Magickal Tools and Toys – Cool or Crutch?

In this episode, Kelle and special guest, Kathy Scheiern, discuss different types and uses of magickal tools and toys. Kelle and Kathy explain situations of when we can use these tools as well as what the impact will be in using them and how to safely engage with these sympathetic items. Kathy also takes us through her 4 C’s of creating magickal tools.


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-Kathy’s 4 C’s of Creating Sacred Tools:

  • Begin with asking “What is my intention of use for this sacred tool?”
  • 1. Choose – Choose the item you wish to imbue with sacred intention
  • (or) 2. Create – Alternatively you can select various components to bring together to create the tool
  • 3. Cleanse – In this stage you cleanse the tool, or the components of the tool, to remove any pre-existing energies which could impact the function of your tool
  • 4. Consecrate – In this stage you imbue the specific and focused intention you wish to use the tool into the tool itself.

Driveabout (Full Version)

–Written by: Kelle Sparta

–Performed by: Kelle Sparta and Daniel Singer

–Produced by: Daniel Singer


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