How To Energetically Protect Your Child’s School From Potential Shooters

I know that there are many people right now who are afraid of the possibility of a shooter on their child’s school grounds.  If it were my child’s school, I would place energetic protections on it.  But I realize that not everyone knows how to do this on their own.  So I have created an energetic construct on the astral that will work for any school.  First, I will tell you about its construction and intent, so you can decide if this is what you want for your child’s school, and, if so, then I will tell you how to tap into it to use it for your child’s school.

Intent:  The energetic is built in two overlaid sections:

  1. Primary Segment – this is what everyone will experience when they enter the school grounds every day.  This segment is built on safety and love.  There is a solid outer container that surrounds the building and grounds that is filled with a sense of safety and carries the energy of inhibition and compassion targeted towards bullies.  Angels have been called in specifically with the purpose of bringing teachers and other protectors to places where bullying might occur and have been instructed to bring lessons to bullies that will grow compassion in their hearts to prevent them from future bullying behavior.  Also included is the energy of awareness of others and their pain as well as random acts of kindness to reach out to those in pain.  And the request of the outsider group clique (there’s one in every school) to reach out to those without a group and include them in theirs.  (Not because this group is better than any other, just because they are the ones most likely to succeed in their outreach because they have the most in common.)  When everyone feels loved and included, no one needs to act out or get violent.
  2. Shadow Segment – Beneath the primary segment of the energetic is the shadow segment that gets triggered if anyone brings a gun on campus.  Those who have been given authority to bring guns on campus (either for security or teachers) and emergency personnel are exempt from this layer.  If you have a school that has guns as part of the curriculum, you’ll need to add in the intention that this does not apply in that specific class DURING CLASS TIME and that this layer gets triggered again the moment someone’s anger is triggered even during the class.  This layer is designed to pull all of the energy out of the intended shooter – it take a lot of anger and upset to get yourself pumped up to kill people, this layer removes that.  It begins at the edges of the school grounds.  If anyone is carrying a gun without the authority to do so, then they will find that each step they take onto campus will become harder, like walking through molasses.  They will feel their rage begin to drain out of them along with their energy.  They will become exhausted by the time the reach the door and it will be a big effort to get through the door and into the building.  This energetic drain will continue so long as they are in contact with their gun.  If they leave it in their locker, they will have energy again, but the rage is not allowed to return.  It is gone forever as part of the drain.  When they come back into contact with the gun, they will feel the exhaustion begin to rise up within them again.  And any new anger that has arisen will begin to drain as well.  In this way, it will become next to impossible for them to get the energy to begin a spree.  If they are with another person who is part of the plan but only one has a gun, when the gun is transferred to the other person, it will come not only with the exhaustion and listlessness that the other was experiencing, it will also come with a sense of dread and the clear idea that this is not a good choice.  They will be prompted energetically to put off the decision.  And the angels from the primary segment will be informed and tasked with sending a teacher or other authority figure to discover the plan.

If you can get the teachers and security guards in your school into the plan on this, then it will be obvious to those in charge if someone is being affected by this energy.  The lethargy followed by energy followed by lethargy will be clear indicators.  They will be hard to miss for anyone in the know about the energies.

To Activate The Energetic At Your School

Print out the picture below – you will use this picture to connect your stones to my energy which was used to create the energetic construct.  Use specifically THIS picture – I have never used it in anything before so its energy is specific to this working:







Purchase enough black obsidian stones like these I found on Amazon to put one every 20 feet around the edges of the school property (not the building, the school grounds) – feel free to shop around, I just found a good picture to reference:









Cleanse the stones in salt water (water with sea salt in it or ocean water if you have access to it) overnight in the moonlight on a clear night to clear the energies existing in the stones.

Place them on an altar of peace (you can use images or statues of Quan Yin, Jesus, Ghandi, peace signs, or anything that speaks of peace to you to populate your altar). with my picture to connect them into the energetic of the construct.  Leave them there for three days.  Each morning for those three days, send the energy of peace to the altar and intend for the energies of the construct I created to connect to the stones.

On the fourth day, take the stones and bury them around the edges of the school 20′ apart (or thereabouts).  Each time you add another stone into the ground, see it connecting to the stone you buried before it.  When you bury the last stone, see it connecting to both the last one you buried and the first one you buried, completing and closing the shape around the school so that there is no break in the line of protection.

Then release the working and KNOW it will work.  This is important – do not question it or hope it will work, but KNOW that it will.  It has been built strong on the energetic, if you trust that strength, then it will work.  If you don’t, then you weaken its ability to work.

If you have other friends at the school who want to do this exercise, have each person take an equal number of stones and do the practice of creating and energizing the altar for the 3 days.  Then bring your altars to the same place and combine them and energize them together one final time on the 4th day before placing them in the ground.  Still place the stones one at a time, with each of you seeing the connection from one stone to the next and from the last stone to both the previous and the first stone buried to close the shape.  Say together – it is done, it is strong, it is safe.  Turn and walk away and do not discuss it again.  Discussing it will weaken the energy of what you have done together.  (If you liked working together, you are free to discuss future work, but leave this one out of the conversation.)

If you feel you can bring a security guard, teacher, or other school official into the fold on this, then talk to them BEFORE you do the working.  You want to leave the working alone once it is done.

Please share this post with others.  We need to get protections on all the schools in this time of great sorrow, pain, and crisis.

If you have questions, please post them in the comments below so that others can see them too (since they may have the same questions).  And please tag me if you post this to social media so that I can answer any questions people might post there.


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