Who Are Your Spirit Guides and How Do You Talk To Them?

In this episode, Kelle introduces us to the world of spirit guides, ways to communicate with them, and how to identify when we are receiving messages from them. She also shares a story about her spiritual journey “express train” and how those intense “guided” moments impacted her life and helped her reach the place she is today. She also discusses your spirit family and how our various incarnations can create different relationships between these connected souls.


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Who Are Your Spirit Guides and How Do You Talk To Them? With Kelle Sparta

We’re going to talk about something I’m excited about and that’s guides. With the name of the show, we talk a lot about guides and helping people through journeys to difficult-to-reach places. In the spiritual sense, when we talk about guides, we’re talking about something a little different there. What are guides?

Guides are entities that are on the other side of the veil. Think of them as your Spirit Sherpa from the other side. I’m the one who’s here talking to you and giving you some advice on stuff around magic but they’re the people who are on the other side, like your guardian angel. Your guardian angel is the guide. They’ll make sure that you don’t go to places that are going to be dangerous to you. Your spirit guides are your interface with the spirit world.

When you learn how to talk, connect with them and communicate with them, they can be incredibly useful. I have an open channel for my guides at all times. At this point, I haven’t always but after several years of practice, they talked to me, I talked to them and it’s all good. What you have to keep in mind about guides is that they are on the other side of the veil. As we talked about before, they have a broader perspective.

They see the future, the past and the interconnectedness of things. They understand how things work. They may tell you to do something that seems like this might not be the best choice. It’s like, “Why would I not go to this meeting? Why would I not do this thing?” Later, you discovered that it was a very good choice. If you look into the history books, there are a ton of people who had tickets for The Titanic who never got on the boat.

There were a ton of people who were meant to be in the twin towers that morning and didn’t go or were running late so they didn’t make it. Those were people who were being guided. There’s a certain percentage of people who are not going to make it in any given case but the percentage of people who didn’t make it in those situations is much higher. That’s the reason.

How do people know that they’re being guided? You have an open channel. You recognize when you’re receiving a message from your guide. How can people tell that difference?

Sometimes, it’s something as simple as you’re being delayed. If you’re trying to get somewhere and people are cutting you off, slowing you down and stepping out in front of you in traffic, there’s probably a good chance you’re supposed to be late. You’ll show up exactly on time. The other person is running late and they’re hoping that you’re going to be late too. They’re manifesting that and slowing you down or something like that.

The moment of confusion, the stepping onto the train in the wrong direction and having the moment of this clarity of, “I don’t want to go.” Here’s an example. Sometimes they’ll do this to me. I was supposed to be at an all-day event that I didn’t want to go to. Normally, if I didn’t want to go to something, I would take it off my calendar. I was like, “No, I don’t want to take that off my calendar. I don’t know why.” I had the whole calendar day blocked out because I was supposed to be going to this thing.

Even up until the day before, I was like, “I’ve got this thing tomorrow. I’m going to go into my calendar. I’m not supposed to take it out. I don’t know why.” Morning came and I had decided the night before that because of traffic, I was going to go a little late because I didn’t want to be there anyway. “I’ll be there a little later. It’ll be fine.”

It turns out a friend of mine ended up having a major meltdown that day and was on the floor in a puddle. I spent six hours on the phone with him that day off and on throughout the day. I would not have had that time if I had not left that on my calendar. I would have had other things booked in. Sometimes, it’s that that shows up. It’s this feeling, “I don’t know why but I don’t want to do that.”

It leads me to believe that one of the important pieces of connecting with your guides is not only acknowledging that the messages are coming through but also recognizing that those things that would be frustrating elements of your day might be intentional and purposeful. It changes your perspective. Don’t get frustrated about it. Look at what the potential cause or the reason behind this is. It may be for your benefit.

Take an example of, let’s say, you were doing that interview and it wasn’t the twin towers. It was somewhere else. You got on the train going in the wrong direction. You’re late for the interview and therefore, you don’t get the job. You’re thinking, “This is horrible.” What you don’t know is that if you had gotten the job, you would have been miserable or missed the opportunity to get this other job that made you meet the love of your life. Sometimes we think that our guides did us wrong because we haven’t seen down the path yet. It’s like, “I needed that job.”

It’s our guide saying, “You’ll understand in time.”

In the first five years, I started talking to my guides. I spent a lot of that time cussing them out, “Tell him to fuck off. I’m not doing it. I’m not going there. I’m mad at you.” After five years, I always end up doing what they want. There’s no point in telling them to fuck off. Eventually, it all makes sense. There’s no point in yelling at them. Be with what is but I spent five years yelling all the time. I was angry too. It didn’t take much to piss me off at the time. I hadn’t worked on my anger yet.

Are there different types of guides that are out there?

Spirit Guides: One of the important pieces of connecting with your guides is not only acknowledging that the messages are coming through, but also recognizing that those things that would be frustrating elements of your day might be intentional and purposeful.


Some guides are with you for a specific purpose and your whole life. There are spirit family guides, people that you travel into different lifetimes with, somebody decides to stay back and hold down the floor on the other side while everybody else goes in place and pulls. They’re serving as the lifeguard. Sometimes, there’s that.

You have to keep in mind though, that some of your guides have never been incarnated. When you have guides that have never been incarnated, you have to be very clear with them and be conscious. What happens is you end up in a situation where they don’t realize that you have to do things like sleep, eat, and pay your bills and things like that.

There’s one of the things that happen as we go through this process, especially if we’re on the express train, I haven’t told the story yet about the express train. Especially if you’re on the express train, you have to pay attention to how much they’re downloading at once because they will teach you things in your sleep. You end up getting exhausted because you’re working in your sleep. People don’t realize that they can ask for a night off, a week off or a month off from their education and that they should. I see this a lot with beginners. They get all stuck in, “I’m behind and I’m supposed to be.”

If you’re going to blow up, you’re going to lose a lot of time. You’re better off taking a couple of days off or a week off, getting a full night’s sleep, coming back to it fresh and being ready to go than to allow yourself to get to the point where you hit a complete meltdown in your puddle on the floor where you don’t have any way to pick yourself up and lost a month because you’re toast.

That’s similar to what you talked to us about when you were telling us about growing your channel to receive energy. You got to do it at the right time. You can’t do everything at once.

Good self-care is super important. Unfortunately, the people with the deepest containers often have crappy self-care. That’s part of the process too. I promised I’d tell you the story about the express train. I wasn’t even in the magical house yet. It was before I moved in. I was still living in Connecticut and commuting an hour and fifteen minutes to spend time with my friends in the magical house. The magical house was also the Renaissance Fair house. The Renaissance Fair workers would come home and stay in this house between the days of the Ren Fair. One night we slept 30 people in the house. It was a 6-bedroom, 4-bath and 3-story Victorian. We had people everywhere.

It was 3:00 in the morning. We were doing a grail ritual, where you have a big chalice with something drunk in it, which is often wine. You have somebody who’s facilitating and have this circle of people who are all putting energy into something that you’re looking to create. We had 30 people in the circle at 3:00 in the morning, which is the witching hour. It’s the time when the veil is thinnest between the worlds. We’re all magical people, all putting our intent into this chalice.

It’s a lot of energy. My shaman and I were the first two people to drink out of that chalice. You make a wish and drink or set an intention and drink. He and I both set the intention for the same thing without telling each other. We were doing our wishes silently. We both wished to be on our spiritual path and our lives went boom. Be careful what you wish for or you will surely get it. He was in the final semester of his Engineering degree and halfway through the semester, he lost his funding. He was kicked out of school.

Who hears about losing financial aid halfway through the semester? That never happens but it happened to him. I don’t even remember all the things that happened to me but it was so significant. When you’re on the express train, it’s like being on a rollercoaster. It’s supposed to be fun. We got to the point where we would call each other up when something happened and there would be this weak little “wee.” You’d answer the phone and you’d hear, “Wee.” It’s like, “God, what happened now?”

It was this thing we did for several months after this happened as our lives blew up one thing after another because it always breakdown before a breakthrough. That was a big-time express train moment. When you’re on the express train, you can’t ground or you shouldn’t because you’re on a train going 90 miles an hour and trying to stick on rebar ground.

It’s like you’re in humps as it throws you through the train and eventually stops you. You can’t ground when you’re on the express train. You have to center instead. The center is finding the grounding point within. It’s in the literal center of your being. That’s the connection point between you, the universe and everybody who exists. If you do what we did and blow your life up, center, don’t ground.

That’s an interesting difference there at the end. I don’t think everyone appreciates who’s doing this because you often hear people say, “You’ve got a ground,” but sometimes centering is better.

Sometimes centering is the only option. I’m moving. I got nothing to ground into. When you’re moving, you pull your roots up. You have to. How do you move if you don’t?

When you say moving, do you mean moving or changing homes?

Spirit Guides: Your spirit family is the people that you reincarnate with over and over again. You’re going into a role playing game with the same people. You’re just playing different characters.


I’m moving my home from Boston to Richmond. I’m physically moving by my house. When that happens, you pull up your roots.

You can’t build roots in a place that you are moving from. You mentioned something interesting to me. It would help the readers if we talked about that for a minute and that’s spirit family. There were our souls being spirits that stay and some come. What is the spirit family?

A spirit family is people that you reincarnate with over and over again. One day, I’ll be your mom. The next day, I’ll be your sister. The next day, I’ll be your lover. Next life, I will be your brother, lover, sister, mother, child or best friend. We will incarnate with each other in various incendiary formats. It’s a similar referenced ADD. It’s the same idea. You’re going into a role-playing game with the same people over and over again. You’re just playing different characters.

A spirit family is a collection of people. We incarnate with them over and over again. They’re the same players but sometimes, in an ADD reference, some of them may stay back and be the game master.

Exactly. Some of them may play the villain.

Part of this journey we’re on, coming back and doing the work we’re doing over time, is not always to the people we meet who are our nemesis. They’re also important in the journey and the work that we’re doing.

If you watched Sherlock, Moriarty defines Sherlock in a lot of ways and that’s the same concept for us. The people that we fight against often define us more than the people who support us.

In any good work of literature, your hero cannot be a hero without a villain. We need balance in anything to keep our interest. I don’t know if that’s relevant here but it struck me.

We are on the ultimate hero’s journey here. Sometimes your spirit family is somebody who you meet in passing, who creates a pivot point. You look back and go, “This one person said this one thing to me at this one place. I never saw them again but it changed the way I saw everything at that moment.” There was an agreement in place before you came into this life for them to be there and say that at that time. That moment where you have that, you need somebody and you’re like, “Ah.” There’s that woo moment and that’s somebody you have incarnated with before.

Let’s transition now into Ask Kelly. Do you receive any questions from people about spirit guides or guides in general?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about spirit guides over the years. It’s mostly, how do I talk to them? That’s what it is. They’re like, “I don’t know how to tell if they’re talking to me.” The answer is that often your spirit guide sounds like you’re talking to yourself in your head. Testing it out and seeing what that thing says, assuming it’s not violent or dangerous, is a good idea. Test it out and see what happens. The other thing that we can do is we can practice with our guides. You can sit down and invite your guides to communicate with you. You can say, “Get my intentions physically. Sit, wait and see what happens.”

Maybe your ear or nose itches. Maybe your eye twitches. Maybe you get a shooting pain down your thigh, who knows, but that’s how they’re going to get your attention. Say, “Get my attention through sound.” Maybe you’ll hear something in your head or out loud that freaks you out. I know people who hear it out loud. Maybe you will say, “Get my attention visually.”

Maybe you’ll see something flipped in the corner of your eye or you’ll close your eyes and you’ll see something in your mind’s eye thing. You go through the census and give them an opportunity to show you how they’re trying to get in touch with you. Note that and get more present and conscious in your life. You’ll start to hear them better.

You mentioned hearing it in your head. That’s what some call intuition. When we talk about being intuitive, that isn’t always coming from us. That’s the differential we need to make here when talking about guts.

Spirit Guides: Just go through the senses and give your spirit guides an opportunity to show you how they’re trying to get in touch with you. And then just note that and get more present and conscious in your life. And then you’ll start to hear them bett


Intuition is having a sense of things. As I was telling the story about my friend and the day I was supposed to be going to the event, that was more intuition than my guides. It was me going, “I don’t know why, but I don’t want to do that.” That’s you picking up. When you think of somebody you haven’t talked to in ages and they call you five minutes later, that’s intuition.

I remember being in an airport and I had gotten oatmeal at Starbucks, which came with brown sugar. I don’t use brown sugar. I was like, “I should take this with me. Why would I take that with me? That’s ridiculous.” I was like, “No, I should take it with me.” I took it with me. I got on the plane and there were these people from Brazil on the plane asking for brown sugar for their coffee, which nobody had on the plane. I said, “Here, have some brown sugar.” Sometimes, it’s that but that’s your intuition. Whereas your guides are more telling you which direction to go in and what to do. Take a left here, take a right there, wait five minutes to leave, that sort of stuff.

In terms of things that you have, what can people leverage from your portfolio to help them with their journey around this aspect?

What I wanted to mention is I have what I refer to as a discovery session. If you’re on your spiritual journey and you don’t know what the next step is if you are on your magical path and you don’t know what the next thing to do is and you’re looking at this wide array of stuff and your complex life and you’re trying to figure out what to do, you’ve got overwhelmed by everything that’s going on around you and you’re trying to figure out the right path to whatever it is that you’re trying to do, sign up for a discovery session. They’re free. I’m going to encourage you to do that because that’ll give me a chance to provide you with some support.

It is not a sales pitch for me. I am going to listen to what it is that you have to say and provide you with advice on where to go from there. That advice may be one of my programs. It could as easily be referring you to one or more other things that are out in the world like a book, a seminar, a workshop or a coach.

I had a woman call me asking for some help for her and some help for a friend of hers. I referred both of those out to different practitioners because I wasn’t the best person. Could I have done the work that she was asking for? Yes, but I was not the best person to do that work. I wanted her to have the best person. I referred her. Know that where I’m coming from with these is to help you figure out what’s next.

Can people sign up for these discovery sessions on your website?

Yeah. On my website, the top of the banner says Book A Session. If you click that button, it’ll take you through and one of the very first things you see is book a discovery session.

That’s a useful tool to be able to get in touch with Kelle and start to define the path that would be best and most helpful for you to walk on where you are in your journey. That is all the time we have for this episode but thanks, everybody, for reading. Be sure to join us next time as Kelle adds another chapter to your beginner’s guide to energy, magic and the spirit world.


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