Remote Viewing

In this episode, Kelle teaches us about Remote Viewing…or the ability to bi-locate your consciousness to allow you to “see” a place outside of your normal view. Kelle talks about what remote viewing is, how it works, and some ways to get started doing. Like many other psychic abilities with low danger levels, she encourages listeners to “play with it” in order to see how strong you are in it. Kelle also talks about some plans she has for future episodes of Spirit Sherpa to include actual listeners of the show sharing their stories and their spiritual journeys with others. If you’re interested in participating (and why wouldn’t you be??), email Kelle at [email protected]. Kelle also introduces her Permanent Stress Reduction course (link in references below).


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Remote Viewing

Welcome back to another episode. This is the show that helps and encourages you on your journey to unlock your magic mojo. With me, as always, is The Spirit Doctor, Kelle Sparta. How is it going?

It is going good.

It is time for us to get back to some Spirit Sherpa work here. I am excited about this one because I remember when I was a kid, I would lay in my bed and I would say, “I am going to picture myself on an island or I am going to picture myself here or there.” In this episode, we are going to be talking about remote viewing. I assume it is just as easy as that, right?

Pretty much.

I expected you to say, “Joey, it is not that easy. It is much more difficult.”

It is not that much more difficult.

Let’s bring everybody else up to speed then. What is remote viewing, exactly?

Remote viewing is where you are in one space and you go and look at things in another space. The CIA did a huge amount of research and spent a lot of money training people on how to do this back during the Cold War era in the ‘50s and ‘60s. They trained a whole group of people to go and spy on the Russians using remote viewing. You can see the details of that in a movie called The Men Who Stared at Goats.

I have heard of that movie before.

That is based on true facts.

They trained these people on how to do it. Was it to put their consciousness there or was it just to be able to see? Remote viewing, just the name of it says to me that I can see something remotely. I am not actually putting myself there but I can see it, or is it you are putting yourself there?

There is a reason why we are doing this episode before we do the astral projection episode. It’s because there is a difference. It depends on how you look at it. It is whether you are moving your consciousness or whether you are moving your spirit. Astral projection is when your spirit leaves your body. Remote viewing is where your consciousness goes out from your body and you bilocate.

In this case, you are taking your consciousness and putting it somewhere else so that you could be in that space as well.

If anybody out there has had one of my energy scans, it is the same process I use for my energy scans. I send a piece of my awareness out into the other person’s energy field. I get their permission to enter their energy field, and then I drop into their energy field. I see what is going on in it and tell them everything that is happening in their field, what is in the aura, what is in the chakras, and how those things are likely playing out. I do that through a process of remote viewing. It is sending a tendril of energy out to do that. A lot of what I am doing there is empathic remote viewing because I am sending a tendril of energy out to read an emotional field. I am going to get a little technical now.

Remote Viewing: Remote viewing is moving your consciousness to another place or person. On the other hand, astral projection is making your spirit leave your body.

I can tell that from the look on your face. You are like, “What the hell is she talking about?” What I am doing in that state is I am sending out an empathic energy field. I am sending out my emotional context to be able to read with my empathic reading abilities how that person’s energy field is functioning. When you do remote viewing for the purposes of like what the spies and the CIA did where they were going out and trying to see what the latest submarine design was. They would send out their intellectual awareness out to identify as much detail as they possibly could from what they were learning to do. They had a 75% success rate. They got people trained up to get a 75% success rate.

It seems to me that one is more sensing and the other is viewing. I got to ask you the question, Kelle. Often, we talk about things on this show and then we say, “Do not do it because we are not ready yet.” Is this one of those cases where we should be careful with remote viewing? You have told us before and you mentioned astral projection. I know we are going to talk about that in another episode, so I do not want to go there. You have told us before that this is a dangerous thing to do because you are leaving your body. With remote viewing, is that the case as well?

I am going to give you a yes and no answer. The process that I described for the energy scan, I do not recommend that you do that because if somebody else’s energy field has any ickies in it, then they can swarm you the minute you touch into the field. You do not want that. I do not recommend doing that before you know how to defend yourself. The remote viewing, so long as you are viewing into a place that does not have a lot of energetic protections, then go for it. You are fine.

I would not go remote view into a Masonic lodge or into any of our governmental structures because our founding fathers were all Masons. There is a fuck ton of magic that is used to protect the US government. I would not do it for the US government because that would be unwise. Anything in DC, generally, is a bad idea because DC has got a badass egregore. You do not want to fuck with the egregore of DC.

An average building for an average purpose, sure, knock yourself out. You are not actually leaving your body. You are just sending your consciousness out, so your spirit is still in your body. Are there dangers? Sure, but there is danger walking across the street too. It is that level of danger. If you look both ways and you do not piss off anything that looks scary, then you will be fine.

We are less likely to blow ourselves up with remote viewing than we are with some other things. I like this. Now I am a kid with a toy here. I got to ask, how does one prepare themselves or look into getting started with remote viewing?

The simplest way to do a remote viewing regimen is probably the way to refer to it. Psychic ability is like anything else. It’s like bodybuilding. If you are working on a muscle, you have to work it out if you want it to get stronger. Psychic abilities are no different. You have to do it over and over again. You are going to suck at it in the beginning and you will get better at it over time. Some things are your thing and some things are not your thing. What I suggest, as you are exploring this, is to see how you do. If you get absolutely nothing right and you did not enjoy the process, this is probably not your thing. If you got anything right and/or you enjoyed the process, then keep doing it and see how good you can get at it.

There are two ways to do this. One is you can set yourself up to go to someplace that you have never been before. Before you go, go out and see if you can get in and see it beforehand. When you get there, see how well you did. That is one way. Another way that requires less sending out of your energy requires a partner in crime. That is to take a box and put items in a box. Have somebody put items in a box and then give the box to you. The challenge with having items in the box is that you do not know whether you are remote viewing or whether you are reading the other person’s mind.

Is there a difference to go into the next room or into a box versus going across town or even across the country? I would assume it is not. If you could do one, then you could do the other.

The space-time continuum does not exist somewhere. When we are doing this work, distance does not matter.

It is only about whether or not you can validate what you have seen in some way. If you remote view yourself to Mars, you can never be sure if what you have seen there is reality versus the box you can do some practice with.

This is one of the biggest challenges for the newbies in any sort of spiritual, psychic or whatever magical construct. You do these things and you think, “Shit, that worked.” You then come up with all these rational reasons why it might have been something rational and not something magical. You can spend years or decades in that prove-it stage. You are trying to prove to yourself that it works. Most of the time, we are afraid to get it wrong, so we do not tell anyone else. What I will say to you is to give yourself permission to get it wrong.

When you are doing this stuff, work with other people and tell them what you see, what you feel, and what you have discovered. If you are doing tarot readings, say everything that comes to mind, even if it makes no sense to you, and see how much you get right and how much you get wrong. Treat it like an experiment rather than a pass/fail test. When you treat it like a pass/fail test, you stress yourself out and you limit your ability to receive information, whereas if you treat it like an experiment and you go, “I am going to say everything that comes to my mind. I am not even going to care whether or not it is right. I am not even going to care where it came from. I am not going to care if I am making it up. I am just going to say everything that is coming to my mind.”

Otherwise, you say things and then you come up with excuses. I would go up and tell everybody at the spiritualist church that I got additional information for them. I would tell them things that I had no right to know. In my own head, I am saying, “It was a logical leap.” In fact, it was not a logical leap. There was absolutely no reason to know that that was what was going on. There was no hint of that information. It was not a logical leap, but we will tell ourselves that because we are afraid of our own power. That is why we do it. If you get stuck in proving it, it is because you are afraid of your own power. That is going to be the most limiting thing to your spiritual abilities out of anything.

Remote Viewing: If you scan somebody else’s energy field with achiness in it, they can swarm you.A person holding a cell phone

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

You have told us before with other things that you got to give yourself permission to fail and be wrong because that is the only way to get in. Is it like muscle memory at some point?

Totally. When I first started talking to my guides, I am like, “Am I talking to my guides or are they talking to me? Am I making up a conversation in my head? I do not know. Maybe I am just telling myself what I want to hear.” Except that oftentimes, it was not what I wanted to hear, but I pretended it was what I wanted to hear, “Maybe I am just telling myself I have to do something because I know I need to.” It was all these self-doubt questions. Eventually, you learn to recognize the difference between your own thoughts and the thoughts of your guides. It becomes like somebody else on your phone popping in and going, “What about this?” You go, “Fuck you. I do not want to do that.” I spent the first five years of my relationship with my guides telling them to fuck off. I did not want to do what they wanted me to do.

You have told us before, especially around practicing psychic abilities, that a good way to start is to start with things you have no personal investment in. I am assuming the same would be true here as well.

The more emotional investment you have in it, the less you can trust yourself to not make shit up.

We are all going to go out and we are all going to try remote viewing. We are going to stare at goats and see how it goes.

I would not recommend staring at goats but yes.

If you were to tell people what to do to start, is the answer to that, “Just do it?”

With this, absolutely. Just do it.

I think you said the same thing to us about fairies, “Do not be scared.”

Fairies are everywhere and they are pretty cool. There are a lot of them. It is a “Just do it” moment. There are other things where I am like, “Is that a protective circle? Make sure you are solid.” Would all those things help? Sure, they would all help. Are they necessary? Not really. Not for this. You are not going that far and you are not doing that much. There is not much of you going out. Crossing the street, you could get hit by a bus, but probably not.

We do not get many of these episodes where you are like, “Just go play.” This is a play point. This is fun and exciting.

I like to tell people that they can play with things. You can play with tarot cards. With crystals, we have learned from some of my students, but not so much. If a crystal talks back to you, do not pick it up. For the most part, crystals are pretty safe. There are some things that are okay to try and do unsupervised. Everything else comes with a modicum of risk and some come with a lot of risks. What I try to tell you in this show is where to get help and where to twiddle and figure it out on your own.

It is very interesting because I have had a bunch of you calling me, which is freaking awesome. People are signing up for the Discovery Calls. We are going to start doing some listener profiles. For one thing, everyone is asking, “Who is this Joey guy? We love Joey. Joey is awesome.” I realized that people love you because you are cool and you reflect where they are. We are going to do an episode coming up where we reverse roles and I get to interview you and talk about your journey.

It is funny. I have told you this off the air. I am nervous about that and I do not know why, but we will talk about that when we do that episode. That will be fun.

Remote Viewing: If you didn’t enjoy remote viewing, it’s probably not your thing. But if you got anything right and enjoyed it, keep doing it and see how good you can get.A person holds a remote control

Description automatically generated with medium confidence

We are also going to do listener profiles. If you would like to be a listener who gets profiled, and when I say listener profile, what I mean is we are going to get you on air and we are going to talk to you about your spiritual journey and how that has been. We are going to start interspersing some of those with some of the other episodes that we do so that you guys can learn from each other’s experiences. For the listener profile, I want what you have done, what you have been afraid to do, what you did well, and what you did and screwed up. I actually had a podcast for a while called Magical Muck Ups.

I did all four episodes because I discovered it was very hard to get people to tell me where they screwed up on a podcast. I was like, “You learn so much from other people’s screw-ups. Come on, share.” It turned out to be harder than I thought. It’s that sort of thing, what is going on and if you have questions of me, you are welcome to ask questions at that time. I am happy to answer them. That is what we are going to talk about on the listener profiles.

I am excited about that. That is going to be a lot of fun. For the folks, it is a great chance for you to get your story out there. Everybody wants to hear your story, even if you do not think they do. That is one thing I have learned in doing this podcasting. What we do not know about people is often more interesting than what we do know about them. That is why I think it is fun.

Anyone sitting out there going, “Nobody wants to hear my story,” just know that that was the first thing Joey said to me when I said I was going to interview him. This was after people said, “Tell us more about Joey.” You are not alone.

They can email you if they are interested in doing a profile. We encourage you guys to take Kelle up on this. This is going to be a lot of fun and you will get a chance to hang out with us, which is also super cool. We do this remotely. It does not matter where they are. It is not like they need to be geographically local to where we are. It could be anywhere in the world.

All you need is a computer or a phone with a good microphone. I am working off of a $35 microphone right now, so it does not have to be an amazing microphone.

A headset or anything like that is usually pretty good for us to do this stuff. That is exciting. That is going to be a lot of fun.

The other thing I want to mention is that we are running our permanent stress reduction program.

What is that?

Remember the episodes where we have been talking about solidifying your personal container and how important it is to get out of survival mode before you step into solidifying your container? Solidifying your personal container is the second step, but the first step is getting out of survival mode. When you are in survival mode, there is no way for you to make any significant change in your life because you are too busy being defensive. Permanent stress reduction addresses and solves survival mode.

It is a six-week class for $599, which is a great price. You get three live group coaching calls with one of my students running the calls. One of my coaches, who has been through the whole system, is really good at it. You get six weeks’ worth of content that I have created just for you, specifically designed to help get you out of your survival mode process. We address issues like fear, anxiety, worry, dread, and inner and outer judgments. We also begin to lay the foundation for self-love. That combination of things will get you out of survival mode. That is the first step towards getting solid in yourself and becoming a good magician if that is what you choose to do.

They can go to and that will link them to a page which is on your site. They need to be a little bit patient as it renders. There is a lot of good information coming here at the end. We have the permanent stress reduction class, which people can take. We have got the listener profiles that we are going to start doing. We want people to email you their interest. We really encourage you to do it, but even if you do not want to get on the air, which why wouldn’t you? If you do have any questions or anything, Kelle gave us a new toy. Let’s not forget that as we roll this episode up. You might have some questions about it or you might have some experiences with it that you want to ask Kelle about. Shoot Kelle an email. Her email for both of those things is [email protected]. Definitely do that. You also want people getting involved in your mailing list too, right?

Yes. If you have come to my website in the last few months, you will have noticed there was no way to join my mailing list. It is because I was not sending out emails, so I was not letting people join the list. I did not want to have them sign up and have it be crickets. I have started sending out emails again. I have added the ability to join the mailing list back to the website. By all means, please join the mailing list. That way, you will get notices when the next permanent stress reduction program is coming out. You will get notices about any number of things. I will be doing Facebook lives and additional information coming out about different processes and programs along the way. We have got a retreat coming up. You will get a notice of it if you get on the mailing list.

Go to and sign up for that mailing list. You mentioned Facebook live too. It is a good time to remind people that they can connect with you on Facebook as well.

Remote Viewing: If you’re in survival mode, there’s no way for you to make any significant change in your life. You’re too busy being defensive. A picture containing person, person

Description automatically generated

Kelle Sparta Enterprises is the Facebook page.

Go there. Kelle does do a lot of Facebook live stuff and you can get even more information there and more Kelle there. It is fantastic.

I also have a YouTube channel. You can look me up everywhere except Instagram. I have an Instagram account, but I suck at it. If you are a Millennial and you like Instagram and you want to tell me how to do it better and easier or you want to do it for me, that would be awesome. That is what is going on there. We have got a lot of cool stuff coming up. There are a lot of cool retreats, a lot of events, and a lot of stuff happening that we are going to be rolling out. You will want to be on that list.

With regards to the show, we appreciate everybody here. We appreciate all the different places. We are starting to see more and more different listening services pop up and our metrics with regards to people going to different places to listen to the podcast. That is super cool. If there is somewhere that you like to listen to and you cannot find the show there, let us know. We got on Spotify and some other larger platforms, which people are listening to. That is fantastic, but wherever you are listening, we do want you to let us know what you think. Rate and leave a comment, a message or whatever it is there.

If you love us and you want more people to love us, that will keep us doing this. If you want to guarantee that there will be more of these, feel free to post them on the Facebook groups that are around spirituality. Feel free to share them with different spiritual groups and share the episodes because that would be helpful for us as well in getting more listeners.

We want more people to be enlightened as you have been. We thank you for that. That is all that we have for this episode. Be sure to join us next time as Kelle adds yet another chapter to your beginner’s guide to energy, magic, and the spirit world. So long, everyone.

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