Why “Do It” Mode Isn’t Doing It For You

youyywant to talk for a minute about “Do It” mode. You know, that place you get into where nothing is more important than what you are doing and everything else has to give way.

I want to point out that while “do it” mode feels like a natural state of being, it isn’t.

“Do it” mode is actually an emergency mental, emotional, and energetic state.

It is meant to be used in actual emergencies – not every day life. It is meant to help you overcome physical adversities by focusing all your energy in a particular direction to save your life.

When you engage it all the time several things happen:

  1. You forget other people have feelings too
  2. You dump huge amounts of adrenaline into your system – when you do this regularly, eventually you will hit adrenal fatigue.
  3. Cortisol floods your body making it damn near impossible to lose weight.
  4. You forget that YOU have feelings other than stress and anger.
  5. And, as a result, you exhaust yourself

The problem is that “Do It” mode is addictive. It feels good to get things done so fast and efficiently. You think it’s a refuge from the stress, but it’s actually creating the stress.

Breaking the “Do It” mode habit it is a process. It requires taking your nose off the grindstone and seeing what is going on around you and in you every now and again. But the more you do it, the more you begin to unwind the coiled spring inside.

What’s happening in your world – not in your business? (FYI – the harder it is for you to answer this question, the more stuck in “Do It” mode you are.)

Take your nose off the grindstone for a moment and share what you see when you do.


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