Astral Projection

In this episode, Kelle teaches us about astral projection. While in previous episodes Kelle has said that we should never do this because of the dangers involved, she goes more in depth about astral projection in order to inform those who might attempt to do so anyway. When a person astral projects, their soul has left their body and is roaming on the astral plane and the only thing keeping their body alive is the soul’s attachment to the body via a silver cord. If you were to decide to attempt to astral project, you should always set a solid circle of protection and know how to get back to your body. If you’re interested in potentially sharing your spiritual journey on Spirit Sherpa, then please contact Kelle at


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-Book mentioned in episode: Stranger With My Face By: Lois Duncan

-Movie mentioned in episode: Somewhere in Time

Driveabout (Full Version)

–Written by: Kelle Sparta

–Performed by: Kelle Sparta and Daniel Singer

–Produced by: Daniel Singer


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