Psychic Abilities – What Are They And How Do They Work?

In this episode, Kelle talks about psychic abilities, which ones exist, how they work, and how to know if you have them. Kelle introduces the idea that all known psychic abilities fit into 4 main categories: Travellers, Sensors, Energy Manipulators, and Messengers. Some psychic abilities overlap multiple categories and some psychic abilities can be performed in more than one way. Kelle also talks about how to expand your range of psychic abilities and how to make them stronger.


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Driveabout (Full Version)

–Written by: Kelle Sparta

–Performed by: Kelle Sparta and Daniel Singer

–Produced by: Daniel Singer


Kelle Sparta, The Spirit Doctor, Spirit Sherpa, Spirit, Spiritual Life, Transformational Shaman, Psychic Abilities, Scrying, Telekinesis, Channeling, Empath, Psychometry, Remote Viewing, Thoughtography, Pyrokinesis, Dowsing

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