March 10, 2019

Spirit Communication, Channeling, and Possession

Kelle Sparta

In this episode, Carin Baskin joins Kelle as they discuss spirit communication, channeling, and possession. Spirit communication is a conversation between you and spirit, whereas during channeling spirit enters your body. Channeling can be either unconscious or semi-conscious. During unconscious channeling your consciousness takes a “nap” while spirit uses your body to deliver messages whereas during a semi-conscious channel you are conscious of everything that is taking place while spirit is speaking through you and you can veto anything being said or done. Lastly, possession is a forcible taking over of your body without your permission. Unconscious channeling is like possession except in unconscious channeling you are giving your permission. Unconscious channeling is not advised.


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–Written by: Kelle Sparta

–Performed by: Kelle Sparta and Daniel Singer

–Produced by: Daniel Singer


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