Ghost vs. Crossing Over – What Happens When We Die

In this episode, Kelle describes what happens when we die. She talks about the two stages of death: our short period of time as a ghost on the astral plane and then what happens when we cross the veil to the other side. She talks about how we choose our life before we incarnate again and how our soul families help us to experience new things in each incarnation. In addition, Kelle defines and tells us how to access the Akashic Record, the collection of information that exists in the eternal point of now that contains all of the information from every lifetime of every person ever.


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Ghost Vs. Crossing Over – What Happens When We Die With Kelle Sparta

This is the show that encourages and helps you on your journey to unlock your magic mojo. Here with me, as always, is the spirit doctor, Kelle Sparta.

Joe, we’re back. Better than ever.

I’m going to start it out here and say, let’s talk about death.

We didn’t do that in the last episode. This time it’s physical death.

The physical, actual, real death. This is a lovely happy topic, isn’t it? Let’s all talk about death. The little things that make us happy. When we look at different religions, whether it’s the religions, belief systems, or whatever it is, there are so many different perspectives on what happens to a person after they die or everything shuts down. From the spiritual and magical perspective, what’s the spirit Sherpa’s position on death? Is death the end?

No. When we die, there are two stages. The first stage is where we leave our bodies and enter the spirit world. In that space, we are on the astral. Now, the astral is where ghosts exist. We all become ghosts for a period of time after we die. For people who die violently, they may be ghosts for longer than for people who pass when they expected to be dying.

In fact, a lot of times, you’ll hear people like me who talked to dead people say, “There’s this ghost.” The very first thing you say to a ghost that you want to cross over is you say, “You do know you’re dead, don’t you?” Inevitably the words that come back to you are, “That would explain so much.” It’s because they didn’t know. They’re walking around and wondering why nobody is talking to them, and that could have been going on for years.

They don’t even realize it’s years.

Correct, because there is no sense of time in the spirit world because that’s part of the physical reality. They pop in and pop out. If you want a sense of what it’s like to be a ghost, watch the movie, The Others. It’s a good movie.

Who is in that one?

Nicole Kidman.

That was a very good one.

It’s a good and fairly accurate indicator of what happens to a ghost. We all become ghosts for a while. We all attend our own funerals. I went to my father’s funeral, and I would never tell my stepmother this but I have no fear that she’ll read this so I’m going to say it to you. My father was sitting in the audience going, “Party.” I refused to acknowledge that I saw him because he wanted a wake, and he got a funeral.

You never know what you’re going to see when you see dead people at funerals. They all attend their own funeral. We all attend it and visit with our loved ones for a time. Where things can go wrong is when there is either unfinished business or overconcern for those who have been left behind. If you have a family member who is taking things extraordinarily hard, the spirit may stay with them to make sure they’re okay, and sometimes they get stuck when they do that.

They stay even if they know they’re dead in that case.

They stay to look after the person or to watch over someone. Sometimes they can get stuck when that happens. If a ghost is around long enough, they go little nuts because they lose track of reality and their grounding points. In order to stay sane on the astral, you have to have a grounding point in the physical. The person you stayed for is your grounding point but if you lose track of that, then you lose track of your sanity because now you’re a random spirit on the astral and you can devolve.

That’s where poltergeists come from. Poltergeists or spirits that got angry and learned how to take advantage of that. Typically, the average person’s going to spend a few days to a couple of weeks on the astral until they make sure that everybody seems okay to them, then they will cross over into the light. This is where you enter beyond the veil. You go to the other side.

The obvious next question is, where do you go after you go into the light? What’s the light?

The light is the place where you go back to the central spirit hub. It’s a way to think of it. Remember, we all talk about, “We’re all one.” That’s where we’re all one. There’s a shedding that happens as we do this. We shed our bodies when we go from physical into the astral. We shut our personalities when we go from the astral into the other side or into the light because we are no longer playing the game of the physical reality.

If you ever played a role-playing game, you make a character, and then you develop that character’s attributes. You always give the character flaws because that makes it more interesting to play, and you begin playing the game. That’s the same thing we do in the spiritual realm. We say, “Who do I want to be? Who do I want my parents to be to create me into the person that I want to become? What are the personality traits that I want to come in with? What’s the body type I want? Do I want to be a boy or a girl?” Whatever else is going on around you. What are some of my mission going to be? You then incarnate by being born and you start playing the role-playing game.

Ghost: We all become ghosts for a while. We all attend our own funerals.

We’re rolling out these characters from the spiritual and we come into the physical.

Not only that, you’re choosing the players that you’re playing with. You’ve got a spirit family that you work with and that we incarnate with over and over again. If you’ve ever had the experience of meeting someone and feeling like you’ve known them forever, you have. They’re part of your spirit family. They may be there for a moment or a lifetime, but that moment is usually a pivotal moment if they’re there and you arrange with them to play different characters. In one life, this spirit family member might be your mother. In another life, they might be your daughter, sister, best friend, husband, or whatever. We all mix and match, roll a game up again, and start over.

It’s the most epic game of D&D ever.

When you die, your character dies in the game. When you go back into the light, you throw away the character and you become the person that created the character in the first place. You still remember everything about that character but you no longer believe that you are them.

That’s where you’re shedding that personality.

You still remember all the pieces about being you, that character, or playing that character. You may have a lot of affinity and affection for that character but you know that character is not you that it was a role you were playing. When you’re a medium and you talk to dead people, which I do, and this is the Ask Kelle portion of the program. We’re going to do it early now. I had somebody ask me this question and that was the foundation for this entire episode. Somebody asked me, “How do you know if you’re talking to a ghost or somebody who has crossed over?” You can talk to people who have crossed over. They will come back sometimes.

You’re saying that the ghost who’s in the astral crossover. They go into the spiritual. You’re saying they come back into the astral.

Yeah, because they created the thing that came into the astral in the first place. Why wouldn’t they be able to come back?

How do you know whether it’s a crossover being?

The answer is, do they believe that the personality is them or are they representing the personality for you? How strong that personality comes through is the indicator.

When they come back after crossing over, they’re assuming that role again? It’s like when you reboot a TV show. They bring all the characters back.

I’ll give you an example. I did a reading for a friend of mine years ago and we brought it through his grandmother. His grandmother came back and the first face I saw was an older woman with dark salt and pepper hair. Her hair was black and white and in a tight severe bun. He said, “That’s what she looked like.” I went, “Okay, but then she’s flashing back and forth on me here because she’ll show me that face, then she’s this blonde bombshell with all these curly beautiful locks of hair.”

He said, “That’s what she looked like when she was younger and she was always so sad that her hair did not look that way anymore.” I said, “She’s telling me to tell you that on the other side, that’s who she is. She remembers herself in that way. Not as your grandmother’s face because that’s who she keeps morphing into. She’s showing me this face so that you recognize her but this is who she remembers herself.”

That’s the biggest affinity that she has for that personality.

That’s how I knew she had crossed over because she was showing me both faces. Again, a movie reference. I love movie references because they give you a feel for this space, What Dreams May Come. Great movie for describing what’s on the other side.

It makes you cry too.

It does. The other side is infinitely creative. We create our reality in an instant, every thought, movement, path, or minor thing that flits through our brain comes into reality immediately on the other side.

It’s like manifesting on steroids.

Our reality is constantly morphing, depending upon who’s in the space, and reality isn’t always reality anyway because we have these different perspectives on it. This is the differential. When I talk to somebody who has crossed over or who was still in ghost form, they are still holding onto that personality. They are usually still dressed in the clothes that they were in when they died.

They think that they are still that person at that moment.

Ghost: The other side is infinitely creative. We create our reality in an instant, in every thought, every movement, every path. Every minor thing that flips through our brain comes into reality immediately. On the other side, it’s like manifesting on steroids.

I had a ghost in my house in Connecticut. I lived across the street from a revolutionary war, a massacre site called Fort Griswold. There was a revolutionary war soldier who lived in my house because it was a carriage house. I laid down on my first night and he shook my bed. I jumped up out of bed and I immediately went down to the basement to see if the furnace had kicked on because the bed was vibrating. A friend of mine accused me of feeding it magic fingers psyche quarters.

I went out and I pulled out my map. I looked to see if there was a railroad track somewhere nearby that would have caused my bed to shake. I was looking for everything I could think of. There’s nothing. Finally, I pulled the covers up over my head and went, “Go away. Leave me alone,” and it stopped because I acknowledged him. That’s all he wanted. I ended up coming to an agreement with him that was like, “I will talk to you periodically if you will stop shaking my bed because you’re freaking me out.” When I saw him, he always showed up in his revolutionary war outfit. He was always in full dress with a musket and the whole nine yards.

In that persona, that was the point of death.

He never morphed or was anything else. He just was a ghost.

He’s stuck. At that point, talk about losing grounding. That’s a long time.

The fact that he was still cohesive was a testament to the energy of the space. The energy of the massacre was so significant that that’s what connected him or grounded him.

That was his grounding point. What a horrific thought to be grounded to the physical by such a intense event. I want to move away from that for a second. Not just because I’m going to cry but you talked a little bit about What Dreams May Come and that being what the afterlife is like. When you crossover, that’s what it’s like over there. For people who were unsure, are sitting here, and starting this part of their journey, they’re like, “What is it like?” It’s because there are stories of what heaven is like, so what hell is like?

Although, according to papal bull of 1997, Pope John Paul II said that hell is not an actual place. It is the state of being separate from God. It’s freaking awesome and true. What we believe we’ll find on the other side is what we find because we are eminently creative creatures and we will create our beliefs. If we believe that we will be tortured, we will be tortured. If we believe that we will be welcomed and loved by our loved ones, we will be welcomed and loved by our loved ones. If we believe that there is nothing, there will be a void. Whatever we believe is what we create.

Ultimately, all of those beliefs, perspectives, and systems, if you believe in them, they are all true.

Yes, even the 99 virgins for a martyr.

I think the spirit doctor has blown your mind again. This is bananas. We’ve done Ask Kelle early. Is there any other Ask Kelle you want to do?

Let’s talk about the Akashic records.

That’s a good one.

They’re in the same realm as the other side. In Physics, there’s something known as the zero-point field. It is the place at which all things are happening in this moment, right now, that there is no time or space. There are no 3rd and 4th dimensions. Everything is happening all at once in the eternal moment of now. That’s the zero-point field. Coincidentally or not, it is also the Akashic records. That’s where the Akashic records exist. You go back into this space of we are all one where you remove time and space, personality, character, and whatever else.

We are all one and every moment is all now.

Yes, and all things that ever could happen, have happened, or happening now. Multiple dimensions of reality, multiple timelines, lifetimes, and spirits, and it’s all in one place at one time. That is the Akashic records. I know you’re going to ask how.

That’s what I do.

That’s your thing. I’m going to tell you a secret about magic. Are you ready? It’s the most important secret about the magic that there is. Everything is intention. The way you do anything is by intending to do it and getting your belief out of the way that you can’t.

That’s pretty significant because it’s not about the magic words or how you wave your wand.

It’s not about the right phase of the moon, or do you have enough crystals? In fact, you don’t need any crystals and it doesn’t matter where the moon is. What were the things that you said?

Ghost: Whatever we believe is what we create.

I’m thinking Harry Potter at this point.

I love Harry Potter. I watched all the movies and I read all the books. Not terribly magically accurate but fun. Do you know what’s magically accurate, ironically? The TV show Supernatural. It’s fairly magically accurate. It’s interesting. Anyway, back to squirrel land. You don’t need a wand. You don’t need anything. In fact, the more you rely on tools, the less you are available to do things when you don’t have your tools.

When we talk about the Akashic then, all you have to do is intend, believe, and trust in your ability to be in that eternal now.

To reach into it and get the answer you need. People ask me things all the time that I don’t know the answer to, so I reach into the Akashic, and I give them the answer. I’m like, “Good question. Here’s the answer.” It sounds like I knew what the hell I was talking about, and five seconds before, I didn’t know the answer because I never asked. I’m pulling it straight out of the Akashic.

You get to the point if you do it often enough, you can do it in real-time like I do. When you think about things for long enough, you develop an established neural connection and those things come to you very quickly. This is the same thing. If you return to that place over and over again, you establish a well-worn neural connection that takes your energetic connection, in this case, or that place. It’s almost like you’ve got an ongoing open line in that process.

You got to train your brain.

It’s training your energy field and training your brain.

I’m glad we hit on that one. I feel like we could almost do a whole episode on Akashic stuff too. Maybe someday.

Whatever makes you happy.

That is all that we have. I’m assuming you’re good with that from that perspective. Be sure to join us next episode as we delve even deeper into the magical world. I’m Joey C here with the spirit doctor, Kelle Sparta, and thank you for reading.

Have a good one.

Bye, everyone.

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