12 Signs You Need A Shaman

Shamans See The Unseen

Why work with a shaman?  Because they see the unseen.  This means that they can see your energy field and identify what is out of balance.  Acupuncturists do this too, but on a different level.  If you are having success with an acupuncturist, but not as much as you’d like, then adding in the services of a shaman could be very helpful.  They also talk with the spirit world, which allows them to gain insight into spiritually-based issues and personal growth issues that can be causing emotional challenges.

How You Know You Need A Shaman

In tribal cultures, if you don’t feel right, you see a shaman.  If spirits are interacting with you in your dreams, you see a shaman.  If you’re depressed, you see a shaman.  But in our world, we have many people we see if we’re not feeling right (therapists, doctors, etc.) – and so I’m going to try to give you some ideas of the symptoms that you might be experiencing for issues that are specifically suited to shamans.

Issues related to personal growth, personal power, and self-love.

(These are the types of things that I specialize in:)

  1. You can’t seem to step into your power as a person. You’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, asking other people’s opinions to make decisions, under-earning in your work, consistently having financial challenges, looking for approval from authority figures and those you love, etc.
  2. You are in your power, but you can’t seem to find a sense of love for yourself. You are a harsh critic of yourself (and sometimes of others).  You work yourself to death, putting everyone else ahead of you on the priority list.  You celebrate your successes for about 30 seconds before moving on to the next impossibly difficult task.
  3. You’ve been doing a lot of personal growth work, but now you’re stuck. You’re having a hard time finding the core of the issues at this level and you need an outside perspective to help you find the next piece of work or to break through an issue that won’t budge.
  4. You feel empty all the time. You’ve lost your enthusiasm for life and life itself just seems dull and grey.  You can’t remember the last time you really felt anything.
  5. You’re trying to bring your spiritual work into the world but you’re having a hard time promoting yourself, believing your work is valuable (as in you should charge for it), proving to yourself that you can really do this kind of work, etc.
  6. You get overwhelmed by other people’s emotions. You monitor everyone in the room at all times to make sure everything is OK.  You have a hard time in large crowds.

Issues related to the spirit world interacting with you in unhealthy ways.

(This is the type of work that my friend David Franklin Farkas does:)

  1. You find yourself doing and saying things that you didn’t intend to – almost like someone else was speaking with your mouth.
  2. You’re losing time. You suddenly realize that it’s several hours later and you have no idea what you did with that time.
  3. Your business or your home life takes a turn for the worse out of the blue with no obvious reason why. Suddenly people are crankier, sales become harder to make, and misunderstandings abound.
  4. Your home feels unwelcoming. You’re having nightmares or a sense that someone is watching you.  You wake up not being able to breathe.
  5. Things are moving around in your house without you moving them. You may find them places you didn’t leave them or you might see them move magically by themselves.
  6. You just don’t feel right. Something is off and it doesn’t feel physical.


There are other things as well – illnesses that don’t heal even though there’s no reason they shouldn’t, seeking out spiritual understanding of messages you’ve received, and the like.  Shamans are the generalists of the world.  We have a little bit of knowledge about a lot of things and a lot of knowledge about a few things.  We’re great at providing a much-needed holistic perspective – the bigger picture.  So how do you know if you need a shaman?

If you don’t know who to call or if no one you’ve called has given you answers,
it’s time to call a shaman.



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