September 9, 2018

Psychic Abilities – What Are They And How Do They Work?

Kelle Sparta

In this episode, Kelle talks about psychic abilities, which ones exist, how they work, and how to know if you have them. Kelle introduces the idea that all known psychic abilities fit into 4 main categories: Travelers, Sensors, Energy Manipulators, and Messengers. Some psychic abilities overlap multiple categories, and some psychic abilities can be performed in more than one way. Kelle also talks about how to expand your range of psychic abilities and how to make them stronger.



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Psychic Abilities – What Are They And How Do They Work?

With me, as always, is The Spirit Doctor, Kelle Sparta. Hey, Kelle.

Hey, Joey.

In this episode, we’re going to be hard-pressed to keep to our normal timeframe. We’re going to be talking about, “Are psychic abilities actually a real thing?”

That is so funny because that’s the question that everybody asks themselves when they start to do this stuff. It’s that prove it stage where you have to prove to yourself that you’re doing it, not just making this up. You come across these moments that prove it to you. I remember the day I proved to myself that I was psychic. A friend of mine had cornered me and begged me to teach a class at the last second.

I said, “I’m learning shiatsu right now. I’ll teach a class about shiatsu.” I was like four weeks into my program. He’s like, “Great.” I hadn’t taught a lot of classes yet. I ran out of things to say and everything I knew about shiatsu in an hour and a half. It was a two-hour class. I was like, “Now what?” He said, “You could do readings for everybody.”

I’ve been reading tarot cards since I was twelve. I was like, “If I had my cards, that would be one thing,” but I don’t have my cards. He was like, “Just do readings. You do readings all the time.” We used to go to the spiritualist church together. There were messages from the pulpit. I would always get something additional for the people. I would always give it to them in a coffee klatch. He’s like, “You can do this.” I’m like, “I can’t do this.” I finally said, “I’ll do this with the understanding that everything that comes out of my mouth is probably wrong.” They all said, “Okay.”

I was terrified. I’ve worked my way around the room. I gave people information I had no right to know. I was telling people how old their children were, what genders their children were, what their living situations were, where they were going on vacation, what was going on in their home life, and described people who had just come back into their lives after twenty years. Those were stuff I had no right to know. That was the day I proved to myself that I was psychic. You can’t not believe it at that moment when you have nothing else to go on or when you go into the astral.

Kathy and I, the woman I run my retreats with, said, “Meet me at the supernal temple, and we’ll set up this entryway into this ritual space.” I’m like, “Okay.” I hop into the astral and realize I have no clue what the supernal temple is. I’ve never been there. I don’t know how to get there. I called my guide, Grandmother Spider, and I said, “Please take me to the supernal temple.” She brought me to the supernal temple.

We did our setup. We came back out.” Kathy looks at me out of the blue and says, “What was with the spider in the corner?” I was like, “I don’t know how to get there.”She’s like, “Okay.” When she sees something that she has no way of knowing that it’s there because it was a conversation I was having in my head, then you have to acknowledge that’s real.

You had that moment of recognizing for you that it was real. Is it truly the a-ha moment? How does a person realize that they have psychic abilities, in general?

If you have psychic abilities, you know things that other people don’t know. You know things you have no right to know. You just know. You will try and talk yourself out of it, rationalize it, poo-poo it, or explain it away, but it’s there the more you do it with people you don’t know and the more you prove that you have it. With the people you know, you can say, “They must have told me some other time.”

With people you’ve just met like that room full of people I was teaching, I had no idea who these people were. I had never met them before. I had no point of reference for them. There was no way I could possibly have known these things. That’s how you find out that you are reading the energetics and not what’s going on.

I get to imagine that from a personal blocks perspective, people need to overcome their fear of knowing.

Also, fear of getting it wrong. Remember, I gave myself absolute permission to screw it up. It’s that, “Fuck it up hard.” Give yourself permission because if you don’t give yourself permission to screw up, then you’re going to be so afraid of getting it wrong that you’re going to get in your own way.

What different types of psychic abilities? It’s not just about seeing the spider in the corner or knowing the age of people’s kids. There are different types.

There are all kinds of different types. In fact, I was sitting down with one of my students. She and I were talking about the possibility of being able to scan somebody’s energy field to determine what abilities they have. I went to Wikipedia and looked up a list of psychic abilities because I wasn’t going to sit there and try and come up with it in my head. The list was quite long.

I looked at her and was like, “This is not a doable process for a scan. We need to put these in categories.” We started sitting down and looking at them. We came up with these four categories that represent four different ways in which you may be expressing what people would refer to as psychic abilities. The categories are traveler, sensor, manipulator, and messenger.

Within the categories are different types of abilities. We were talking about energy healing in the last episode. Energy healing falls into the sensor category. You’re feeling into the body, getting a sense of what’s going on in the body and in the energy field. That’s where impacts are if you’re clairvoyant, clairsentient, or clair-anything. Psychometry is where you feel into the energy of an item to say whose it was, or a reading, dosing when you’re looking for water using a dowsing rod. Retrocognition is looking into the past, sensing the past, and seeing what has been. Telepathy crosses a couple of different ones, but it is a good one for sensing because you’re feeling what the person is sending out. You’re trying to read their mind. Also, photography is burning an image onto something.

Are you talking about burning a physical image onto something in the physical with your thoughts?

You’re doing it onto film. That is the way they usually do it.

Psychic Abilities: Magic itself is a manipulator skill. You have to be able to manipulate energy to do magic.


You’re creating a picture on film with just thought.

I had never heard of it. It was on Wikipedia. I was looking at it going, “If I were to do that, how would I do that? It would be this way.” Within the messenger one is what we were talking about with the guides’ show. People who are channeling their guides, who are allowing the guides to speak through them, divination, where you’re reaching into the Akashic records and reading what’s happening in the future. You’re bringing the message through. Automatic writing, where you’re translating what your guides are telling you onto paper. Mediumship, where you’re talking or translating for dead people. Pre-cognition is you’re seeing the future. That one crosses into another category as well. We’ll talk about that later. Scrying also crosses categories depending upon how you approach it.

What’s scrying?

Scrying is if you were to read a crystal ball or look into a bowl of water with a dark bottom.

Would things like reading tea leaves and stuff like that be scrying as well?

It’s not technically scrying, but it’s similar enough that you could refer to it as a type of scrying.

You also mentioned in the sensor category retrocognition, which is looking into the past. Pre-cognition is looking into the future. Why are those end up in different categories in that case?

They also end up in the traveler category, too, because it’s how you approach them. If you’re a sensor and you’re looking at retrocognition, you’re going to sense into the somebodies energy field the echoes of their past. You’re going to feel the echoes of what they have been through in the present in their field that shows up in the form of blocks or stuck energy in the field. If you’ve been traumatized, that shows up in your energy field. Retrocognition from that perspective is that you see the results of what happened and it holds within it echoes of the past.

It’s more how you enact that ability versus the specific ability itself. You could do retrocognition probably when you get into the travelers, where you go back to that point to be able to see it versus just to sense that something has occurred or to be told what has occurred as a messenger what exactly in those cases.

That transitions as well into the traveler category. If you watch The Magicians, Penny is a traveler in The Magicians. That is someone who is teleporting. He’s moving himself. We’re not talking about this in that form of traveler. We’re talking about a traveler in terms of sending your energy somewhere. When I do my spiritual diagnostic energy scans, I use my traveling ability combined with my sensor ability. I travel from my body to yours. With your permission, I enter your energy field then I engage my sensor ability in my empath to read the field itself.

It’s a combination of two different abilities. If you were to talk to me about someone that you were concerned about, and as you’re talking to me about them, you think about them. You make an energetic connection in your memory to this person. As a traveler, I can follow that connection to them and tell you about what’s going on with them. That’s another traveler ability where you’re traveling places. Astral projection, dream walking is a form of traveling, remote viewing which is to leave your body and go look at another place and describe the surroundings. The government did a huge amount of studies on that in the ‘60s.

There was a whole program.

The Men Who Stare at Goats the movie is based on that mental projection, which is what we’ve talked about with sending your energy out. Retrocognition is sending your energy back in time. Pre-cognition is also included in that. What you do in that case is you’re looking at the probability lines of the future. You’re laying out the probability lines and seeing which one’s the most likely based on how it lights up. That’s a traveler technique.

The interesting thing about that one would be the probability lines. It’s not absolute.

In fact, I tell people, “I generally don’t bother reading the future because I carry the energy of change.” If you’re in my purview, it is because you’re changing as a person. Your probability lines are in constant flux and trying to read the future with me around is next to impossible. Can I see the probability lines and look at the future? I can. If you’re working with me, we should not count on those.

Scrying is the ability to read into something and then travel into it to see where it takes you. The apportation and teleportation are the whole things like Penny. It’s physical traveling, but I don’t know anybody who can do that. Ultimately, that would be the final end result of being able to master all of those skills and bring them into the physical. The last category is manipulators and that’s not nearly as bad as it sounds.

These are not people I would typically want to relate to but it’s not what you mean.

These are energy manipulators. Telekinesis is the ability to move something with your mind. Pyrokinesis is the ability to move fire with your mind. Hydrokinesis, water, levitation, and photography, which is what we were talking about. Photography takes both sensor and manipulator to do it because you’ve got to be able to feel into what it is that you want to put onto the thing and then be able to burn it into it. Magic itself is a manipulator skill. You have to be able to manipulate energy in order to do magic. Shape-shifting, changing how you look and I’m particularly good at that.

Years ago, I worked for a real estate company and they asked me to do, “Happy birthday, Mr. President,” to the president of the company and dressed as Marilyn Monroe. I could not, for the life of me, find a white dress. I found a blonde wig. I had a white shirt and white pants. I pinned the shirt down and put the little birthmark on my face, the beauty mark, and I borrowed a piece of Marilyn Monroe’s energy from the countless times I’ve seen her.

I wore her energy. I invoked the archetype of that white dress because everybody knows the iconic white dress. I sang, “Happy birthday, Mr. President,” sat on his lap, and did the whole 9 yards. When I came back out from having gotten dressed again and whatever, people said, “That was amazing. Where did you get the white dress?” I was like, “I was not wearing a dress.” They were like, “You were.” I’m like, “I wasn’t.”

Psychic Abilities: Channeling could be very dangerous if you’re not careful because you’re handing over access to run your body to something else.


This is where archetypal energy works. I have a photo that was taken of me years ago, where I’m holding a crystal ball and it’s an amethyst crystal. It’s a black and white photo. The only thing in color is the crystal ball, which is purple. When we took the photo, I invoked the image of Eve and the apple. I said, “Would you like an apple?” I leaned into the camera and offered it to him with that energy. Every person who looks at that photo sees an apple, despite the fact that it’s the only thing in color and it’s purple.

The manipulator is not in the case of a shape-shifting there or the manipulation component. It’s not that you’re changing your appearance or your thing. You’re changing other people’s perception of your appearance or a thing’s appearance.

I’m manipulating my energy, such that they perceive that I look different.

It’s like an energetic cloaking device.

In magical tradition, they would be called glamour. It’s like a mask, but it’s more in-depth than that because you’re embodying the energy. For years, I lived behind the glamour and I didn’t even know it. It was important to me that people see me as competent, perfect, confident, and amazing. I lived behind this glamour of this image of perfection. I didn’t realize that that’s what was going on until twice in two years, I cut 6 inches off of my hair and no one noticed. I went from below shoulder length to right at my chin.

It’s a big change. No one noticed. When I would ask people, I was like, “Did you not notice that I got my hair cut?” They would squint at me like they were trying to see me and remember what my hair looked like before. It was in those moments that I was like, “They don’t see me at all. They have no idea what I look like,” because I have this image that I’m holding so strongly in front of me that there’s no way they can see through it.

I want to hit the last one in the manipulators. The last one is time-shifting. if you’ve ever intended to be on time and arrived on time, when there was no way you could possibly have got there in that timeframe, you’ve time-shifted. I have once driven from Boston to the middle of New Jersey, which should take about five and a half hours. I did it in three and a half. That’s time-shifting.

Can time shift and go the other way as well?

My shaman swears that if you time shift, you end up paying the price at another time. I have not had that experience, but you could.

I’ve had a personal experience before. I was driving what should have been a 30-minute drive, and I actually arrived 45 minutes late. I didn’t stop. I didn’t pull over. I was driving my normal route. There was no traffic. How did that happen?

You’re saying it took you 1 hour and 15 minutes?

Yes, to do a 35-minute drive.

I know some people who would say that you had an alien up there.

That’s exactly what I said. That’s so funny. I’m like, “I was abducted by aliens. I know I was. I don’t remember it.” How else can I explain that because I didn’t go anywhere?

There would be people who would say that. Could I times shift in the other direction? Yes, I can slip.

There was no intention. 

The alien abduction is more likely.

Let’s transition into Ask Kelle. I do have a question for you for the Ask Kelle section. We’ve talked over the four different categories, traveler, manipulator, sensor, and messenger. If a person feels that they have some of these psychic abilities and they’ve removed that fear block and all of those things that would stop them, how can they work towards improving or expanding upon what they can do even if it’s within a specific item that you had mentioned before or maybe more of the catalog in the type that they fall into?

The short answer is practice makes perfect. Psychic abilities are muscles like anything else. If you work them out, they get stronger. If you don’t work with them, they atrophy. The more you do it, the stronger you’ll get. Some of these skills are more dangerous than others. For instance, channeling is something that could be very dangerous if you’re not careful.

You’re handing over access to running your body to something else and someone else. If you’re starting to work at a level where there’s either physical or an energetic danger, then I would highly recommend that you get trained before you practice. We talked about the guy in one of the other episodes who was astrally traveling without setting a safe container. That can be very dangerous.

Psychic Abilities: No matter what abilities a person may have, it always comes back to who they are ultimately and believing in themselves.   


At the very least, read up on what you’re doing to get some sense of what’s going on with it and whether or not there are safety concerns to be had. Read 8 or 10 different websites. There’s probably a good chance that if there’s a safety concern, somebody going to say something, and practice. That’s what it comes down to for these. The interesting thing is that sensors are more kinesthetic, messengers are often more auditory, manipulators are more visual and kinesthetic, and travelers are visual and kinesthetic combined as well. Depending upon your learning style and default way of being, you may have more naturally accessible skills from one of these categories because of that.

It’s possible for people to cross over into multiple types.

I do all four of these. Not everybody does, but many people have at least 2 or 3.

In some cases, not everybody has to be able to do all four. People may have the natural tendency to be stronger in some more than others.

You will be stronger in some more than others. The reason that I can do all four of these is that I’ve been practicing them for several years. When I first started, I was very much a sensor. I had to develop all the other skills.

It’s because you were a strong empath and that gives you that natural landing place to start.

Don’t feel like you have to get into all four categories at once. Give yourself time and focus. If you take a scattershot approach, you’re not going to get to the prove it stage very quickly. You’re going to have a little bit of here, there, and, “Maybe I can do this,” because all your muscles are going to be a little weak. If you pick 1 or 2 things to focus on and build those muscles strongly, you’re going to be able to prove to yourself that you can do this. That will provide you with the motivation to get good at everything else. That would be my suggestion.

From a personal journey perspective, that’s also a good opportunity for them to focus on what they’re feeling and seeing rather than just on abilities focus on themselves too, a little bit, and what’s there underneath all of it. No matter what abilities a person may have, it always comes back to who they are ultimately and believing in themselves.

Your access to your abilities is going to be limited by those limiting beliefs that we talked about earlier. If you’ve got a block that says, “I can’t be trusted with my power,” then you’re never going to let yourself get good at it. It’s the nature of the beast. If you’re afraid that the universe is going to show you that you’re going to die or somebody else is going to dive, then you’re never going to give yourself permission to see what you can see in the future.

Is there stuff that you have that will help people in this sense, in this space, or is there anything you want to suggest to people?

The magical side of the Mastering Spiritual Evolution Program goes into a lot of this stuff. It doesn’t go in-depth into it because it’s the first level, but it gives you the introductory points to be able to understand the different pieces and parts. We do talk about a wide variety of this stuff and how to access it for your own benefit. The first two years are all about being able to do your own work and do it most effectively.

What we focus on is the messenger stuff with how do you talk to your guide and get in touch with yourself and your higher self. How do you identify your own blocks and work through your own healing process? It’s self-focused for the first couple of years. The second couple of years are all about being able to do stuff with others and for others. It is a gradual process as it should be. You have to develop your skills and you want to focus in order to develop the skills effectively.

If people want to check out the Mastering Spiritual Evolution class, they can go to your website and get more information. We have talked about that in other episodes. My guess is that we’re going to talk about that in plenty of episodes because that ties into a lot of the work that you do as a transformational showman and the work that people can do to help drive that. The tie-in there to the magical aspect of it is also there. 

I’ve spent my entire life studying how people grow and change. This program is ten years’ worth of personal growth work in a single year. It’s intense, but it’s awesome.

That’s all that we have time for this episode. Thanks, everybody for joining. Be sure to join the next episode as Kelle adds another chapter to your beginner’s guide to energy magic and the spirit world.


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