Spells, Intentions, and Manifestations

In this episode, Kelle discusses spells and manifestations and how to bring them to fruition. Spells, manifestations, prayers, etc., are the same thing but presented in different paradigms. When you put intention and energy behind something, it becomes a spell. The key to what you are asking for is to be clear about what you want, put energy behind it, and then be accepting when it comes to you. You have to be partners with the universe and do your part, which includes doing lower chakra work.



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Spells, Intentions, And Manifestations

We’re getting into some magical stuff in this episode. Let’s talk about spells and things of that ilk. Starting with the main question, what is a spell? 

A spell is simply an intention. We get back into the beginner versus the intermediate and advanced levels. I can cast a spell by simply thinking about something and sending energy out. The beginners going to go, get a Scott Cunningham book, open it up and say, “First, I do this and then that. I have these fifteen different ingredients I have to go into the spell.”

Scott Cunningham is the be-all-end-all of recipe magic. He’s great. If you want to pick up any one of his books, you’ll get something useful out of it. I’m not in any way poo-pooing him because he is fantastic for the beginner. When you don’t wield a lot of energy, using the energy available from sympathetic magic elements is helpful. I’m not saying that it’s a bad idea to do it as a beginner. I’m saying that your idea of what a spell is will evolve. As your ability to hold more energy increases, your need to use the sympathetic magic elements decreases.

A friend of mine was moving out of one home and into another home. They serve as the center of the community. What we did was they had a community gathering to say goodbye to the home. They had a house cooling party. What we did was we set a Buddha figurine in the center of the room. I did a little ritual for them, where I took all of the energy of all the people who were in the room being there, not stealing the people’s energy but the community energy and the energy that was locked in the walls of the house from several years of holding community events in this location.

I spun the Buddha three times to the left and pulled all that energy into the Buddha as I did it. We spun the energy in. It hyperbolizes the energetic. When they moved to their new house, we held another gathering and spun the Buddha three times to the right to release the energy back into the space and anchor it into the walls. That’s a spell.

It’s about the intention which we will continue to talk to about I feel.

Over and over again, ad nauseam.

The words are not necessary to set the intention but at least for beginners, they may be helpful. 

It’s good to clarify them. You’ve got to be careful what you ask for. Did we talk yet about the spell I cast to draw in the perfect boyfriend years ago?


That’s a good example where you have to be careful that you asked for what you want instead of random words that might not mean what you want. The spell casting piece is about being clear about the intent, what you want, what you don’t want, putting energy behind it and then expecting it to come back.

How are manifestations different than spells in that case? 

They aren’t. They are the same thing. Prayer, spell and manifestation are all same concepts but different paradigms.

An intention then would be the overhead to all of that. 

It’s all the same stuff.

How do we use the energetic world to influence the physical ones? 

This is where we get deep into the need to deal with your unconscious belief structures because this is where it will kick you in the ass every time. What happens is that we start looking at what we want to create. What will happen is that you’re like, “I want this.” You have to check your control path to make sure you don’t keep yanking it back and not believing yourself. You then have to check and make sure you’re willing to let go of whatever might have to go for the thing to come in because if your life is full and you’re asking for something to come in that takes a lot of time, you’ve got to expect there’s going to be some breakdowns. If you’re not willing to accept the breakdown, then you’re not willing to accept the thing coming in.

You’re putting up your energetic block to the spell that’s working. 

It’s if you don’t believe that you deserve it and you suck at receiving. I see all the time people are like, “I want more money,” and then somebody says, “Let me take you out for lunch.” They say, “You don’t have to do that.” Not spending money on something you were going to spend money on is having more money. You can’t shut up and say yes but say yes.

Spells And Manifestations: A spell is simply an intention.


There are a lot of ways in which people will block their manifestations. They’ll be like, “No, I can’t take that or do that.” You have to be willing to say yes when something comes in. You have to be able to perceive yourself as the person who might be or do that thing because if you’re asking for something that’s going to change your identity, that’s going to mess with you if you’re not willing to accept the new identity.

One of the things that I talk about in the Mastering Spiritual Evolution Program is, “Who do I need to be to get where I want to go?” If you want to be a doctor and manifest getting into medical school, you got to study. If you’re not willing to study, you’re not willing to be the person who’s going to become a doctor. Therefore, no amount of manifesting is going to get you into medical school. It’s the same idea as saying, “Do me,” to the energy healers. You have to be in partnership with the universe when you’re trying to manifest something, which means that you ask for what you want but then you put one foot in front of the other to create it as you go.

The universe will help you down the path by giving you the opportunities but you need to accept them. Sometimes accepting means working and accepting the things that you have been given and your willingness to receive. 

There’s another piece that I see a lot in the spiritual community. I see a lot of people who are trying to be so “spiritual.” They’re meditating, rising above, connecting to the spirit and getting invested in being a spiritual part of it. They forget that we live in the physical. When you forget that you live in the physical, what happens is you spend most of your life half out of your body. When you are not connected to your lower chakras, you cannot manifest. Manifestation begins in the root chakra.

Why is that?

It’s the connection point to the earth. Manifestation means bringing energy into form. If you don’t have a connection to the root chakra, which is connected to the earth, then there’s no place for you to create the energy into form. We’re pulling something out of the chaos realms and creating it into a physical form that requires a connection to the physical earth.

Are there different techniques that people would go about manifesting, creating spells or using them? You talked about the books and the beginner’s way. You gave us the example of the Facebook meme where you were talking about the beginner, intermediate and advanced. Are those the main techniques? 

Abraham Hicks is an excellent resource for anything with regard to the law of attraction. I grew up listening to Abraham Hicks. Fortunately and unfortunately, there are about one billion different episodes of stuff for them. You could spend a lifetime listening because she’s been channeling for as long as I can remember. There is so much information there that it’s hard to absorb it all but it’s a good resource.

What you’re looking to do is looking to get clear about what it is that you’re asking for. You’re looking to put energy behind it and expect it to come back to you. That’s the bare bones. It’s more complex than that in the detailed version but that’s the essence. There are all these ways in which we love to self-sabotage and go, “No, I can’t possibly be that powerful.”

I have a girlfriend of mine and she passed away years ago but she had the most wonderful reaction anytime I told her that I had manifested something. Her eyes would light up, her hands would come together and she would say, “Wish for something else,” which was the most beautiful reminder. When we get something that we’ve asked for that surprises and scares us with our power, our default is to shut down. I want to share with you her enthusiasm and say, “Wish for something else.” That’s what I want for you. Manifest some more.

I’m not generally an affirmation girl because I’m very bad at pretending something I’m not. Affirmations are often about faking it until you make it. It was never my thing. I’m a high-integrity person so it never worked for me but there is an affirmation that I have said my entire life, which in my world was not an affirmation so much as a statement of truth which is I live a charmed life.

I invite you to borrow that if affirmations work for you. “Everything works out for me. It’s magical. I don’t know how it works. I don’t care but I live a charmed life.” That has been true for me to the point where I had a friend who got so angry at me that she stopped talking to me because things worked out easily for me. She worked so hard and things didn’t work out so well for her all the time. Her belief structure said, “I have to work hard for anything I get,” but it doesn’t always work out.

I then would do something and it would magically happen. She then gets pissed. She’s like, “It’s not fair.” I said “It’s not about fair. You believe X, I believe Y. You get X, I get Y. You don’t want to get X anymore, believe Y.” She’s like, “That’s not how it works.” I’m like, “It does for me.” She got angry and it didn’t work. I was like, “I’m not going to suddenly make my life harder to make you feel better. I can’t help you with that.” I get how frustrating it is for people who are invested in that perspective because it was horrible to watch. I knew she was working her ass off and I felt bad for her that it didn’t work. I could tell her how to fix it but I can’t fix it for her. It is what it is. You got to sit, shake your head and go, “Okay.”

It seems like #Broken records, intention and focus. You told the story before about when you were opening your first shop and the gentleman came and sanded the floors because you said, “I’m not doing this but it’s going to get done.” You were willing to receive that. The universe is going to give it to you if you asked for it soundly. You’re not putting it out there and pulling it back. You believe in it. It’s going to come. You just need to be willing to see and accept it. 

That’s true whether you’re asking for help sanding your floors or manifesting money. I need to be clear about manifesting money. People get all bound up in it because there are all sorts of bullshit around money in people’s energy fields. It does not work if you demand the money because demanding it is an act of anger and betrayal. The energy that you’re fueling it with says, “You don’t love me. I’m going to make you love me. You have to give me this money because I deserve it and you suck.” Nobody’s going to give you money when you give them that attitude, including the universe.

When you’re manifesting money, you have to go, “I need more money. Money is coming. Where is it? I’m looking for it because there’s money coming. I’m expecting it.” You then have to start doing things that create money. You have to open your mouth and talk to people that you don’t normally talk to. There will be opportunities that arise. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you step into that energy.

I had a client text me saying, “I’ve got a new client for you.” She’s so excited about the work she’s done. She’s been telling everybody. She’s been referring a new person every 2 or 3 weeks. I was like, “Score, thanks.” That’s how it is. Sometimes it shows up out of the blue. Sometimes there’s a random check in your box. I got a random refund from the State of Massachusetts once for $150. I was like, “I have no idea where this came from or why it’s here but thanks.”

They haven’t asked for it back so okay. I needed the money at the time and I was like, “Cool, thanks.” You have to be open to receiving it. You can’t look at that and go, “They’re going to screw me over. I’m going to owe this back and then they’re going to charge me a penalty. I shouldn’t cash this. Let me check. I’m going to look a gift horse in the mouth.” No. Cash the check and say thank you.

Spells And Manifestations: The spell casting piece is about being really clear about the intent, about what you want and don’t want, putting energy behind it, and then expecting it to come back.


Since we’re talking about manifesting money, there’s a great series by Jen Sincero called You Are a Badass and she has one called You Are a Badass at Making Money. Have you read that? 

No. I Haven’t read it.

I highly recommend it to readers out there. That was recommended to me. I read it and it’s a great way to change that perspective. You’re talking about removing the personal blocks. That’s what that book talks about. She gets you to rethink what you feel about money and all of those blocks that are put in our heads about, “Money only goes to rich people. Rich people are assholes and selfish.” What she starts to say is that without using the words, if we had more light workers and people who are looking to change the world with money in their hands to be able to do things and affect change, then we’re going to make a better space. That’s the concept. 

That’s an interesting thing about stepping into spiritual work. We talked about morphic fields. The morphic field of spirituality is rife with poverty because we’ve got the Christian background of monks, nuns, priests, wealth and physical items. It’s not just Christians. The Buddhists do it too. It’s prevalent. It’s this idea of giving up physical items, cares and needs in service to spirituality. The problem with that is that you end up with people half out of their bodies. This is the real challenge.

One of the things that I see with spiritual seekers a lot is that most of the spiritual practices are taught from the heart chakra up. You end up with these people who have these wide-open upper chakras or close to wide-open upper chakras. They’re leaving their bodies a lot but they’re not dealing with the lower chakras, which is the 3rd chakra that’s all about the power and the 2nd chakra, which is about sexuality, guilt and shame. The first chakra is all about groundedness, family, safety, security, the structure of the home and needs around food, clothing and shelter.

When you don’t deal with those, you end up with people who are unable to impact the planet. Therefore, we end up with patriarchy. It’s not the matriarchy would be better mind you because matriarchy has its shadow side as well. A lot of people are leaning towards that going, “Women would be better. ” No. Anarchy is bad.

What we need to be shooting for is masculine and feminine in balance because together they don’t go into their shadows. Individually, they shadow out and it’s not pretty. The upshot is that there’s this way in which all of these people have been trained to only do the upper chakra work. You have a hard time creating anything from the upper chakras.

Between that and the morphic field of spirituality being so rife with poverty is why we have a hard time with lightworkers, energy workers and spiritual people bringing a shift to the planet. What you have to do when you step into this space is negotiate with the morphic field of spirituality and say, “I’m not engaging the poverty side. You can keep that piece. I’m going to be very wealthy and have the resources that will provide the ability to make a change on a large scale.”

“I’m going to have the resources to get the word out to the people who need to hear the message that allows me to impact more people on a larger scale. I’m going to have the resources to take care of myself so that I am not burnt out to a crisp and have nothing left to offer the people who need to hear from me. I’m not going to buy into that poverty mindset. I’m going to be willing to be in my body and in the interface that allows me to change the world.”

That ties in nicely to some of the stuff that you have in your program set that would work towards us. 

The Mastering Spiritual Evolution program is all about that. It is the doorway that gets you into a position to be able to hold your power so significantly that you can make these agreements with the universe and the morphic field of spirituality. You have the ability to do that. It helps you claim your space and say, “This is mine and what I claim.” Set your boundaries. “No, you get out. You don’t get to come in if I don’t tell you you can. This is my space.” Own your power. “I claim this. I manifest this into being.” Those three things are the foundational stuff of being able to create a life you can love at the core level.

You’ve got a manifestation class as well. 

I do. There’s The Secret Behind the Law of Attraction, which I called that way because a lot of people go looking for the secret. The secret was an awareness-raiser. It wasn’t a how-to. The Secret Behind the Law of Attraction is a 2-hour video broken into 8 sections so that you can consume it over time. It’s a two-hour workshop that I did on how to manifest effectively. It’s step-by-step exactly how to do it and how to avoid the self-sabotage process.

You can go to KelleSparta.com to get more information on that specifically in the Online Programs section. That’s all we have for this episode. Thanks for reading, everybody. Be sure to join us next time as Kelle adds another chapter to your beginner’s guide to energy, magic and the spirit world. 

Manifest well.


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