great, and empaths are healers.

I see this all the time where there’s growth possible for both people. When empaths are connected with somebody like that, they are called on to become more narcissistic. Psychologists call it healthy narcissism. It’s what’s in the middle of this continuum. We call it having good self-esteem and being able to set a good clear boundary.

A picture containing person, indoor

Description automatically generated Empaths sometimes need stimulation. It’s like the friction of going a few rounds in a ring with somebody like that. It will help them set more healthy boundaries. The narcissist or the energy vampire needs to take a step toward the empath and learn some empathy to get some healing and learn. As they become more like each other, there’s potential for both people to heal. It happens quite frequently, and it’s a beautiful thing when that happens.

Energy Vampires: Predatory energy vampires can be very debilitating to people. They will take your money, time, resources, attention, and life force. There’s no actual end to it.

A lot of people in our audience are into the spirit world and things like that. Can spirits be energy vampires too?

Yes, a lot. They can be. Stuck dead people or ghosts can do that. That’s why we feel cold when they’re around. It’s because they’ll come around and take our life force energy in order to manifest something. They need a little power boost. They like human energy and electrical energy, which is why they flicker lights and things. That’s why it’s always a dark and stormy night when the lightning flashes. It’s so they can manifest. We can have stuck dead people around us that are draining us. We can also have non-human entity-type spirits that are parasitic by nature. They run the gamut from ticks or fleas, not very powerful, not very intelligent and annoying to downright diabolical and anything in between.

How would one protect oneself from that?

Addicts need to be particularly careful. I’ve never met an addict that didn’t have many entities on them. There are layers and layers, especially those using heavy drugs or heavy alcohol. They’re very prone to collecting these. Having a good boundary and working on how your energy field. It’s like raising your vibration and healing your trauma. You talked about people who have trauma.

When we have lots of trauma, which is the unprocessed emotion, and trauma is their food. We have a weak boundary, ripper hole, tear in your energy field, or a demon-sized hole in your energy field to have a demon in there and you do. It’s working on the healing inner work and boundaries. It’s all about boundaries. Once you know how to set a boundary, it doesn’t matter if it’s a person, a dead person or an entity. Once you have a good boundary and high frequency, you’re not attracted. They just look for easier targets.

Do energy vampires know that they’re energy vampires? I know you said some of them do and some of them don’t. Could we be energy vampires and not even realize it?

Very likely. It’s the burned-out empaths that I see the most that have a problem with this. They’re likely to be casting stones, “Those horrible energy vampires are out to get me,” and they can be the worst. You got to look in the mirror before you start heaving garlic and silver around. Let’s make sure we’re not doing that. Many people are horrified to know that they might be energy vampires. Who wants to think that they are? Except for the super predatory types who are proud of it, the rest of us don’t know.

A good indicator would be if you’re feeling worn out, exhausted, overdone or overwhelmed, you’re probably burned out which puts you in a position to be an energy vampire.

It does. There’s a kind of energy vampire in my book. I talk about situational energy vampires. They’re the average people that are not having a great time. Maybe you’re going through a divorce, got a health diagnosis, a bad health situation, or you’re at a point in your life where you’re up against it. We’ve all had those times. When we have friendships where there’s more mutual exchange between people, they don’t mind so much. They know that when we’re having a time, it’s going to clear, and then we’re going to be there for them. That’s a healthy energy exchange we have between people. That happens a lot.

Sometimes there are other people that have more of a habit of being victim vampires. They have more of a habit of constantly being in that state. They often don’t know that they are. Victim vampires often use guilt as a manipulative tool, “Don’t you know what I’ve done for you? Don’t you understand? I almost died giving birth to you,” whatever the story is about how we need to be a supply for them.

Many of my listeners have that experience with parents who were demanding of their energy.

As parents, we can have children or a spouse that’s like that, or a boss. They can be in any aspect of our life. These are not just romantic relationships. They are any relationship that we have. One of the tools that I recommend that you do is something called the resentment inventory. At some point after the show, get out your journal or some paper and write down everything in your life that you feel resentful about in any category, at work, home or wherever it is. Resentment is a red flag that we need to set a boundary. We’re giving more than we’re receiving in that circumstance or in that relationship. Our boundary is totally on us. Nobody gives whatever about your boundary except for you.

Everyone else has a steak and you’re not having a great one. It’s better off for everybody if your boundary is terrible. When you started setting a boundary, they don’t always like it. We train people how to treat us. It’s difficult but we can retrain them. If you are habitually over-giving, you’re going to feel resentful. That’s a good red flag for you to be like, “I need to step back and reset my boundary here.”

No one is going to do it for you. It’s quite empowering to know that you’re the boss of your boundary. You’re in charge of when you need to say yes or no to things. Other people will like it or won’t like it, but ultimately, you’ve got to take charge of this part of your life. When you do, we stop being energy vampires and we stopped being prey to them as well.

There are relationships that we have in our lives where there’s an exchange of energy that comes naturally. That sounds like it’s an element of an energy vampire. As you said, it’s that situational thing where I’m in a bad place, my friends are supporting me, and I’m taking energy from them, but then that’s going to change. They’re going to get energy from me. It’s a mutual type of exchange. Are there other ways for us to derive energy in healthy ways that we’re not sapping the people around us that we love and care about?

Absolutely. This is something that Kelle knows a lot about. Things like pulling energy in from the heavens or cosmic energy, pulling energy up from the Earth, and doing guided meditations. When she talked about the crown and root chakra being blocked in people, that’s what’s preventing it from happening. We have a constant supply of life force energy available from the planet and the heavens.

We can do things like Reiki. We do things like spiritual practice, meditation and yoga, where we’re able to connect to this. We have other things like sunlight is so good, running water, working with the elements can be very filling, and things like magic. Whatever spiritual practice or spiritual life that you have is a great place.

I’m a huge fan of play. Play is very underrated and very restorative to the soul. When I’m not doing psychic stuff, I’m doing ballroom dancing, tango. Play, creativity, all kinds of connections with nature, and being in a community of people are also beneficial. There are a lot of things. That’s just a very thin skimming of all the things you can do, but we all need some kind of spiritual practice, community or tribe, creative endeavor, fun and sunlight.

We always need sunlight.

I couldn’t have said it better. I have a Tree Meditation that is a great way for you to open your crown and root chakras. Usually, I only give that out to the people in my program, but I will put it up on the show for you guys. If you think you’re an energy vampire, that will help open up that crown and root chakras.

That’s a great idea. I have a four-hour video class for managing your energy for empaths that I would also like to give to your audience.

That’s awesome. They’ll love that because many of them have done my Boundaries for Empaths program. I’m sure that’s going to expand and explode it out of the water, and make it even more. That’ll be great.

Kelle, did you have any other questions that you wanted to ask?

A person holding her hands together

Description automatically generated with low confidenceI want to talk about sex. Many people don’t talk about sex.

Energy Vampires: Energy vampires are drawn to empaths because these people are natural healers and allow growth for both people.

Let’s talk about sex. I’m writing chapter five of my new book, which is all about love and sex. It’s so on my mind right now.

I want to talk about sex because it is one of the ways in which we exchange energy on a regular basis. I assume based on your writings and what we’ve been talking about that it can be problematic if you’re having sex with an energy vampire.

Thank you so much for talking about this because it’s so important. Sex is the primary way that we lose energy and steal energy from each other. It’s the easiest and most powerful way. We’re so swapping everything in sex. We’re exchanging body fluids and energy fields. We’re all up in each other’s chakras. We might be inside of each other’s bodies in particular ways. All of those things provide incredible opportunities for energy exchange. We’re constantly trading and swapping energy.

When we go into an energy exchange like that, it’s very similar to if we’re doing healing work and having coffee, but sex is 100 times the amount of energy that’s exchanged. When we go into an energy exchange with somebody, the person that has the higher energy is going to lose energy. The way energy flows is it’s always trying to reach equilibrium. The higher vibration person or the more energy person will donate energy to a person that has a lower energy field, and then that person will swap. We swap and trade energy with each other. It’s almost like you swap blood. We really swap spit, that’s what we call it.

We have to be super-mindful about who we engage with, how is that going to be for us, and can we talk about it. Especially, the more sensitive you are or if you’re a very sensitive and empathic person, you needed to be very picky about who you’re swapping energy with. This way, make sure that you’re swapping energy with somebody that is reverential, respectful, and at least friendly. If we can do some ritual around it, that’s super good. If we can have parameters around it, talk about it, and handle it with consciousness, respect and love, it comes in all flavors. Even casual sex, which is difficult for empaths, can be okay if it’s handled with consciousness and skill.

Have you read the book, The Sorcerer’s Crossing by Taisha Abelar?


She was one of the contemporaries of Carlos Castaneda and learned from Don Juan as well. She talks about how women, in particular, have to be careful about their sexual connections. From her perspective, every male partner who enters your body, I suppose this would also be true for men in gay relationships, leaves behind a hook inside of you that pulls energy from you.

They do this in the second chakra. I’ve seen trackers, hooks and cords. We exchange cords on lots of levels with our lovers. That can be heart cords, sexual cords or mental cords. We can cord anybody, but there are certain particular sexual hooks that happen. As women or gay men who are receiving body fluid from men, we have to have the ability to transmute that energy because body fluids and sexual body fluids are very highly psychically charged. That’s why they’re used in magic. That’s why they’re used in rituals. Blood and semen are so powerful. They have such an energetic charge to them.

When we are receiving that, ideally, we would be able to transmute the energy. We bring in the goddess or we bring in this divine energy, and we allow that higher light to transmute the energy that we’re receiving. I don’t know if they’re true because I’ve seen different scientific disclaimers about this, but they’re saying that we even absorbed DNA from all of our partners. That DNA can change us. That can change our evolutionary, our epigenetics or the expression of our genes, depending on who we are exchanging this energy with.

I’ve read that as well.

There’s a lot going on here that we have to do. I don’t know if that answered your question, Kelle.

I wanted to make people aware of that and talk about it for a minute.

It’s one of the things I do a lot with empaths when I do energy healing. It’s common for me. People come in and they’re like, “I can’t stop thinking about my lover. We broke up.” It’s cord removal. That hook removal is very good to remove trackers. Not every partner puts a tracker in their partner, but there are certain types of people that do that. It’s the warrior types of people.

If you have a lot of fighter archetypes in you, you’re likely to track your partners. They look like little dice when I see them in people’s energy fields installed in the second chakra. The good thing about them is that when you’re with somebody like that, they’ll track you energetically. It’s like a protective thing until it goes sideways and then it’s like a stalker thing.

One of the other things I’ve noticed with empaths is that they tend to be codependent energetically too. They will mix energy fields. I had a friend of mine whose father was dying and his mother was declining as his father was dying. I looked at her and said, “You have got to shift your energy out of his field and shift his energy out of your field, otherwise he’s taking you over to the other side with him.” I’m watching it happen. She was conscious enough to be able to go, “We don’t want that,” and he was like, “We don’t want that.” They did do that, but she ended up with the exact same disease that he was dying of. The statistics on that are minuscule for that to be the case.

It’s so normal for empaths to do that because we’re all like psychic sponges. We sponge and merge. We have this ability to merge unless we’re trained otherwise. A lot of the work that I do is to train people to not merge or only merge consciously and temporarily, and unmerge. When we do the merge like that, I don’t know where I stopped when you begin. That’s normal. Also, because of the sponge, we tend to absorb all this energy. Often empaths learn when they’re little to absorb the family prep and process it through their energy field to calm everybody down in the family to smooth things over. It’s an instinctual way that we are as empaths.

That’s why I love teaching empaths Reiki because when they learn Reiki, they learn how to connect to this universal life force. They’re not using their own energy. We should never use our own energy to do that. We need to connect to these higher frequencies or this universal life force. Empaths that don’t have the training take that psychic, emotional and energetic residue, and we run it through one of the filtering systems in our body. We ask our liver, colon, lungs, skin, kidneys and bladder to cleanse them. We get a lot of wear and tear on those organs as we filter out all this goo we’re picking up from other people. Empaths get sick. We get sick a lot until we learn otherwise.

Lisa, this has been informative. Thank you so much. We could probably spend a whole other episode on this, but we are getting a little short on time here. People are going to have questions. They’re going to want to find out more about you, what you’re doing, and your podcast. Why don’t you give folks a way they can get more information about you?

Thank you so much for asking. My website is always a good place to start, You can find a lot of stuff there. I have a YouTube channel that has a lot of videos. I have a Facebook group based on my book called The Art of Psychic Reiki. You can find it on Amazon. My podcast is called The Miracle of Healing. It’s on Empower Radio. You can also find all of that stuff on my website. I have a lot of free resources and material on my website. That’s designed for empaths and for people that are looking for psychic development. Stop by and see me.

You’re blogging there. I saw you got quite a bit going on there.

A picture containing window, indoor, person

Description automatically generatedIt’s a rich environment.

Energy Vampires: If you are an emphatic person, be very picky with whom you swap energies with. Be sure to do this with a reverential, respectful, and friendly person.

Thank you.

Folks, if you’ve got any questions for Kelle or any thoughts or things you would like to hear on our show, this has been an excellent episode. If there are other things you want to learn about, send Kelle an email. You can send her an email at [email protected]. You can let her know what you’re thinking about the show.

Speaking of letting her know what you’re thinking about the show, we want you to subscribe and rate our show. Let Kelly know what you think and share it out there as well. You talk about Facebook and groups like that. There are a ton of people who are finding their tribe. This is a great way to share what people are listening to. Clearly, you guys reconnected via shared connections that are pulling you guys back together, which is pretty awesome.

Our next two episodes are a result of people getting in touch with us from the listener base. The next episode is a question that I got from somebody that I was like, “I can’t answer that in an email.” I’m going to have to make that an entire episode, so tune in. The one after that, we’re going to be answering a lot of the questions that we’ve been getting. We have had such great people on the show that we haven’t had time to answer questions because we wanted to get as much as we possibly could out of people. This has been another example of that where we could literally talk for another hour if we wanted to. We’re going to do a Q and A episode coming up as well.

A bonus for those of you who are on the Patreon site at the hugs level or higher, Lisa and I are going to stick around and have a reminiscence about the single most magical experience of a spontaneously created ritual that I have ever had in my entire life. Lisa was the linchpin or the catalyst that started the whole thing. We’re going to tell that story and that will be up as our bonus content on Patreon. If you’re interested in that story, sign up and subscribe.

If you want to get some of the up-to-date information that Kelle has going on, make sure you go to where you can get all kinds of information on what Kelle’s doing. You can also subscribe to the mailing list and sign up for energy scans. All of that stuff happens at the website. Does either of you have anything you want to say to the folks before we wrap up?

Thank you both so much for having me on your show. It has been fantastic. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about this and it has been so fun.

I’m super excited to see you again.

Folks, that’s all that we have for this episode. Be sure to join us in the next episode as Kelle adds another chapter to your guide to energy, magic, and the spirit world. So long, everyone.

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